Steelers’ Sean Spence exits with ugly leg injury


For the second consecutive preseason game, the Steelers have lost one of their draft picks to an ugly leg injury.

In tonight’s preseason finale, linebacker Sean Spence, the Steelers’ third-round pick in this year’s NFL draft, was carted off the field after he suffered what appeared to be a serious left leg injury. Spence’s leg awkwardly underneath him when he was blocked from the side while chasing Panthers backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen.

Last week the Steelers lost guard David DeCastro, their first-round draft pick, when he suffered a knee injury in the preseason game against the Bills. DeCastro is expected to miss much of the season.

It’s too soon to say how much time Spence will miss. But his injury didn’t look good.

30 responses to “Steelers’ Sean Spence exits with ugly leg injury

  1. Alright, here’s my chance to make a witty comment… hopefully people dont realize how much I fear the steelers…. Im just so insecure about my own team… the steelers just always crush us….

  2. the steelers are going to start the season very thin at LB. ganna be a rough for the few they have to keep thier breath in that thin denver air

  3. Who thinks the reason DeCastro was no put on IR is that the Steelers had inside info on the rule change. The Mara Rooney cheating alliance strikes again.

  4. preseason needs to be just 3 games, nothing worse than a player getting hurt in a meaningless game, plus us fans are growing tired and ready for the real season to start, seems like the preseason last 2 months, uggghhhh

  5. Injuries are piling up.

    Last years injuries + New injuries = Trouble for the Steelers

  6. Who thinks the reason DeCastro was no put on IR is that the Steelers had inside info on the rule change. The Mara Rooney cheating alliance strikes again.
    Considering that the owners agreed to this rule change in May, and have been working with the NFLPA to get the rule passed, I would say that they had the same inside info as every other owner in the league.

  7. The Steelers lost two rookies this season. Others like the Ravens have lost their Best Player(Terrell Suggs), Yet is predicted to finish the season on top. I don’t see how this season is a lost cause for the Steelers.

  8. Wow, a lot of haters on here… Only one valid and logical comment. Oh and the Chiefs……really? The Chiefs? A Chiefs fans talking about other fans being delusional? Matt Cassel, now Romeo Crennel…. Funny, get ready for another two decades of “rebuilding”. LOL The Chiefs…

  9. Unfortunate for Spence.. Pittsburgh to miss the playoffs bc a third string LB gets hurt? Keep reaching for those straws lol

  10. No o-line and no linebackers sounds like the same problems they had last year and tried to draft for. At least if Denver knocks them off to start the year it won’t be nearly as bad as last year.

  11. And vikingamerica, 4-5 weeks recovery for Decastro, and im sure all owners got word of rule changes before the media….considering they vote on the rule changes….and the Vikings? Really? Come on people if your going to hate on something, make it original or valid. Nobody wants to read about your envy.

  12. I thought Roger took care of player safety. Maybe he should have suspended some more Saints. Then this might never have happened.

  13. threespeedfan
    That’s mr two time super bowl champion roethlisomething to you , good day sir!

  14. I have to laugh at the posts about the Steelers not making the playoffs because one of their rookie draft picks has an injury that more than likely will end their season. These comments are obviously coming from fans of teams of perennial losers and/or under-achievers. Yes, for the Steeler Nation faithful this sucks because this man more than likely would be a great back up for us or starting for another team as a rookie. But you know what, to quote Mike T, the standard is the standard. The next man in line has to step up and usually does in Da Burgh!!!! Not to mention, I’m pretty sure we’re the only team with a Hall Of Fame defensive Coordinator not retired. All Hail the Chief!!!!

  15. Drop the preseason down to 3 games,thats enough games to evaluate talent and see who fits and who doesent..there is no need for the 4th,just do it goodell.

  16. vasteelzeee says: Aug 30, 2012 11:02 PM
    Not to mention, I’m pretty sure we’re the only team with a Hall Of Fame defensive Coordinator not retired. All Hail the Chief!!!!

    I’m pretty sure that unretired HOF DC watched as Baby Jesus repeatedly dropped bombs on your defense in January. Maybe he was asleep that day?

  17. damn- Sorry to hear about this for Sean…

    He’s a good dude, and Im sure its incredibly disappointing for him on the verge of realizing his dream of playing in his first NFL game…

    For anyone reveling in this young man’s injury- shame on you.

  18. It is tough to lose DeCastro and Spence but the guys behind will step up and the goal will be the same. Seriously, the impact from Spence’s injury will be felt most on special teams, he wasn’t challenging anyone for a starting spot. What’s funny is how many steelers haters read and comment on us. I couldn’t even tell you who the 3rd round draft pick of the Ravens, Chiefs or any other team for that matter is.

  19. pre-season should consist of 2 games, one half of one for 1st team play and the rest game 1 and all of game 2 for the rest for roster cut decisions. these injuries are getting ridiculous, it’s almost as if there was no draft this year. Or the human body just wasn’t designed for this game.

  20. One third round guy is inconsequential, but to be taking hits on depth in the preseason completely sucks.

    The AFC North has a pretty tough schedule this year. I don’t think two teams can make it out. The Steelers will have their work cut out for them late in the season with the depth issues they already have.

  21. We are all going to be eating crow if/when the Bengals swoop in to take the AFCN. I’m a Raven’s fan but they scare me more than the Steelers. No one is claiming an end to their season after the knee issues with their 1st round pick, “Dr.” Dre Kirkpatrick. Instead there is a lot of positives coming out out Cincy. Let’s not forget their were 3 AFCN teams in the playoffs last year.

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