Jets owner says “I think you can never have too much Tebow”

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Amid rampant speculation that Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow will eventually supplant starter Mark Sanchez, the guy who signs everyone’s checks has provided a sound bite that’s encouraging for Tebow, and ominous for Sanchez.”I think you can never have too much Tebow,” owner Woody Johnson said during a Wednesday appearance on CNBC, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

There definitely will be more Tebow if Sanchez were to get hurt.  On Wednesday, coach Rex Ryan said that Tebow, not Greg McElroy, would replace Sanchez as the leader of the base offense if Sanchez can’t play.  (That also answers the question of who would replace Sanchez if the coaching staff — or the owner — decides that Sanchez shouldn’t play.)

Meanwhile, our friends at MSNBC’s Morning Joe were discussing in the 6:00 a.m. ET hour rumors that the delegates at the Republican National Convention will be getting plenty of Tebow on Thursday night.  With a surprise speaker slated for the final night of the convention, speculation has centered on Tebow and Clint Eastwood.

What’s that, you say?  The Jets have a game tonight?  Yes, but Tebow won’t be playing.

And while it would be more than a mild surprise for Tebow to abandon his teammates for the evening, Johnson is a major Mitt Romney supporter.  So if the man with the ultimate power to make Tebow the starting quarterback asks, Tebow would be wise to comply.

That said, we’ll believe it when we see it.  Michael Jordan remained staunchly apolitical throughout his career, explaining that Republicans buy shoes, too.  Tebow would risk alienating Democrats if he becomes openly partisan.

Then again, Tebow already has become the ultimate red state/blue state sports figure.  So maybe it makes perfect sense.

UPDATE 8:24 a.m. ET:  Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Tebow will be with the team tonight, not in Tampa.  So unless he appears by videotaped message or hologram, he’s not the surprise speaker.

59 responses to “Jets owner says “I think you can never have too much Tebow”

  1. ‘you can never have too much Tebow’

    wow…. for what? media line count? it sure isn’t going to be for points or yards…..

    think about where they are going to be if Sanchez gets injured or deserves a benching…. Tebows reg season averages per game: 103 yards and .7 TDs

  2. Tebow will be the starter and why the heck do you think he would care about alienating a few Democrats? That’s the best way to deal with them anyway (which is probably why you will censure my post).

  3. Politics aside, I believe that any owner allowing a player to miss a preseason game for any public appearance (i.e., not some personal tragedy) and a player willingly missing a preseason game for any public appearance means that these games aren’t important, so why have them, why broadcast them, why charge season-ticket holders for them?

  4. Woody just shut up…….no one cares.

    See how Rex has relatively kept his mouth shut, see how rex has said time and time again sanchez is our guy.

    just stay out of it, you already screwed up bringing tebow in here.

  5. >>>On Wednesday, coach Rex Ryan said that Tebow, not Greg McElroy, would replace Sanchez as the leader of the base offense if Sanchez can’t play. (That also answers the question of who would replace Sanchez if the coaching staff — or the owner — decides that Sanchez shouldn’t play.)<<<

    If the Jets are going to incorporate the WildCat into their offense, Tebow has to be the 2nd string QB by default because of the 3rd string QB rules rules.

  6. I disagree, but that does explain a lot. Please keep him away from the convention and leave him in the Jets bench where he belongs.

  7. If Woody thinks Tebow is a good QB then you have to question his judgement. This applies to his political choices as well.

  8. Athletes on the big stage really should keep their politics to themselves. They instantly make about 50% of their potential fans into haters when they take a stand politically.

  9. I think the Jets owner should start hanging out with the Dolphins owner; both don’t have a clue. The Ravens were right in hiring Harbaugh and not Ryan; this organization is mess and it’s only going to get worse.

  10. Apparently Woody also still subscribes to the theory that “there is no such thing as bad publicity” as long as people are talking about you.

    Problem is, everyone’s talking about the Jets like school kids talk about the kid that eats his boogers.

  11. I’ve never seen a player get so much attention who absolutely sucks. I don’t wish injury on anyone, but I’m kinda hoping Sanchez does go down, then Tebow can be his normal horrible self and out of football next year, unless he’s playing fullback (his true position).

  12. I’ve already seen more than enough of Tebow, who completes a hilariously awful 33%(!) of his passes and throws for fewer yards per game than most NFL QBs will throw in a single quarter. (And, no, the passes he completes to opposing teams don’t count!)

    Honestly, I’ll never understand why he isn’t a TE. Or a RB. Or a televangelist.

  13. Anything to take the spotlight of Rex Ryan huh? I’m so glad he did not end up the Ravens head coach.

  14. Really, people are still talking about this guy? Maybe the Dems will get a visit from Jeremy Lin. I love how we celebrate the over rated!

  15. Coughlin and Eli smile at the Jets three ring circus –as they quietly prepare for their third ring…

  16. Fodder fot the NY Post for another year! Who doesn’t like the Circus? Woody the RingMaster..

  17. This is so stupid. Speculation that Tebow would be gong tothe Republican Convention on game day just proves how ridiculous the media is(not Tebow..he is spectator like the rest of us).

    There is a better chance of him showing up as Mitt’s VP than supplanting Sanchez. This magazine app should demote Mike Florio and pull this story after the embarrassing speculation gone wrong. Your writer missed by more than Tebow’s pass to a word open receiver.

  18. can they possibly do any more to undermine marky’s already fragile confidence ??this crowd is a joke from owner/gm/coach and all the way down.sign sanchez to an extension .. THEN bring in teblows…brilliant!!!wonder how quitter holmes feels about trying to get his balls with little timmy flinging up wounded ducks?? can’t wiat for this sideshow to implode.

  19. Did this moron owner not watch the Jets game last week where Tebow missed every receiver he threw to by miles? The one good play he made was a run where he followed it up by throwing a pick into quadruple coverage and whoever he was throwing to wasn’t even visible on the tv screen.

  20. Anybody with half a brain knew tebow wouldn’t speak at the RNC and miss a game, even if he’s not playing. That was a pathetic concocted storyline. Even around these parts.

  21. “Maybe the Dems will get a visit from Jeremy Lin. I love how we celebrate the over rated!”
    There is no comparison there. Lin is at least halfway decent at the sport he plays. He’s a much better passer than Tebow, who throws the football like it weighs 30 pounds.

  22. I don’t think Tebow could make any more people not like him. I think it’s pretty much split 50/50 right now anyway. I’m sure we can all assume what his political views are, he’s spoken out about his beliefs on abortion and other things, it makes no difference.

  23. Money didn’t come easy to Woody, he had to be born into it. But as to the guy who said Woody made bad choices in politics, want your guy back for another four years?
    Then you can call this the Nationalized Football League.

  24. Tim Tebow, when it boils down to it, is a cancer. And the funny part about it, is he doesn’t even do it by himself. It’s mostly media and religious fanatics that can’t accept him for what he is. A great football player, but a horrific quarterback. The day he, and the blind faithful that follow him accept that, is the day we have to stop reading articles about what color of underwear Timmy’s wearing. Any jet fans starting to think that giving McElroy a shot to start wouldn’t sound that bad?

  25. Maybe you should stop worrying about a man who isnt going to help your offense and all the publicity and actually worry about your team not having one of the worse records in the AFC. The jets have no run game, have no pass game, and that’s been shown in the horrible preseason games. Maybe worry about your team scoring a touchdown and stop worrying about a guy who’s just in the league because he’s well liked. No disrespect to Tebow, he’s a fantastic guy, but he’s to much of a distraction.

  26. Never have too much Tebow? I beg to differ, and I’m not even a Jets fan. Never have I seen so much attention lavished on a player whose professional accomplishments merit it less.

  27. We are getting far too much Tebow, for god sake we couldn’t care less about him. It’s boring plus who cares???

  28. Apparently, Woody wasn’t paying attention last year when Tebow faced the Bills (in the same division as the Jets) or the Patriots (oops….again in the same division as the Jets). Both those teams waxed his tail and shut him down completely….so, Woody, go ahead and play Tebow…..and by the way, good luck battling the Dolphins for third place in the division if you do.

  29. his playing style is highly concussion-prone, will be fortunate to make it through the whole season intact.

  30. Is it any wonder that Belichick left skidmarks just
    one day after being named Jets coach.

  31. This is a sad day for Jet Nation, the owner of the team just admitted that this was all about the headlines and not about football. Tebow is a good football player, not a good QB, in fact he is a terrible QB, those people that say he is a “winner” probably get confused when they see any type of statistics or numbers. So let me break it down for you a little, when #15 was in Denver the kicker and defense won those games, any team that saw him for the second time DESTROYED #15, and when he was asked to play QB in the pocket he was TERRIBLE… Full disclosure I am a Jet fan.

  32. “You can never have too many Super Bowl titles”.
    NY Giants
    What a joke of an organization you have there Woody.

  33. Oh cmon, when Tim hit’s the field it’s a spectacle, it is so much fun to watch him play. Granted he isn’t a very good QB but he sure makes football fun to watch!

  34. Shame he won’t be playing tonight. I’d like to see him against the Eagles’ d-line, even the backups. Fun stuff.

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