Sean Spence is believed to have torn ACL, LCL, dislocated kneecap

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That ugly knee injury suffered by Steelers rookie linebacker Sean Spence has generated an understandably serious initial diagnosis.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Spence is believed to have a torn ACL, torn LCL, and dislocated kneecap.

Spence, a third-round pick from Miami, undoubtedly is headed to injured reserve.  Hopefully, it’s an injury from which he’ll be able to recover in time for the 2013 season.

22 responses to “Sean Spence is believed to have torn ACL, LCL, dislocated kneecap

  1. Too bad, Spence was slated for a lot of special teams work this year while he got acclimated playing in LeBeau’s system. This will set him back a year.

  2. As much as i hate the steelers i hate to see a player go down like that… Hoping for a speedy recovery man

  3. That grass field is looking a lot safer than the A-Turf right now, eh Ben?

    Shame to see this sort of thing happen to anyone, much less a rookie and I wish Spence a speedy recovery, but I do like it anytime Ben looks really stupid.

  4. Oh man. The dislocated knee cap is the least damaging of the three. But hurts the worst. Hopefully the youngster can make a comeback next year.

  5. Oh man. I’m a big Sean Spence fan from the U. This really sux. Hope he has a speedy recovery and does not lose the speed he plays with.

  6. Die hard Browns fan here who has a hatred for the inbreds of western Pennsylvania but man that is a tough break for the kid. I hope he recovers in time for next season. Get well sir

  7. VOR please do not group all weakness in one big bag. I will explain.
    1. Physical weakness- something causes pain to the body and the body responds.
    2.Emotional weakness- something causes pain to the mind and the mind responds.
    3. Mental weakness- saying outlandish and foolish things enough times where it actually seems true in your own mind after a while.

    If this makes since to you, please pass it on to MF as I think he could use this information to understand why he does what he does. Or not. Have a great day. Go blue.

  8. That’s so unfortunate. He is an undersized guy that can have success, but it is sad for a guy that’s trying to establish himself.

  9. Hey Big Ben… must have been the AstroTurf… I mean FieldTurf… I mean Matrix RealGrass… Or was it A-Turf Titan or Sportexe Momentum? Maybe we should just Blame it on the rain, yeah yeah!

  10. to that stupid bills fan who is enjoying this injury-

    This was nothing like the Decastro injury. Decastro’s injury was from and being rolled over on. Spence’s injury was from being blocked from the side in pursuit of a tackle.

    One injury is common from not being able to plant on turf. The other could happen anywhere.

    Go away troll- and worry about your own putrid team.

  11. isnt this basically why college linemen wear those braces? thats 2 nasty knee injuries for the Steelers so far. ouch.

  12. Steelers need a new conditioning coach and someone who can plant grass properly. Did you see those hugh chunks of turf coming up in the game last night?

  13. This is a real shame to read that Sean Spence suffered such a severe injury right out of the gate. This is not an easy injury to surgically repair and then expect full use afterward.

    Best wishes to Sean for a solid recovery!

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