Dolphins to work out receivers today, including Donte Stallworth


Anyone who’s seen a minute of one of their games (or Hard Knocks) knows that the Dolphins need receivers in the worst way.

They’re apparently looking at some soon.

According to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Dolphins are working out a number of receivers today, including Donte Stallworth.

Stallworth was cut by the Patriots earlier this week, and presents an interesting decision you’d love to see chronicled on the HBO reality show. Going to Miami would be an ironic twist, since he was suspended a year after pleading guilty to DUI manslaughter there.

If the Dolphins are willing to overlook that, he’d obviously upgrade their talent on the field. But after pulling the plug on their best wideout (Chad Johnson) when he became more trouble than he was worth, that’s not always the way they’re making decisions.

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  1. I guess it is easier nowadays to look past a man convicted of manslaughter than it is a man accused of headbutting.

  2. Just to be clear about Stallworth’s DUI manslaughter charge — he hit a guy jay-walking across a busy highway and took complete responsibility and pled guilty, despite a reasonable possibility he could have been acquitted.

    I am not a fan of his, but I live near a busy highway with high density retail and have to avoid idiots trying to cross all the time, and can understand how easy it would be to hit one in the dark on a road like the MacArthur Causeway where no one would expect foot traffic.

  3. Ummm.. shouldn’t they have done this a couple of weeks ago? I know Stallworth wasn’t available… but as soon as they cut Chad Johnson they should have been bringing in anybody that could catch a cold….

  4. They won’t sign Stallworth; at least I hope not. They would be better served to trade for a quality guy or grab a kid on/that clears waivers

  5. benh999 says:
    Aug 30, 2012 11:45 AM
    Just to be clear about Stallworth’s DUI manslaughter charge — he hit a guy jay-walking across a busy highway and took complete responsibility and pled guilty, despite a reasonable possibility he could have been acquitted.
    But it’s so much more fun for Captain Keyboards to make snarky comments than recognize someone who takes responsibility and has turned his life around. Don’t know if he will make the team, but good luck to him.

  6. I don’t think Stallworth will sign with the Dolphins. Not unless he has a personal team chauffeur considering he can’t legally drive in Florida

  7. I see teams that are loaded with good receivers year after year…

    Yet the Dolphins seem to NEVER get that position taken care of.

    They should have taken local product Tommy Streeter in the 6th round. He’s better than anyone on the Dolphins roster. Now the Ravens have ANOTHER quality Hurricane on their roster and the Dolphins are still looking for receivers.

    How much longer does Jeff Ireland get to keep his job? He’s not worse than Matt Millen, but he has 2nd place all wrapped up.

  8. Should have just kept Brandon Marshall. Unless you think drafting Egnew with the pick we got for Marshall was a good trade. In that case, yes, trading Marshall was a good move.

    Actually, shouldn’t have even traded for Marshall. For the same headache, could have kept our two second rounders, and drafted Dez Bryant at 13. I know I know, Dez is a nightmare. But would the Dez Bryant experience down here have been any worse that what we’ve had?

    And if we kept our two second rounders we traded for BM, we wouldn’t have needed to trade down out of the Dez spot in ’10 in order to pick up a 2nd rounder that year. Unless, of course you love the production of Jared Odrick and Koa Misi. If you love those guys then trading down was the right move.

    And if you’re going to trade down from 13 to 28 in the first round, don’t you have to get more than a mid 2nd round pick back? Shouldn’t the Chargers’ 2011 number 1 been a part of that package? Chargers picked Corey Liuget with that pick. Last year Liuget had 19 tackles, i forced fumble, and 1 sack as a rookie. Odrick missed the 2010 season, and last year had 22 tackles, 1 forced fumble, and 6 sacks. Today in 2012, would you rather have Dez Bryant and Corey Liuget, or would rather be working out Dontae Stallworth and have Jared Odrick?

    And it goes on and on. Every year, every move, always turns out that the Dolphins get the short end. How can we not get lucky once? ONCE? We got lucky in 1983 with Marino. That’s 29 freaking years ago! Every single move since has backfired (other than Chad Pennington, but even that could be argued screwed us because we went from being so bad that we picked #1 to picking #24 the next year. See Detroit. They picked #1and stayed in the top 10 for a couple years. Now they look pretty damn good).

    I’m going to start drinking now. When do the Heat start?

  9. This is truly a win/win for both parties.

    The Fins get a receiver on the cheap (even though he’s soft, slow and afraid to go over the middle).

    And Donte gets a team near his favorite watering holes so he can lift a few with his buddy Braylon ‘hands of stone’ Edwards!

  10. “If the Dolphins are willing to overlook that, he’d obviously upgrade their talent on the field.”

    I love it when a player that the average fan may have known about at any time over the last 5-10 years becomes available, he’s instantly an “obvious upgrade” or “an option you have to consider.”

    Stallworth has been dog sh!t for the last few years. He is not an obvious upgrade over Bess, Hartline, or Naanee by any measure… he may be able to compete with the others competing for a 4, 5, 6th spot but even that is not clear.

  11. Stallworth did a bad thing. A terrible thing. He hit a guy walking while driving under the influence. That being said, and I’m not condoning what he did. However, he DID OWN UP TO IT and took responsibility when he could have very easily left the scene. It wasn’t done with malice. So although there is no excuse for driving under the influence, Stallworth showed a lot of remorse. Did not fight the charges in any way. Took his punishment like a man. He is not a bad character person. As an NFL team I would happily give him a shot versus a TO or even a Chad Johnson.

  12. Why would you trade such a talent as Marshall, with his minor off the field problems, and leave
    yourself with nothing to work with. He has an off yr and still produces 1k yards. Another stupid
    move by the FRONT OFFICE!!!

  13. Saints fan, always was disappointed with Stallworth.

    That said, to echo what some others have mentioned – he chose to take the rap rather than put the victim’s family through the ordeal of a trial. He would have walked.

    If you’ve NEVER IN YOUR LIFE gotten in a car and driven when you’re drunk then sure, spout off about how he’s a creep and make jokes about how he’ll be drinking again down in Miami.

    But if you HAVE ever driven drunk, be glad it wasn’t you that hit that dude. Because it could have been. And if it had been you, would you take the rap and do a year? Or would you fight the charge and drag the dead guy through the mud?

  14. You can’t solve all the problems presented to a team so bereft of talent in one or two years where the offense and defensive schemes are changing so drastically. Philbins had to know the the cupboards were bare when he came here. He has done his due diligence to analyze what he has and work from. RT will be fine …a good building block. But one has to question why after 3 years Ireland has not been able to draft impact players…were in for another long year.

  15. Stallworh is no moron. He made a very very bad mistake – one numerous NFL players and numerous fans reading this have made.

    In Donte’s case someone lost their life as a result. Everyone else was just lucky.

    Belichick could have/should have kept him on the team to make him a later cut (in case of a late injury etc.) but Belichick treats his veterans well and wanted to give him a chance to catch on elsewhere.

    Stallworth looked pretty good in the pre-season for the Pats – he just wasn’t better than the guys they kept.

    For the Fins he’d be a great pickup.

  16. The dolphins are in trouble already and the season hasn’t even started. I think
    The GM needs to be replaced. The dolphins need a GM that has been around the NFL for a while

  17. I don’t get it. they keep bringing in morons and then get rid of them because they’re morons.


    Same thing could be said about the GM since JJ

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