Amobi Okoye out in Tampa, headed back to Chicago

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Today’s cut-down day in the NFL, but there are apparently some incomings too.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Bears are finalizing a deal to bring back defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, who is being released by the Buccaneers.

Okoye was reportedly close to a return from knee surgery in June, but had missed three preseason games and the Bucs apparently ran out of patience.

The former No. 10 overall pick hasn’t developed into a dominant player, but can help with interior pass-rush and with the Bears banged up at the position as well, they needed the depth.

15 responses to “Amobi Okoye out in Tampa, headed back to Chicago

  1. I thought he was actually a decent rotation DT for us last year, and was surprised we didn’t bring him back during the offseason. I’m happy to see him getting resigned. He will probably never live up to the No. 10 overall pick expectations, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a useful player.

  2. I understand he wasn’t going to be a Pro Bowler this year or anything, but we don’t have a ton of d-line depth in Tampa as it is, so he must REALLY be in bad shape.

  3. Im a bit surprised with this move. I guess they are confident that geraldini93 is going to hold up all year. If it backfires it will be another move thatvshould spell Dominik’s end.

  4. Hell yeah! I was sad to see him go. I think he was a great addition to the Bears DL last year, and we can afford to spell him so he’s not overly taxed while coming back from the injury.

    This is one of those moves that seems minor now but could pay big dividends later in the season.

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