Bills cut five wide receivers, keep Thigpen


One of the most watched positions at Bills camp was wide receiver because the team didn’t have a defined pecking order behind Stevie Johnson.

Things still haven’t become totally clear in terms of roles, but we now know the receivers that will make up the depth chart. The Bills cut wide receivers Kamar Aiken, Marcus Easley, Derek Hagan, Ruvell Martin and Naaman Roosevelt as part of their moves to make the 53-man roster limit, according to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News.

Hagan and Roosevelt each drew some good notices at points during camp, but the team obviously didn’t like any of them enough to keep space for them on the 53-man roster. That means David Nelson, Donald Jones, third-round pick T.J. Graham and sometime quarterback Brad Smith will round out the receiving corps.

Graham also reports that the Bills will not cut Tyler Thigpen, leaving him and Tarvaris Jackson as the backups for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Before the deal for Jackson, there was a thought that either Thigpen or Vince Young would be on the chopping block because of Smith’s versatility. Whether because of Jackson’s unfamiliarity with the offense or some other reason, the Bills decided they were better off with a third quarterback to start the season.

15 responses to “Bills cut five wide receivers, keep Thigpen

  1. Sucks about Easley. He had huge upside as a rookie and got injured for his rookie season, then injured his entire 2nd season. The Bills kept him on the roster both seasons only to let him go before the 3rd. And even after a good show last night vs the Lions.

  2. I don’t get why the Bills didn’t use Brad Smith primarily at WR in camp. He had a couple of good games last season would have been nice to get him more comfortable at wideout.

  3. why do people even care about the 3rd qb. “we should have cut him for the 5th cb”. hell, if any team is down to their 3rd qb, they are in trouble..
    besides, as soon as Jackson gets up to speed he will be gone..

  4. When you mentioned Bills players that will line up at WR, you forgot to mention CJ Spiller; with him the have their five. It’s weird that Easley scored an 100 yard TD in the game previous to being cut.

  5. Hagan looked like he might of made the 53, he is a pretty decent Wideout. I’m not surprised to see the rest of the cuts though. The only one that makes me mad is the release of Naaman Roosevelt. Roosevelt is a reliable option and has chemistry with Ryan Fitzpatrick. What really stinks is that Naaman isn’t PS eligible. I do have faith in Gailey and Nix though, I’m sure they know what they are doing. #GoBills!!!! #BillsMafia #RocCity

  6. Despite all the ragging people have been dishing out, its clear that Chan sees something special in Thigpen. While he still has a lot to prove, I wouldn’t bank on him being a bust, just yet. Is there a chance he is benefiting from some sort of quasi-nepotism? Sure!! But if anyone is going to work to make Gailey proud, its Tyler Thigpen. I have a feeling this kid is going to become a contributing factor to the Buffalo Bills success story.

    Then again, I was an Edwards fan, so take that for what its worth.

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