Sam Bradford wraps up a strong preseason with a big night

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On a night when many NFL teams are sending in their third-stringers and simply going through the motions, Rams quarterback Sam Bradford came to play in the preseason finale.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher eschewed the typical NFL protocol of sitting the starting quarterback or getting him out of the game quickly in the final exhibition game, instead leaving Bradford in for most of the first half against the Ravens, long enough to throw 16 passes and complete 11 of them, for 175 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions.

The Ravens were playing backups on defense, so it would be easy to scoff at those stats as simply inflated numbers in a meaningless game. But Bradford has looked good all preseason. His final preseason stats will be 30-for-51 for 398 yards, with five touchdowns and no interceptions.

After an excellent rookie season as the first overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft, Bradford took a step back in 2011. His play this preseason is an indication that he may be ready to take the step forward the Rams need this year.

15 responses to “Sam Bradford wraps up a strong preseason with a big night

  1. If the rest of the Rams were half as good as he is, I’d be a little worried as a Seahawks fan.

    Still, I think he’s wildly underrated as a quarterback. If he stays healthy and gets decent protection, he can lead a mean passing attack.

  2. Well played Sam. Looked good, albeit against back ups.

    And credit to Schottenheimer for knowing his strengths and working them. Still going to ride Jackson for 350+ carries, all Sam has to do his continue to improve and be the player that won ROTY in ’10

    As for Schottenheimer i’m sure he’s just glad to be away from NY and Sanchez

  3. If Bradford did this, watch Rivers & Gates tonight, lol. Sure that tonight they will both pick up big numbers, heard word they could play till the third. They kinda need it after being benched last week cuz Norv didn’t want the two players that could save his job to get hurt from Jared Allen & the Vikings pass rush.

  4. Who are his WR’s? The fake Steve Smith? Josh Morgan? Someone get this kid a legit WR core please!!!

  5. Excellent play all preseason??? Did you watch the “real” tune-up game last week?


    you mean when SJ only came in for hand offs and they mixed match the o-line?

    oh yea, great to bench mark someone on -rolls eyes-

  6. This guy has been overrated since he was in college. He has never thrown the ball down the field. most of his passing yards come from dump offs to the running back. this season will show who he really is. Just like last season when he had Brandon Lloyd.

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