Andy Reid “not worried” about owner’s remarks

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Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie put coach Andy Reid on the clearest possible notice on Thursday.  In a calm, matter-of-fact tone, Lurie made it clear that the 2012 season could be Reid’s final season in Philadelphia.

After Thursday night’s preseason game against the Jets, Reid took the remarks in stride.

I’m not worried about it,” Reid said, via Geoff Mosher of  “I understand the business.  I have a very good relationship with Jeffrey [Lurie], so we go play.  I’m not worried about all that stuff.”

Lurie’s comments came less than three weeks after Reid’s agent, Bob LaMonte, told reporters that Lurie has said Reid will coach the team as long as Lurie owns it.  Reid reportedly disagreed with LaMonte’s comments, but we’ve reported the the Eagles believe that LaMonte was speaking for Reid when LaMonte said what he said.

“I don’t even care about that,” Reid said Thursday night regarding his contract. “I care about this football team and winning games now and playing well and working hard.  That stuff, that’s not on my mind.”

What is on his mind is finishing better than 8-8, something Lurie said would have to happen in 2012 for Reid to return, barring possibly an extended rash of injuries.

“We surely wouldn’t be satisfied with 8-8,” Reid said.  “I know we’re striving for far better than that.  I think that’s the most important thing.  I’m not sitting here and telling you that’s where I want to be.”

But if that’s where he is, Philadelphia most likely isn’t where Reid will be next year.

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  2. Jeff is trying to look independent. Andy isn’t going anywhere. When does the season start?
    Go birds

  3. I think the media is making too big of a deal about this. How about instead we just talk about how good the Eagles have played so far.

  4. This is just confusing. Not like the man doesn’t have enough on his mind, he has to be reminded before the season even starts that his job could be over. Why would ANY owner of any sport do this to their coach before the season even started. With comments like that how are the coaches and the players supposed to do their job when they are constantly having to look over their backs. Makes no sense to me.

  5. If the Eagles get rid of Andy it’ll be like Tampa dumping Dungy. I never liked that decision even if Gruden won them a Super Bowl.

  6. Need a change already. Gruden needs to be the coach. Reid is a great coach but too stubborn when it count. Always ends up out coached.

  7. I’ve been ready to see Andy go since the Super Bowl loss. The fact that he’s the most successful coach the Eagles have ever had is more of an indictment of past HC’s than a statement of Reid’s superiority.
    His backing of Vick will be his undoing. When BOTH are released after this season will herald the rekindling of hope for me!

  8. Does all of the sports “experts” in Philly understand that if they fire Reid, that team will go into the dark ages like that city has never seen with a sports team before?

  9. It is kind of strange that Reid can be fired in Philly and have another HC position in the NFL within 48 hours. No wonder he is not worried.

  10. The headline’s out-of-context use of Reid’s phrase “not worried” makes it seem as though Reid has no regard for Lurie’s comments, and is in some way care free about his situation.

    Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The guy’s been slaving night and day to win a championship for 13 yrs..

    Look….there’s no need to sack the guy unless there’s a better answer out there. Lurie knows that.

    When Lurie hired Reid, nobody had heard of him except Packers fans. But clearly, Lurie did his homework. Maybe the fact that Lurie has decided to draw the line at 8-8 suggests that he has started researching possible alternatives (not named Gruden, Cowher, Shanahan, and Fisher for all you unimaginative types).

  11. Andy is a great coach, he has the talent, but his team needs to make a playoff run or he’s done there

  12. There’s a difference between a winning coach and a successful one, I believe Coach Reid was the latter. He might have not won a Super Bowl but he’s touched and influenced a lot of lives up there in Philly. Andy Reid will stay.

  13. despite coming up short again and again and again…and again and again, Reid is the best thing that’s ever happened to Lurie.

  14. Of course he not worried. 1) He’s made enough over 14-15 years there in Phillie to keep him happier than a pig in s**t. No pun intended. 2) His team on paper SHOULD make the playoffs…AT LEAST

  15. “Does all of the sports “experts” in Philly understand that if they fire Reid, that team will go into the dark ages like that city has never seen with a sports team before?”


    Dude, we have the ’64 Phillies. Look up “dark ages” and it’s a picture of that team.

    But you do have a point that more than half the Eagles fans would agree with…

  16. Eagles will be satisfied with making the playoffs and then losing like they always do… But in Philly that seems to be a huge victory for them. They’ll pound their chests for an entire year after making an NFC championship game… Too bad they can’t win it all like Big Blue, the best team in the division by a long shot.

  17. Firing Andy Reid would be like the firing of Jeff Fisher or John Fox. Sometimes, despite past success, you just have to move on in order to take your team to (hopefully) the next level.

    This is such a case that the owner believes the team has the proper player talent necessary to win big, and a failure to do so then must be the fault of somebody other than the players.

  18. OK first, he’s only been here 13 seasons, this is the start of number 14
    second, he’s ony had 1 losing season in those 13 years
    third, the only reason Laurie made the statement now is because it was made during his annual “State of the Eagles” address which was scheduled to happen days after Andy’s son died so they postponed it unit now.

    All that being said, Laurie is right 8-8 is not acceptable with the players Andy’s been given. But its a moot point because that isn’t going to happen this year. We don’t have te cards stacked against us like last season, which also makes 8-8 that much more unacceptable this season. What we should be talking about is how good we look so far. First time were undefeated in the preseason since ’95, and we look good doing it. Can’t wait for the real games so we can finally shut the haters up!!

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