Joe Philbin “concerned” with Dolphins’ preseason performance


An NFL team’s preseason record may not matter, but Dolphins coach Joe Philbin admitted that he was concerned about the way his team has played after they finished the preseason with a record of 0-4.

Following the Dolphins’ 30-13 loss to the Cowboys on Wednesday night, Philbin said he was glad to have the preseason over with because his team has been badly outplayed so far.

The only good news is this part’s over,” Philbin said, via Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post. “Am I concerned? Yeah. . . . I thought we’ve been a good team in practice, we haven’t transferred that to the game.”

The Dolphins have lost their four preseason games by a combined score of 96-43, and Philbin isn’t happy about that.

“I don’t care if it’s the fourth preseason game, seventh regular season game or the Super Bowl. That’s unacceptable,” Philbin said.

Philbin has a tough task ahead of him getting the Dolphins to perform at an acceptable level Week One in Houston.

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  1. Hate to say it. Philbin was not the right man for the job. His demeanor on Hard Knocks ( not to say that is the best way to judge someone but thats all i have to go off ) seems very loose, ho-hum, aw shucks type of an attitude…and doesnt seem to be getting thru to his team whatsoever. Heck, they should have hired Mike Sherman as their HC. Tannehill, while he may be a worthy starter one day, should not be starting over Matt Moore at this point.

    Feeling bad for my fish friends down the road ( and yes, i know, my Bucs have a long way to go themselves…..)

  2. 0-16,,,seriously, this team looks worse than the 0-16 Detroit Lions. Tannehill cant name teams in the league, yeah he’s all in all right. Reggie Bush is the only player anyone can name & he’s a scat back. This ball boy GM you guys have has been a nightmare….feel for ya’, its going to get ugly

  3. It’s a good thing he doesn’t care if it’s the Super Bowl. This team isn’t even in the vicinity of being close to sniffing a Super Bowl.

  4. The problem is the “hurry up offense”. It was designed to keep the opposing defense confused. But instead there is confusion and hesitation on the part of the Dolphins offense.

    In addition the Dolphins defense has no time to rest when the offense goes 3 and out.

    Al;so a lack of talent at the WR position.

  5. Made a college coach the head coach. Cut the best WR on the team and made another WR the starting QB. After traded a stud in BMarshall. Traded the best DB on the. This franchise is a joke and irrelevant when it come to playoff and Super Bowl talk. They will pick 1or 2 next year in the draft.

  6. If you think preseason doesn’t matter…then who cares….if you think it does…then if my memory is right the AFC East has only one win in preseason…NE beat NO by a point in week one…although some teams have looked better than others during this newbie interview process…the net/net is Joe should get some solace in the fact that nobody has looked good…

  7. chrisdacommish says:
    …His demeanor on Hard Knocks ( not to say that is the best way to judge someone but thats all i have to go off ) seems very loose, ho-hum, aw shucks type of an attitude….


    I took it as more of a ‘talks softly but carries a big stick’… Philbin:
    – ejected Marshall on rep
    – was one and done with Johnson over an integrity issue
    – had a guy late two times and brought him in for a sitdown and directly inferred he’s canned if he does it again

    Philbin seems like a guy who won’t take any crap at all and you better perform.

    if I were on that team… I’d be sweating getting canned for the least bit of a screwup…. and let’s face it… they need that kind of urgency

    the real problem is their talent pool…. and that’s Irelands fault… not Philbin’s

  8. The Dolphins need to be given the chance to lose in the regular season playing with their starters the whole game. With the lack of talent at certain skill positions and recent moves by GM Jeff Ireland they will continue to lose their regular season games……

  9. Some team would be very wise to trade for the Dolphin’s Number one pick because it WILL BE the Number one pick.

  10. The Dolphins are such a poorly run organization it’s actually sad to watch from afar. It should have been obvious to management that this season was going to be really bad for them, so why do you reach for Tannehill with the 8th pick of the draft when you can reasonably expect to be picking in the top 4 next season?

  11. Some of these comments are absurd.

    I’m not a Dolphins fan, but people that are saying they will go 0-16 after seeing 4 preseason games are idiots.

    The Dolphins do have a solid defense, O-Line, and Rushing attack. That being said, Tannehill will only get better and they do play the JETS twice a year.

    I could see them reeling off 5 to 8 wins, but no playoffs for them this year.

  12. Right now it looks like the offense is capable of scoring 14-17 points per game, and the defense is going to give up about 28-30. He’s right to be concerned.

  13. How can anyone like or respect a coach that doesnt even look his players in their eyes when he speaks. The man speaks towards the ground like he doesnt want to even be there.

  14. It’s probably too soon to do this, as the season has yet to play out, but I honestly don’t think you can blame Philbin for the Dolphins record or performance.

    I present you Jeff Ireland’s first to third round draft picks from 2008-2011:

    Jake Long, Phillip Merling, Chad Henne, Kendall Langford, Vontae Davis, Pat White, Sean Smith, Patrick Turner, Jared Odrick, Koa Misi, John Jerry, Mike Pouncey, Daniel Thomas

    How is ANYONE supposed to win with that roster? One Probowler in Jake long, and a bunch of guys who are either not in the league, not on the team, or mediocre at best.

  15. Joe Fill-in is in way over his head. They should not have cut Johnson..that was dumb. I’d understand if they had anyone else who could catch the ball (not that Chad hasn’t been cooking with a little too much crisco in the past year) but that isn’t the case. He gets mad at people for cussing? Really? This guy needs to go get a gosh darned snack!

  16. jetstizzi85 says:
    Aug 30, 2012 9:07 AM
    How can anyone like or respect a coach that doesnt even look his players in their eyes when he speaks. The man speaks towards the ground like he doesnt want to even be there.


    I got curious about your statement and looked at a couple of episodes of hard knocks…. what I saw was every time Philbin was in a meeting with a player, he looked them dead in the eye when speaking to them… if he is on the field and he has the responsibility of watching practice he pays attention to that, but alternates to the player when he can…

    so I dunno what you are talking about…

  17. This is now all on Ross.

    He has given the GM a more than reasonable chance to prove himself and Ireland has shown he is beyond incompetent on every level. He has absolutely no plan, he can’t evaluate talent, he’s an arrogant, condescending weasel who can’t communicate properly with people and he has zero leadership qualities.

    The Dolphins will remain a septic tank as long as Ross owns it and continues to employ people like Ireland. Philbin seems like a schmuck as well. Ross has proven again and again that he knows nothing about football, is not capable of hiring the right football guy to handle it and all he cares about is orange carpet and b-list celebrities to hang out with.

    Keeping Ireland has cost him Harbaugh, Manning and Fisher (it certainly hasn’t helped) and now Ross has a team with such little talent that the GM who has put Miami in the second worst salary cap situation in the NFL will be building 1/5 of this year’s team with guys being released from other organizations. You can’t make this stuff up.

    The buck stops with Ross and he simply allows this continue. Anyone who supports this organization should be put in a mental institution.

  18. you think so joe. quit making this franchise even worse than it thanks to your stupid owner. keep up the good work anyways.

  19. Ok people stop saying Matt Moore should be starting. Ryan T looked very good last night. Matt Moore threw a terrible pick 6 got sacked twice and was throwing the balls into the ground. All the announcers were praising the phins for making the right decision with RT. if your going to post on these things at least watch the games. You bunch of fair weather fans make me sick. Oh and if you really think any team is as bad as to 0 and 16 lions your a joke. We will have a good running game a great d and an athletic rookie qb with a lot if potential. We need receivers in the worst way. We will be much better in the regular season. All you fair weather fans burning your dolphins gear, you won’t be welcome back when we start winning again.

  20. These preseason games are so meaningful and the most accurate barometer of a team’s success in the regular season.

    Let’s scrap the regular season and hand the Lombardi trophy to whoever went undefeated in preseason.

  21. I remember when Bill Belichik was criticized in Cleveland and got fired, he then went on the the Giants as a DC to help them win a SuperBowl that they wouldn’t have won without him despite having the over-rated Parcells. I’m just saying….all of this criticism for Philbin is crazy. The man was the OC for the most powerful offense on earth!! Like BB, his game planning was crucial in winning the SB and beating that Pitt D. You have to give him more than 4 pre-season games. Definitely do not want Miami making the same mistake as Cleveland, they haven’t bounced back since. Philbin and Thill could be the next BB-TBrady combo in this division!!

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