Arizona Cardinals arrive at 53

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The Arizona Cardinals have their Week One starting quarterback, and they also have a pared down roster. Coach Ken Whisenhunt’s team arrived at 53 players on Friday evening, with about an hour left before the cut-down deadline.

Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ website mapped out the moves in this blog post. Here they are:

The Cards sent two players to injured reserve: running back Javarris James (knee) and quarterback Richard Bartel (shoulder). It’s notable that left tackle Levi Brown (triceps) was left on injured reserve and will not be assigned the Cardinals’ individual I.R. mechanism for mid- or late-season activation.

Linebacker Brandon Williams (shoulder) and wide receiver Stephen Williams (Achilles’) were waived/injured.

They outright released or waived wide receiver DeMarco Sampson, cornerback Crezdon Butler, linebacker Antonio Coleman, safety Blake Gideon, linebacker Clark Haggans, guard Russ Hochstein, defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin, linebacker Colin Parker, cornerback Larry Parker, tight end Stephen Skelton, running back Alfonso Smith, linebacker Quan Sturdivant, defensive end Ronald Talley, defensive end Everrette Thompson, tight end Martell Webb, center Scott Wedige, wide receiver Isaiah Williams, and tackle D.J. Young.

After impressive preseasons, longshot running back William Powell and undrafted free agent wide receiver LaRon Byrd made the Cardinals’ final 53.

17 responses to “Arizona Cardinals arrive at 53

  1. Seattle Seagawks are the most overhyped team of 2012..They will fall flat on their faces!…………Dynasty!

  2. Seattle Seagawks are the most overhyped team of 2012..They will fall flat on their faces!…………Dynasty!
    Considering the fact that no where in this article were the Seahawks ever mentioned, you have shown how big of a moron you really are!

  3. Hey norcal you are just saying everything bout the hawks cause you know that’s your 9ers only threat to take the division back! 9ers have 1 good year and all you fans do is trash the hawks! Russell Wilson will be best QB in division! GO HAWKS!!!!

  4. Isn’t the news for Arizona that they found 53 players they were willing to put ON the roster?

  5. On their way to a strong 6 – 10 season! Another 40 years of fail to look forward to – hey, it’s the only tradition the team has.

  6. I remember Quan Sturdivant looking good at North Carolina before all that trouble surfaced, thought he had the talent for the NFL.

  7. Time to get down to business now! Excited about William Powell and LaRon Byrd (little Fitz), relieved that John Skelton will be starting! Sorry to lose AJ Jefferson to the Vikings…hope we got some good draft picks in the deal. LET’S DO IT…FLY HIGH CARDS!

  8. So, between the Seahawks, the Niners, the Cardinals, and the Rams, this is seems like a predictable division.

    *(Arizona is one of my favorite teams, so keep that in mind when reading)

    4 – I believe the Cardinals will finish in dead last. Considering they lost a stud of a left tackle in Levi Brown, and were already down to Skelton and Kolb.

    3 – Third last in the division will most likely be St. Louis. I like what Fisher is doing, I like Bradford, Amendola, and Steven Jackson a lot. However, their division has 3 solid defenses, and it’s going to take some time for the team to mesh.

    2 – Seahawks are very underrated. Watch for them to get 10 wins and a wildcard spot this season, securing second place in the division next to the Niners.

    1 – Lastly, I think the Niners should have no problem getting at least 12 wins, clinching the division. Obviously they have a very solid team all-around with lots of depth.

  9. “The Cards sent two players to injured reserve: running back Javarris James (knee) and quarterback Richard Bartel”

    Bartel’s injury was minor, would’ve been ready for week one. Granted, he would’ve been cut had he not been placed on IR.

    Not that we didn’t already know, but that organization cannot evaluate the quarterback position.

  10. Bummed to see Haggans go, but for the first time in a while we’re pretty deep at LB. If Stewart Bradley lives up to his contract then our LB corp is going to be pretty tough with Acho and Schofield on the outside and Washington and Bradley on the inside. That said, with our QB and LT situation we’d better be able to pound the ball with Beanie and Williams and play great D or it’s going to be 5-11 this season. I’m crossing my fingers.

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