NFL, NFLPA agree to modify “break-in” period in 2013

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The NFL and the NFLPA previously were unable implement the new trade deadline and injured reserve rules because the NFL tied the changes to relaxation of the 2011 restrictions on padded practices.

The NFL dropped that request, which resulted in the two sides getting a deal done.

But one change was made to the current practice rules.  NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT that, starting next year, players who sign or report after training camp starts will be able to practice in pads the day after passing a physical.  This eliminates the three-day “break-in” period that has kept players like Steelers receiver Mike Wallace and Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon from hitting the ground, um, hitting.

That said, the “break-in” period still applies when camp open.  But for anyone who shows up after the hitting starts, they will be able to practice in pads sooner.

Of course, that won’t help Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who along with Patriots lineman Brian Waters are the last remaining holdouts in 2012.

Speaking of Jones-Drew, here’s a look at where things are now that the Jaguars finally have said they won’t trade him — presumably after a week of not getting the kind of offers they’d want.

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4 responses to “NFL, NFLPA agree to modify “break-in” period in 2013

  1. MJD is making a mistake. He’s losing a lot of money and the Jaguars are no lock to make the playoffs. If they aren’t going to win, why should they help him line up his wallets, they have motivation to save every dollar if they can. If they start hot and look like potential to make the playoffs, then maybe they have motivation to rest and keep him healthy and make it there with what they have, while saving money to still use him when they absolutely need to only after they are in must-win situations.

    Bottom line is the team has better options and flexibility, and the talent loss to them is a hit they don’t want to take but that they can afford to take, whereas MJD is in a stuck spot with weak leverage and he can’t really “win” any special way with how this is playing out.

    His big mistake was making a public statement about how much he wanted to say. You can’t hold out and then cut out the threats and expect to then maximize the cash elements at play. Be a team player and get all the money you can without losing any, or go after the money if that’s truly the priority in your life, and he is waffling in-between, that’s a tricky spot to operate from.

  2. Someone should change the 13 padded practices rule as well.

    There’s 17wks of regular season play (counting the bye week) yet teams are only allowed 13 padded practices during those weeks?

    WTH is wrong with this?

  3. Jones-Drew has no leverage. The team lost big last year and will probably do so this year. With or without the presence of their best player. At this point he will be lucky if the team waives the fines he has accrued. Otherwise he will be playing for peanuts the last few weeks of the season and the team will have even less incentive to renegotiate. Life is not always fair.

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