Jeff Demps “fine” after precautionary MRI

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The Patriots have a decision to make regarding rookie running back Jeff Demps.  And they have to make it soon.

The undrafted Olympic sprinter signed with the team only two weeks ago, choosing the Pats over the Buccaneers.  With the final roster cuts coming on Friday, the Patriots must decide whether to keep Demps on the 53-man roster or to expose him to waivers in an effort to add him to the practice squad.

But there’s an alternative.  If Demps is injured, he can be placed on IR, giving the Patriots the full offseason to get him ready for 2013.

Speculation that Demps is headed for injured reserved intensified Wednesday night, after Demps reportedly felt something “tweak” in his leg late in the preseason finale against the Giants.  The Boston Herald reports that a precautionary MRI has revealed that Demps is “fine.”

Coach Bill Belichick may want a second opinion.  If there’s any doubt about Demps’ ability to contribute with limited prep time and if there’s likewise any chance another team would claim him on waivers (the Giants possibly would do it as Jake Ballard payback), the Pats’ best move would be to find a plausible way to move Demps to IR.

We’ll know what the Patriots have decided to do with Demps by Friday night at 9:00 p.m. ET.

12 responses to “Jeff Demps “fine” after precautionary MRI

  1. It’s idiotic to suggest that the Giants would squander a roster slot for ‘payback’.

  2. So the Patroits and Belichick gonna bend/break the IR rules for Demps sound like a one year suspension of Belichick and removal of a first round draft pick is in order.

    Just kidding. But this doesn’t pass the smell test.

  3. The Giants already got their “payback” when their linebacker did a full blown Hulk Hogan legdrop on Demps’ exposed knee on the tackle. He’ll be on the 53 man roster, no way he’s going on the shelf for a year.

  4. hardly squander, Demps is a talent that just needs to get in football shape. Will be useful for any team with a need for speed…and theres alot of them

  5. Still can’t let an opportunity go by without another “sinister Patriot” reference. You “inner steeler fan” is showing again. I bet you still have those tickets you bought to New Orleans back in 2001. How pathetic.

  6. his contract is big enough that it makes me think we’re gonna have him on the 53 for this year.

  7. No way they expose him to waivers…I’m sure he would be claimed by a lot of teams, Tampa and the Jets especially…Hopefully he’ll be fine and I think he’s a lock for the final 53

  8. Let me try (Again) to state that you can’t sneak a player like Demps unto IR – because you have to waive him first. This rule was put in place for situations exactly like this.

  9. ANY player on the 53 man roster as of game 1 can be IR’ed, and now the 6 week IR exemption has been aproved by the NFLPA. GEE just in time for the Pats and this situation. Comon haters lets hear your BS conspirocy theories. HA!

  10. That’s true parttimer, and may make a lot of sense in this situation. I was reading the article from Florio as saying the the Pats could stash Demps on the IR prior to the 53.

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