Jeff Lurie will evaluate Andy Reid’s contract after the season

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In January, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie strongly hinted that coach Andy Reid is on the hot seat.  During a Thursday press conference, Lurie basically acknowledged it.

Lurie said he would make no decisions about Reid’s contract until after the 2012 season.  With Reid signed through 2013 and with Reid’s agent, Bob LaMonte, already posturing for an extension, Lurie’s words initially seemed to reflect his intentions regarding the question of whether Reid will get a new deal that applies beyond 2013.

As Lurie continued, it became more clear that, depending on 2012, there may be no 2013.

“I expect a substantially improved team,” Lurie said.  “We all thought we were a lot better than 8-8 and we weren’t.”

This year, 8-8 apparently won’t be good enough to get Reid one more year.  “We need substantial improvement,” Lurie said.  “We have a very good team on paper, and paper doesn’t get you that far if you don’t maximize it.”

Lurie explained that there’s no specific level of achievement that will guarantee Reid’s return.  “You try to make the best judgment you can after the season,” Lurie said.

There will be no formula regarding the right decision.  “It’ll be very clear,” Lurie said.

While Lurie acknowledged that another 8-8 season could be excused by a rash of injuries, he reiterated that, generally, “8-8 is unacceptable . . . that was a really unacceptable outcome.”

Thus, regardless of how it all turns out, Reid is officially on notice.  And Lamonte’s assertion that Lurie essentially has promised Reid a job for life has been completely debunked.

Whether Reid returns for a 15th season depends directly on how the 14th season unfolds.

35 responses to “Jeff Lurie will evaluate Andy Reid’s contract after the season

  1. Just listened to this press conference on the radio, I truly despise Jeff Lurie.

    His “State of the Eagles” conference meant nothing more than a “hey look at me Im an owner” garbage.

    It seemed like he spoke about the actual team for 5 minutes and then rambled on about TV ratings and how there is an Eagles Angry Birds app.

    New England fans should be extremely proud that Robert Kraft outbid Lurie for the Patriots otherwise they’d have this clown as an owner and wouldnt be the dynasty they are today.

  2. Reid tied his fate to the Juan Castillo hire in 2011 and retaining him in 2012 and the Vick contract. These things are 20 times more important than the average-at-best safeties or whatever other personnel issues exist.

  3. I prefer the Jeff Lurie that usually stays out of sight and lets the football people make football decisions. This presser was mostly self-serving, but also a rebuke to Reid’s agent, which was deserved; however it is much more classy to not air these things out publicly.

  4. Andy’s seat isn’t hot in the traditional sense because he knows he would have several job offers the nanosecond word gets out he is fired. He wants to win because he can’t stand the always a bridesmaid never a bride reputation, not because he’s scared to lose his employment.

  5. What it sounds like to me is that it’s NOT up to him, for he’s not the only one who owns the team (see his divorce) and she’s the one who’s going to pull the trigger.

  6. I think that Lurie is right about this. Why extend him coming off an 8-8 season? Reid made a very poor decision in making his Oline Coach the D-Coordinator. I think that decision this year has the potential to be Reid’s undoing. However if Castillo can get this D playing up to potential, then I think Eagles will be 10-6 to 11-5 this year, which would be good enough to bring Reid back. That being said I do think Andy is a great coach and if the Eagles are going to go with Nick Foles in the future, then why would you want to get rid of Reid as he pretty much guarantees you a good QB.

  7. Really, he only has to do better then 8-8, per the quotes. This site has the Eagles picked in the PRESEASON in the top ten, that will be an improvement over 8-8.

    I am an Eagles fan, I don’t care, just win. Fire, keep, keep the dc, keep the qb, just win.

    Honestly, there is not a coach coaching, if he flubbed the season, and it was his fault, that wouldn’t be fired. It is the preseason posturing ( because the agent was posturing).

  8. “Funny how the Eagles are fine keeping a HC who can’t win the important ones. Philadelphia Eagles – Forever Ringless.”

    They didn’t get rings for the 3 championships?
    Maybe just a laurel & hearty handshake.

  9. Not an Eagles fan but I’ve always respected that team and Andy Reid. Why Mr. Lurie had to make this public I can’t say; somethings are better left private. Who knows, what with all he’s been through recently, maybe he’s not interested in football after this season anyway. Get your swag on Iggles and do your coach proud.

  10. 3 weeks after Reid’s son dies he makes this comment in public… nice, stay classy Philly. You’re everyone’s favorite for a reason.

  11. I would be truly sad and upset if Andy gets fired. I think he is a excellent coach, now as for the season last year and our D was upsetting to watch but Andy will make the right decisions this year because we’re going to win the SuperBowl.

  12. Nice going Jeff Lurie. You just gave your team a distraction to deal with, because the players and coaches will be questioned constantly about this.

  13. I do find it interesting that Andy sent his agent out to say it was his understanding he had a lifetime contract with the Eagles only 3 days after his son died. Does anyone else think that was very calculated move on Andys part and maybe that was an attempt to frame a hypothetical argument for the 2013 season?

    Laurie has a degree in business psychology so half of this is Laurie wondering if he put’s Andy on the hot seat maybe the players rally around the coach and win like they do in NY. It has to go through his head that every time Coughlin is almost ready to be fired the Giants win a Super Bowl. The second part of this is to make sure the communication is clear and there is no professional cover extended by the media due to Reid’s personal tragedy. Lurie at the end of the day is running a business and they have the tools to win NOW. What he is saying is I plan on winning a Super Bowl with these players the only question is who the coach will be holding the trophy!

  14. It’s not Lurie’s fault. Reid’s idiot agent Bob LaMonte started this with the odd comments about Reid having a “job for life” just days after Garrett Reid’s death.

    Lurie had to address that. I’m sure his preference would not be to raise the issue so soon after Garrett’s passing, but this WAS his annual “state of the team” address, and LaMonte’s comments forced his hand.

  15. First…rollore…this is not the Dodgers. I hate when people don’t look up facts before making stupid comments. The settlement puts his wife as a minority owner. Jeff is now the primary decision maker, retaining WELL more than 50% ownership. This is his team and he can and will do what he wants with it.

    Second…I love how all the Andy haters easily forget all the Rich Kotite-Ray Rhodes years. What are we now, the real housewives of the NFL?? Our mansion isn’t big enough even though we used to live in a trailer park?? What is wrong with you people? Where does this sense of entitlement come from? Who is out there that would be an upgrade? And don’t tell me Jon gruden or bill cowher, they’re not coming out of retirement and you don’t fire a coach of Andys caliber for that unlikely possibility. As for Andys resume…

    He is the all-time leading Eagles coach in winning percentage, and that’s the important stat, and this includes 4 head coaches that are in the Pro Football HOF. Bet you didn’t know that one. He took the team to 4 straight division championships, 6 in 13 seasons, and only missed the playoffs 4 times, never in back-to-back seasons. Thats playoffs in 9 out of 13 seasons, I know there are at least 20 teams whose fans would trade the last 13 years with us in a heartbeat.

    You guys can go back to the garbage years, I’m sticking with the best coach our franchise has ever seen.

  16. Reid will be here forever. As long as that stadium stays sold out and the waiting list stays over 70,000 strong like it is now, Andy will have a job. Unfortunately, this is a business to Lurie, and financially Andy is very successful at keeping us close enough that we have the attendance we have. More money in Jeff’s pocket means more years for Reid to coach.

  17. @ Phillyphann83- ray Rhodes went 10-6 his first two years as the Eagles head coach – the first year literally picking up guys off the street.

    It all started to go downhill for Ray Rhodes once they drafted Jon Harris – one of the worst Eagles picks ever – with the 25th pick in thR first round, coupled with the horrible selection of Mike Mamula. Ray Rhodes was a decent coach – don’t lump him in with Rich Kotite – Ray Rhodes was just a horrible judge of talent

  18. As much as i cant stand the Eagles, i can only respect Andy Reid. If anybody thinks it’s easy to keep your team consistently good, you are high. No coach is going to step in and take the Eagles to the Super Bowl. The minute he is fired, his phone will BLOW UP!

  19. Andy Reid is a top 10 NFL head coach. If he ever got let go he’d have a bunch of team’s representatives knocking on his door the next morning. Philly did the same thing with McNabb even when he was good. It disgusts me to see how the owner/fans throw throw Reid under the bus.

    Classless city.

  20. Any other fanbase would have clamored for the firing of a ringless coach long before he got to his thirteenth year, but Philly fans are “classless?” please.

    And if Ray Rhodes was a good coach, he wouldn’t have gone from 10-6 to 3-13 in 2 seasons.

    The last time Kurie said he’d evaluate a coach’s performance at year’s end was when Kotite was flying high at 7-2 in 94. Kotite said he’d “do some evaluating of his own” and didn’t win another game.

    That won’t happen this time around. Andy Reid is no Ray Rhides, and he’s no Rich Kotite, either. And Eagles fans should be thankful.

  21. I totally agree. Laurie is handling it perfectly. Andy deserves to be treated with class and dignity. Reid has done a lot for us. Remeber the good old days? Or should I say the Bad old days?

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