No update on Brian Waters’ status

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Last year, guard Brian Waters joined the Patriots about a week before the start of the regular season and wound up having an excellent year for the AFC Champions.

The Pats wrapped up the preseason on Wednesday night and they are starting to think about making cuts down to 53 players by 9 p.m. on Friday night, which would seem like a good moment to find out if Waters is planning to do the same thing again this year. If they have gotten any information on that front, they aren’t sharing it with the public. Coach Bill Belichick passed on a chance to comment about Waters’ status affecting the rest of the roster on a conference call Thursday.

“I don’t have any comment on that,” Belichick said in comments distributed by the team. “I’ll just say that on any personnel decisions, whatever they are, we’ll always do what we feel is best for the football team.”

The Patriots haven’t raised any public objection to Waters staying away from the team. Last year’s results provide a pretty good reason why his absence wouldn’t upset them all that much, although you’d imagine that they are addressing the makeup of the entire roster with some internal idea about what Waters, who stands to make $1.4 million this year, plans to do this season.

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  1. At 1.4m/yr, he’s probably asking for a raise. With the way that offensive line looks, the Patriots would be wise to give it to him.

  2. As Josh commented,does anyone really think that Belichick does not know what is going to happen with Waters? If he was not coming back,why keep his locker intact ? BB is very much about moving forward.

  3. Like a bear in hibernation, the big fellow is just now waking up, sniffing the air, listening for the sound of whistles and mayhem, ready to head up to Foxboro for another run at the SB. His locker’s still got his name on it. He knows he’s needed. There are only so many years to play at this level. He’s coming.

  4. Well.. He will show up or he won’t…
    Plan B


    There is some skill and experience on this line … Waters makes Koppen expendable …

  5. Belichick as always – deals with the players he has. Not with guys who aren’t in camp.

    So he won’t be surprised or disappointed if Waters doesn’t show up, cause he’s preparing without him.

    Waters would definitely be an upgrade, would even help Cannon at RT. Patriots O-line is weak at tackle, not guard right now.

  6. “At 1.4m/yr, he’s probably asking for a raise. With the way that offensive line looks, the Patriots would be wise to give it to him.”

    We’ll see. Vollmer and Mankins have barely played and the Patriots offense has been decidedly vanilla this preseason. I think once the Patriots come to Nashville things will look very different.

    I still think Waters is coming back. His locker remains intact and the Patriots are taking like he’s still a member of the team.

    If he was going to retire i’m pretty sure he would have by now. I’m guessing he’ll show up in Foxborough sometime over the next three days.

  7. They don’t need to know by cut down day. They can put him on the Did Not Report list and get a roster exemption. It’s the same as a guy who retires while under contract, his rights remain with the team if he unretires… They don’t have to cut him…

  8. The thing that is odd to me is how little play this has gotten, maybe because of the way they haven’t talked about it. Waters is an offensive lineman pulling a Favre to avoid training camp, and of all coaches BB is ok with it? Very strange.

  9. He had little to no offseason prep last year, and ended up being a beast on the line. I wouldn’t put too much focus on it. If he was retiring, I think he’d have said so by now. He’s older for a lineman, and really doesn’t need to beat himself up in camp before the season even starts. He’s got 1.4 million reasons to show up for game prep. He’s had a tendency of late to stay away with the Chiefs as well.

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