Fifth-round pick Danny Coale among Cowboys’ cuts

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Fifth-round draft picks are usually a fairly safe bet to make the 53-man roster. But in Dallas, a fifth-round pick is on the way out.

Danny Coale, a wide receiver out of Virginia Tech whom the Cowboys took with their fifth-round selection, No. 152 overall, will be released. Coale has been slowed by a broken foot this year and never made his mark in the Cowboys’ offense.

The Cowboys have reportedly informed most of the players who won’t make their 53-man roster that they have been cut, and although the team hasn’t announced all the players who will be released, another player reportedly being let go in Dallas is undrafted free agent guard Ronald Leary, whom Cowboys owner Jerry Jones liked so much that he guaranteed him $214,000 in signing bonus and base salary — much more money than undrafted free agents usually receive in guarantees.

Other players reportedly cut by the Cowboys include defensive end Clifton Geathers, defensive tackle Ben Bass, outside linebacker Adrian Hamilton, offensive tackle Pat McQuistan, guard Daniel Loper, center Harland Gunn, offensive tackle Jeff Adams, quarterback Rudy Carpenter, fullback Shaun Chapas and linebacker Orie Lemon.

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  1. Kind of sad Coale didn’t work out. He was my pet cat this offseason, but that injury really hurt his chances. Meanwhile Beasley showed up out of nowhere and filled the role Coale was drafted for (small, speedy guy with good hands who is always. open.)

    It’d be nice if we could land him on the practice squad, but I’m sure another team will snatch him up.

  2. I really am not surprised that Jerry guaranteed Ron Leary money.

    While he is among the five best Marketer’s in the Country(as good or better than Trump), he doesn’t know squat about Football.

    Never has, never will!
    Remember Quincy Carter, Jerry’s QB of the future? Or check out #88, who a majority of NFL teams would not touch due to “character issues”.
    A really knowledgeable Football would have known better on all accounts.

    Great owner, terrible GM!

  3. Can’t make the club from the tub.

    They didn’t see Cole Beasley having the preseason he had, plus Dwayne Harris and Kevin Ogletree. That made Coale expendable.

  4. Why is everyone blasting Jerry? I’m sure its Jason and the position coaches making most of these decisions? As for bashing Dez, the story had not been written he could become all pro, Quincy was progressing probably no more than a T Jack though but he got derailed by Cocaine not lack of talent. Jerry also was ok with keeping undrafted Romo and Austin around to develop, he knows a lot more about football than people give him credit for.

  5. I think Hamilton should of been kept over Albright, but hell im just a fan, also i liked Coale alot but that injury really slowed him down, still glad to see Dwayne Harris on the club tho

  6. Hamilton is still raw an his only ‘skill’ is a decent pass rush. He wasn’t very good on Special Teams, didn’t play the run very well, and his pass rush was inconsistent. I’m sure the Cowboys would like to have kept him on the 53, but the totality of his development doesn’t allow it.

    Sure, he has potential, but teams need more than that to justify a roster spot.

    Albright can play all four LB positions and is a standout special teamer. His versatility put him on the final 53

  7. As far as Leary goes, he flashed at the beginning of camp but tailed off significantly. The $214,000? So what. The Eagles guaranteed $300K of Matt McBriar’s salary (the reason he said he signed with them instead of Dallas) and they cut him.

  8. Maybe Coale passes waivers and goes to the practice squad, he would be primed to step up if one of the other guys goes down for the year. Cross your fingers!

  9. No wonder the Cowboys are the Jets of the NFC. Why release these names early? Leaking out info, ever heard the term “loose lips sink ships”? Looks like the ‘Boys are in for a third place finish.

  10. As a Cowboys fan, I’m surprised, but I like the cut. Even if they did spend a draft pick on him, they only have so much roster spots, so it’s nice to see them disregarding that and keeping the best players.

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