Bucs inability to sell out should raise specter of relocation


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to struggle to sell tickets, and it’s gotten so bad that it’s time to address the question of whether the market still merits having an NFL franchise.

With their regular-season home opener only nine days away, the Buccaneers remain 9,000 short of the goal for lifting the local blackout.

The gap, reported by Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, must be closed within 72 hours of kickoff, or the game won’t be televised in the team’s home market.

The failure to sell enough tickets at the stadium comes despite a string of efforts to sell all non-premium seats, from taking full advantage of the new league rule that allows teams to cut their “manifest” to 85 percent, to uncharacteristically spending million on free agents like Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks, and Eric Wright, to hiring a new coach, to cutting the prices on parking and concessions for the home opener, to honoring Ronde Barber.

By the way, it’s the first freaking game of the year.  And Cam Newton is coming to town.  Division rival.  The team that once claimed Chris Simms’ spleen.

It was supposed to be a slam dunk for Week One.  And still the team is 9,000 tickets short.

Look, we like Tampa.  The city did a great job hosting the Super Bowl.  But regardless of the reason — local economy, apathy, whatever — if fans continue to fail to show up for the games, at some point the team needs to be moved to a place where the fans have the money, the time, and the inclination to attend games.

The Glazers get blamed for plenty of things.  They bear no blame here.  The Glazers have tried to improve the team and to make it more attractive to attend games.  Eventually, the people need to respond.

There’s no indication that the Glazers are looking to move the team.  Given the manner in which the community continues to respond to the franchise, they’d be crazy if they weren’t exploring their options.

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  1. Hillsborough County has a deal with the Glazer’s that they unable move the Bucs until at least 2025. It was a important part of the Raymond James Stadium deal. The Bucs are Tampa’s for at least 13 more years.

  2. well San Antonia is the 7th largest city in the US and Texans love football, so maybe that might be a good landing spot.

    Tampa only has 300k people. Only Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Buffalo have fewer people in their respective cities that also have a football team.

    The Virginia coast could support a team… Between Virginia Beach/Newport/Suffolk/Chesapeake, it’s one of the most densely populated regions in the US, in what used to be Redskins country.

  3. Man, 9,000 seats is a lot of empty seats for opening day. I have been to that stadium. It is a great place for football. The team has finally opened the checkbook and spent some money. Something has to give eventually. Surprising that the Florida teams are basically not doing great in the way of fan support. The Jags have problems, they “sell-out” but it is often a very close call. The Dolphins do not have people banging at the doors for tickets. The Bucs are worse than the other two.

    Hope they can get it together, because Tampa is a great place for a road trip. Maybe the Bucs and the Jags can move to Great Britain. One in London and one in Scotland?

  4. Leave us alone. Give us a season or two. Do you realize last year we put one of the worst defenses of all time on the field? Plus we are the poster child of the real estate collapse, everyone in Florida has a captain’s license and a real estate license (myself in cluded). I’m looking at houses selling for 40K (around) that had 220K loans on them. There are die hard Bucs fans in the area and this is a football state. When we had a great product we had one of the longest waiting lists.

  5. The genius “fans” that we have here in Tampa don’t realize that a HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE helps your team win. It provides a competitive advantage. So people need to quit waiting around for this team to win…and go make your voice heard. It’s 30 freaking dollars.

  6. Tampa doesn’t deserve a major league team, even one as sorry as the Bucs.

    Glazers should break the contract and move their franchise to an area where real fans will support an NFL team.

  7. The reason Tampa has no fans is because that everyone who lives in Tampa is from New York… Or at least thats what I found out during my glorious 3 day weekend I spent at in Tampa.

  8. Florida is not a state for pro sports. When will people get this? Move the Bucs to Mexico City. Move the Jags to Montreal. Move the Dolphins to Vegas. Let them watch the Gators and Nascar.

  9. How about they donate the unsold tickets to local charities who could resell them at a lower price? There are plenty of families in Florida struggling to buy food and clothes, let alone football tickets. Cutting fans some slack would go far in building fan loyalty and help transform the image of NFL owners’ image as a bunch of money hungry billionaires to people who care about their fans.

  10. Sure, only $30 for tickets but how much for gas to get there, parking, food, drinks, etc. Add that up and you can easily surpass $100. Compare that to a $12 case of beer and your HDTV at home (which is already paid for) and it becomes a no-brainer.

    Lower prices is what’s going to get asses in seats, not in-stadium wifi.

  11. Tampa has too many pro teams for its size. Plain and simple. And they all draw fairly weakly.

  12. “It’s gotten so bad that it’s time to address the question of whether the market still merits having an NFL franchise.”

    Really? It’s time for that discussion, and for you to start it? Maybe it’s time for two guys at a water cooler to have that discussion, but for you to just pull this discussion out of your butt is irresponsible journalism.

    Several hundred guys lost their jobs today around the league. Maybe do something positive and write about some of them, instead of puking up this kind of destructive tripe.

  13. It took them a while to drive them away. It will take time for them to come back. If you treat the franchise like it’s your tinker toy, if you treat the fan base like a cash cow, and if you think you’re entitled to profits regardless of product, they tend to go away. One or two years of effort is a good start but it’s just that. A start.

  14. The Tampa Bay area or the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area has a population of 4,228,855 as of 2010 census, making it the second most populous metropolitan area in Florida and fourth in the Southeast. (wikipedia)

  15. Can’t say I blame Bucs fans for being a bit tentative after last year’s debacle. For what it’s worth, they’ve completely sold out all the tickets in their lowest pricing tier. It’s just hard to convince people to spend big bucks on a team that’s such an unknown right now, especially in this economy.

    But yeah, every time someone brings up “Bucs are a prime candidate to move!” they seem to forget that lease they have. They’re not going anywhere for at least 13 years.

  16. How about they prove they are better than the 4-12 team they were last year before we blame 9,000 more people from wanting to go to a game? Remember, many players quit last year. Why would I want to give a team my dollar unless I know that problem is taken care of?

  17. Should of built a dome. Nobody wants to go to that solar oven of a stadium when i can sit at home and stream it in my A/C

  18. They’re far from the only team struggling with attendance issues. Better start the relocation process for half the league, if not more teams than that. I don’t pay money to go to games anymore either. Who wants to sit under the hot Florida sun all day and pay out the a$$ for the “privilege” when I can sit at home in the A/C, a comfortable chair, cold beer that doesn’t cost $10 each, cheap munchies, and an environment that doesn’t contain drunken cretins shouting vulgarities and starting fights over an entertainment product. The NFL stadium experience is dead, and has been for some time. Nothing will save it aside from severely slashing prices across the board from tickets to parking to concessions.

  19. The stadium was sold out for 10 straight years before the Glazers turned their attention and pocketbooks to Manchester United.

    The Gruden regime alienated the fans by running off GM Rich McKay and unceremoniously dumping our Hall Of Fame candidate players like John Lynch, Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, Mike Alstott, and Simeon Rice.

    Raheem Morris continued the alienation with his ridiculous sayings. “Be your best self.” “We’re Youngry.” “We’re going to be violent.” He backed them up by going 17 – 31 and having the team openly quit playing for him last season.

    Greg Sciano may turn out to be a fine coach, but he was clearly ownership’s 5th or 6th choice and his resume at Rutgers doesn’t inspire anyone. If you can’t win the Big East, how are you going to win the NFC South?

    Tampa’s economy remains one of the worst in the country due to terrible political leadership at State, County, and City levels. The people frankly don’t have $30/person to spend on watching this team perpetually rebuild. Plus, there are much better things to do on a glorious and sunny afternoon than watch the Bucs get humiliated.

    The Bucs are locked into an iron-clad lease until 2025, so they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    Go troll somewhere else.

  20. How about putting a good team on the field?

    Last year and the year before and the year before that… the Bucs spent no money, and were just really bad.

  21. I just recently moved to FL and have noticed 1 major thing. About 75% of people in FL are not born and raised here. When you have people that move here for retirement from other states they still cheer for there team from there previous state. I do the same! If you are a true fan you will never give up on your team so there would be no way someone like me would just switch who I root for because I moved.

    In short you should not have a pro team in a tourist state.

    If I were a stadium owner I would try to get 2 other teams to play in my stadium once a week so that people from those states would want to see there local teams play. For example if the Jags went to LA and there stadium was open. I bet they would sell out or do better then with the Jags if they did a Packer/Bears game there once a year, or Giants/Eagles.

  22. it’s real freaking simple, WIN.

    The team is only 5 or 6 years removed from a season ticket waiting list… You know, the days when they could keep a team under 400 yards of offense….

    It’s sad to say, but attendance should also get better as the weather gets cooler.

  23. Tampa is made up in large part of transplants. So they will attend only when the visiting team is their team. Not that the Trop is in a good location, but Tampa does not support the Rays and they are one of the better teams in MLB.

  24. NFL games have gotten too expensive. Many people just can’t afford to go to games in the current state of the GOP run economy. Combine tickets and concessions for 2, parking and travel (if you live 2 hours away from your team like I do), you are looking at around $350.00. Think how many lap dances that could get you in Tampa!

  25. Please with the “economy” arguments. College games sell out in the middle of nowhere Fla. If you can’t fill a 70,000 seat stadium in a 4.5 million population metropolis, it’s time to move.

    Also, enough with the argument that weather is too great to spend at a football game. There’s only so many times you can go to the beach…(which the Tampa beaches are awful anyway. Who wants to swim in 90 degree cess?) Support your team ($30 seats for chrisssake) or don’t complain when they move.

  26. As a fan of a division rival I would hate for Tampa to lose their team. That being said if they can’t fill their stadium now with a new coach and a slew of new high profile faces then when?

    If they’re going to move my hope is that they move to L.A. not London.
    While I wouldn’t mind the NFL having a team in London as I think it would spread the game globally, I wouldn’t want to be in the same division as a London team, meaning that my team has to travel overseas at least once a year.

  27. I grew up in the Tampa Bay area when the Bucs were the “Yucks”, no one went to games, people would leave extra tickets to games under their windshield wipers in the parking lot, and when they returned, they’d find even more stuck in there.

    The fans in the Tampa Bay area are bandwagon fans. Look at the Bucs in the 80’s and 90’s, the Rays in the 90’s and early to mid 2000’s, and the Lightning.

    They only show up when the team is winning. I remember going to games in 1996 with my father (who is still to this day, a huge Bucs fan) that had 40-50k in the seats of a 76k seat stadium. People are using the economy as an excuse but what happened to that 100k person waiting list ? There are atleast 65k people in the Tampa/St. Pete/Orlando areas that COULD fill RJS, they just choose not to.

    As for their lease, any lease can be broken. It’s just a matter of how much they’ll have to pay to the city. The Rams, Browns, and Oilers all broke leases to relocate. The Rams and Oilers had to pay a fee.

  28. Went to five games last year, and the experience was unbearable watching that team literally quit during the game. The Houston Texans game was embarrassing. That taste is still pretty fresh in fans’ mouths, as are the past few years of no spending and no success.

    I’m considering going to the game, but I’m looking through StubHub or the Ticket Exchange for seats at $30-$35, which won’t help the sellout numbers since those tickets are already purchased by season-ticket holders. The cheapest seats available through the team are $45. Why pay that when I can get them for $15 cheaper?

  29. Seriously people are forgetting the 5 or so years that our stadium was packed and rioting for the Bucs D with 90% bucs fans plus (the Tampa 2 years). You want proof we can sell out Raymond James? USF goes on a roll and that stadium sells the F out for them and is one of the best home field advantages in college football. When USF went on their run Robert Smith recalled the year the Vikings went 15-1 and lost to, that’s right, the Bucs D and said “Raymond James stadium is no joke.” Bring back a blue collar d-fense and that place will go WILD.

  30. Florida was never a market big enough for 2-3 teams.

    Move the Jags (who are halfway a Florida team) and do something with the bucs, and leave the Fish, and it’ll sort itself out.

    But Florida is too sunny a state to support 2 1/2 football teams.

  31. I live in Los Angeles and would Love to have an NFL Team here. But judging from the last several years the Bucs havent been considered that.

  32. Like most Florida teams, they have a deficit of native fans, most have moved from out of state or had parents that moved from out of state and still follow those home teams.

    That being said, they should have enough fans to fill that stadium, its time for the locals to step up and go to the games.

  33. The Bucs organization has brought this own themselves…

    In early 2000s Mr. Malcom brought in a young, experienced Semi-proven HC {Jon Gruden} that brought great excitement and expectation throughout the majority of the Bucs fan base…. That same year the Bucs won their only SB…..

    Years later the Sons took over and decided it was a wise business decision on their part to fire Gruden for a…… Young, unknown, unproven, never had ANY coordinator experience guy {Morris} ~WRONG…. We go through the whole “we need a franchise QB” phase and then end up with Freeman basically because Morris coached on his team in the past and he has NOT quite become the Franchise QB they try so hard to make people believe him to be….

    Put this with the explanation that “pftmaniac” posted above and you will begin to get a better understanding of what is happening…. Years ago their was a waiting period to get tickets because the product was on the field worthy to come and watch…. People have limits and after several years of the same uninspiring junk they are going to get tired of it and lose interest!

  34. my buddy lives in tampa/clearwater. he said he bought a house about 10 blocks from the beach for $50K! holy moly thats cheap. California is ridiculous. Id move to tampa and go watch the bucs and live in my $50K beach pad and be a happy little camper.

  35. Dont let it get to you bucs…the nfl once said that they would have a team by 2011 and no one has even built a stadium yet…no team deserves such speculation, period

  36. Some of you folks don’t understand how the law works with regards to contractual agreements.
    The Buccaneers “cannot” move to another location if they are making money. They cannot move just to move……
    However, if the Bucs make a filing before the courts and can show that staying in Tampa is a liability to their long term existence and what they call a “going concern” as a business, a judge can rule that the Bucs can legally move. They would be permitted to vacate their contract with the city.
    Tampa cannot legally bind a business to stay and go out of business.
    The numbers show that the Bucs are not selling their tickets. They can’t even meet the 85% goal. If it continues, the courts will side with the Bucs and let them vacate their contract with Tampa.
    That’s the way the law works.
    Tampa indeed runs the risk of losing the Buccaneers.

  37. @packerfaninfl

    I am a die-hard Bears fan and I would hate to see a Bears/Packers game played somewhere other than Chicago or Green Bay. How would you like it if they moved a Packers home game vs the Bears to Jacksonville or LA? Every person living in or around Green Bay would be furious and I wouldn’t blame them one bit!

  38. Hey flaccotoboldin, the Jags aren’t having any issues selling tickets so you need to get your facts straight!

  39. I hope the Bucs stay put. I hate when teams move all over the place, but to the people that say they are not going anywhere because of the lease, leases are made to be broken. For the right amount of money the team can get out of the lease. People breaking leases is done all of the time and can be done again. Don’t think that the lease will keep the Bucs in Tampa, if they really and truely want out, they will get out.

  40. Yea.. well… trying to overlook the Glazers ownership IS a problem. If the fans don’t like the owner, they don’t have to like the team. The Glazers built up a lot of bad blood over the years so don’t tell me that shouldn’t have anything to do with it. I’m not swallowing that crap.

  41. Bucs to LA rumors should be starting any day now. The fact that LA has been without an NFL team since the Rams and Raiders left 17 years or so ago, and nobody who lives here seems to care, should speak volumes about how well a team will be supported here. Sure, they’ll sell out games the first season, because it will still be a novelty, but after that, unless the team is a consistent winner, they’ll be facing a lot of empty seats, just like in Tampa.

  42. Hilarious. There are still people trying to make excuses as to why Tampa sports fans don’t support their teams. Everything from the economy, to real estate, to ‘better things to do’, to a ‘bad product on the field’, parking, concessions, unemployment, ownership, a loose bolt on a seat in the stadium…

    It goes on and on, and has been for close to 40 years. The only real sports fans in Tampa are fans of other teams. A couple of years of lower attendance? Ok, sometimes it happens for a variety of reasons. A lot of people are struggling. This has been going on for DECADES, and it has always been the same set of lame excuses from these people.

    They aren’t true fans, they are frontrunners who require a ‘good product’ in order to show up. Unless there’s a playoff game of some sort, you’ll never see more than 30k Bucs fans at a Bucs game, or 10k at a Rays game(despite the fact that the Rays have contended every year for the past 5 years). The opposing fans have to bail them out every single time. The Rays will be gone within 3-4 years, and the Bucs wont be far behind. Contracts were made to be broken when theres enough money at stake.

  43. The biggest impediment we have here is all the transplants. We’ve had about ten good years of football in the several decades this team has been here and the majority of residents won’t let go of their allegiance to the city’s they left to move here. If they liked it so much there why’d they move here? That and not seeing a good product on tv in a long while is scaring people off.

  44. I’m a fan, going to the Sept. 9th game, but was only able to go because I got the tickets as a gift. Yes, the economy down here is an issue. I understand that the inability to reach the 85% threshold is a concern, but before anyone starts talking about relocating anywhere the team needs to start winning.

    I truly think the Greg Schiano era will be a success, but we have no evidence of that at this point. If this team reaches the heights that the Tampa Bay Rays have, and still can’t reach the threshold, then we can talk about relocation more realistically. Ownership has just now proven that they are willing to spend and 6 months of good faith from the owners does not regain almost 10 years of cutting good players, alienating the fan base, and refusing to spend. Before we relocate, let the team start winning, then maybe you have a point. Until then there is no need to cause this type of commotion.

  45. The Bucs aren’t going anywhere! The Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater/Sarasota market is one of the top 15 tv markets in the country. The Bucs owners, the Glazer family, is one of the wealthiest owning families in the NFL (They also own the Manchester United soccer club in England), and the Bucs themselves are one of the top sports franchises in value (over $900 million according to Forbes). The problem with the attendance lately at Bucs games is 1.) the economy in the Tampa area was one of hardest hit in the country over the last few years, and 2.) the Bucs have struggled to put a winner in the field…Wins will cure everything. Give Coach Schiano a chance and I think he will turn it around…by mid season they will be fine.
    P.s. My wife and I are driving down from North Georgia to go to the opening game next weekend and support our team…. Go Bucs!!!

  46. Just make sure they re-locate more than 75 miles from Tampa. It would be nice to get 3 afternoon games on tv when they play at home. Dolphins & Jags too can go. Don’t need to have their games broadcast here either.

  47. What a total lack of research on Florio’s part. The Bucs were effectively tied to Tampa long-term when Raymond James Stadium was built. Also, every game at the stadium had sold out prior to 2010, so it’s not like they’ve traditionally had attendance problems.

    And what a sweetheart of a deal that stadium deal was for the Glazers: They paid ZERO for the stadium, yet were granted ownership of parts of it. And they pay no property taxes. They’d struggle to get anybody to match that deal in this economy, so they probably wouldn’t move even if they could.

  48. You must also factor in how much the Glazers are hated in Tampa. They are just evil people. Ask anyone who has interacted with them. Who would want to support them?

  49. I live in the Tampa Bay area. The fans here suck. They are Fair weather fans. They dont support the Bucs nor The Rays. Its a total joke the way they respond. I have been to many Buc games and the stadium is great. Not a bad seat in the house. The owners have don their part to make it easy but the fans here dont care unless its a Monday Night game. I see a move in the future and the fans can only blame themselves.

  50. Yes and let’s all look past the fact that the Bucs have only made the playoffs twice in the past 10 years. Same with Miami. Why pay big $ in this economy to watch a poor product?

  51. If your not a Bucs fan and you dont live in Tampa keep you mouths shut. To even try to say that what our economy has gone thru is a poor excuse is just ignorant and how about our owners go and cut all of our hall of fame players one year removed from a superbowl win. There are plenty of true Bucs fans here.

  52. Yeah… As others have pointed out, there is no attendance issue when a competitive product is placed on the field in Tampa. 10+ years with season ticket waiting lists to prove that. If they win, this is a non-issue, if not… unfortunately, there is just too much to do in the area to spend the type of money asked in this economy. Also as others have pointed out, the Bucs can not move until at least 2025.

    I’m no fair-weather fan myself, I go whenever I can, but the fact remains that the Glazers burnt any good will long ago, and to many the team must win to draw their dollars.

  53. it was mentioned earlier that the Dolphins should move. They will never move since they own their own stadium, they don’t pay rent to anyone, they keep all the money. They usually sell out but it is because lots of fans of the other team come to the games, South florida has lots of transplanted Pats, jets and Bills fans. Also when cold weather teams come to town, the stands are full of the visiting team’s fans. No such thing as home field advantage here, visiting team fans sometimes outnumber fins fans.

  54. They’ll sell.

    Just give it a week of highlight reels of Freeman to VJax.

    Freeman is very underrated, and now that they appear to have a complete offensive line, and more targets, I won’t be surprised if he passes the 5000yd mark next season.

  55. jeagan1999 says:
    Aug 31, 2012 6:22 PM
    The Bucs aren’t going anywhere! The Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater/Sarasota market is one of the top 15 tv markets in the country. The Bucs owners, the Glazer family, is one of the wealthiest owning families in the NFL (They also own the Manchester United soccer club in England), and the Bucs themselves are one of the top sports franchises in value (over $900 million according to Forbes).

    Houston, TX is the 10th largest market, Bud Adams, at one time, was one of the wealthiest owners in the league owning several oil companies and other businesses, and when the Oilers relocated out of Houston, they were a highly valued team, despite playing in a rathole stadium.

    Oh, by the way, according to Forbes, the Buccaneers are the 19th most valuable team in the league..

  56. True fans support their team no matter what. Those of you who keep blathering about 10 year season ticket lists and ‘good product’ have no clue about what it means to be a true fan of any team.

    True fans go to games. Casual frontrunners who love to claim that they’re die hard fans are the ones who stay home with their bag full of excuses, and cry the loudest about the games being blacked out on local TV. I live in Tampa, and I’ve watched it happen for close to 20 years.

    tampabay4life says: Aug 31, 2012 7:08 PM

    Yeah… As others have pointed out, there is no attendance issue when a competitive product is placed on the field in Tampa.

    No? Do the Rays know about this latest breakthrough? Gimme a break. This is not an isolated incident. This is a long standing pattern of horrible fans who dont deserve these teams.

  57. Alonestartexan:
    The difference is that Bud Adams had to play in the crappy Astrodome and couldn’t get the city of Houston to pitch in on a new stadium! The Bucs have a beautiful, state of the art stadium and practice facility..partially financed by the city and tax payers…along with a long term lease! And even without the sell outs last year, they still make money. Once they start winning again, the sell outs they enjoyed from the Tony Dungy era through the Superbowl win and the Gruden years will return!

  58. With that stadium deal, Bucs will go nowhere. The Glazers make a profit before the first ticket is sold. The deal doesnt expire until 2028. So until then, this relocation talk is bullcrap. Florio just loves to fan the flames on this stuff.

  59. This is nuts yes they are not buying seats but have you ever been to Tampa? Look I hate the bucks as a division rival but that is without doubt a football town. They love the Bucs but there fans are fed up. The team has been poorly run for the past five years. Their first mistake was letting Gruden go he had a bad year but they should have kept him but let’s be honest that was just the first move in a series of moves that had more to do with cutting costs than fielding a decent team. The fans aren’t stupid and they can see it. Put that on top of the bad economy there and you have the perfect recipe for poor attendance.
    Spend and try to win and the fans will show up plain and simple. TB is also a great place to take in a game. Don’t blame the fans blame ownership.

    Sorry for the spelling it’s hot as the underworld and I am on 4 with no AC or power. Thanks Isaac but this App is great by the way no computer and I still get my PFT fix.

  60. Blaming the economy is a cop out. Blaming the team’s lack of wins is a cop out. The Texans have sold out every single game since they entered the League back in ’04. They’ve had 3 (maybe 4) winning seasons. The economy sucks everywhere, but teams with a good and loyal fan base buy tickets. Period.
    If the “fans” in Tampa or Jacksonville won’t support their teams, then maybe the teams should be re-located to other cities.

  61. The Economy In Houston Tx is much different then Florida and sorry to say but it hasn’t been hit near as hard in the florida housing market just saying
    Not to mention the greater Houston area is a good few million more the the Tampa Bay area and much more then the Greater Jacksonville area !! PS Texans started in 02

  62. ORLANDO!!! the bucs were going to relocate in Orlando back around 1999/2000. The only thing that stopped it was the NFL told Orlando it needed a new stadium or a major upgrade is needed to the citrus bowl. The mayor at that time was a lesbian and turned the rejected the idea saying it would cost to much for tax payers. 2 years later the bucs win a super bowl. Great job lesbian mayor. Won’t say her name to protect the bi@tch. Citrus bowl is getting a major upgrade in the hundreds of millions of $ as we speak.

  63. Plus there is a lot more wealth in Orlando then Tampa. More people to spend $. Orlando has less population but youre in the center of the state. The surrounding cities give the area about 2-3 mil people that can drive less then an hour to watch a game Easier to get to from all directions.

  64. Move them to the Virginia Beach or Nofolk area during 2025(earliest time they can move franchise)Wealthy area, heavily populated area, and nice weather. That to me is the perfect spot. And no I don’t live anywhere near Virginia

  65. I just moved to Tampa from Philly and its as simple as this…people down here have better things to do beside go sweet their cans off at Bucs games..All Bucs home games in early season should be night games…you listening NFL…People get scorched down here on the early season and can’t enjoy a7 dollar beer….Another factor I realized is I callem Bandwagoneers…When they start to win then they will show up…the best sports fans in the world are from the great northeast

  66. Wondering why the team has to move because it doesn’t sell out? If you look at it only on the surface, sure. But why do the people who are buying the tickets have to lose the ability to do so (by moving the team) because there are not 9000 more of them?
    A business does not have to sell every item it produces in order to be successful. Should the local McDonald’s be shut down because it throws away french fries when it closes each night?
    There is more to the viability of a football team than ticket sales. On of the largest is where does the owner want the team located. What does he want to accomplish via his ownership of the team. There are many other variables.

  67. Whatever, my point remains the same….every Texans game has been a sellout regardless of the team’s record. The economy stinks everywhere (just ask any Republican). Some Jag’s games were even blacked out just a season after making the play-off’s. Fans could at least show up and put paper bags over their heads like Bengals and Saints fans used to do. If Jags/Bucc’s fans aren’t careful, they’ll find out which stinks worse…having a horrible team or having no team at all.

  68. Anyone see that rainy Hurricane Isaac Miami preseason game that had only a handful of people in it? That’s probably where some Bucs fans went. Better to see a cross-state team lose in a good old-fashioned bad weather game than suffer through a Buccaneers game.

  69. Once again smart fans…the Jaguars don’t have problems selling tickets.

    We have not had any blackouts in the past few years…
    The Fins and the Bucs had blackouts in 2010 and 2011

  70. Tampa: the worst fan base in the NFL.

    This just in, the 0-14 record just got surpassed in 2008.

    Tampa-St. Pete doesn’t deserve a team anymore.

  71. How many teams do you plan to move to LA?

    I always laugh when people accuse others of not being a true fan. If a team is constantly offensive to watch, there is no way that I’m rewarding them with my money or time.

    So, to those true fans that like to torture themselves watching an inferior team. I say you need to get a life.

  72. Come on Mike. The Bucs have always been a very profitable NFL Team, hence why the current owners purchased the team for (a Record at the team) $192 Million Dollars. The team didnt draw continually sell outs during the 1980’s and the early 1990’s but yet still faired better than other NFL teams- See Jacksonville, LA Rams, LA/Oakland Radiers, the Colts and a host of others.
    Its a shame that the 1st thing you and people like you go to the “Move the Team” card. Have you looked around lately? College Football Can’t Sell out, Heck even the Yankees have had issues in recent years selling out.

  73. duffman35 says: Sep 4, 2012 1:47 AM

    How many teams do you plan to move to LA?

    I always laugh when people accuse others of not being a true fan. If a team is constantly offensive to watch, there is no way that I’m rewarding them with my money or time.

    So, to those true fans that like to torture themselves watching an inferior team. I say you need to get a life

    A fan is a fan through good and bad times. People like you come around after a Championship and are the first ones to claim that you’ve “been there since the beginning”. In other words, you’re a typical casual frontrunning Tampa sports fan who can’t handle the bad, but love the heck out of the good, and all of the “better things you could be doing” suddenly dont seem to much better when theres a playoff game going on. You suddenly dont mind paying for parking, or dealing with traffic, and somehow, those $9 beers are a lot more tolerable when the weather is more fair, right?

    Spare us all, frontrunner. You have no idea what it means to support a team. Maybe they’d win more games if they had actual fans cheering for them. Next time you run into an NFL player, ask them if I’m lying.

  74. bluefan204, You forget one major issue.

    NFL is a business, and their business is to entertain.

    By your logic, I’m supposed to buy-in no matter what kind of product they put on the field. I hope you don’t have the same logic with all other businesses you spend your money on.

  75. houston texans have sold out basically every game since they,came into the league.bud adams didnt move his team because of attendance problems.he moved because he was holding the city of houston hostage for a new stadium a few years after he agreed to millions of dollars of renovations to the dump the astrodome.bud adams still lives in houston n he went about things the wrong way.yeah he got a new stadium in tenn,but reliant stadium blows away the titans stadium n the texans have a waiting list n have had one even while they sucked too.

  76. florida shouldnt have been given a 3rd team in jville.i grew up in cocoa beach florida before moving to houston and now southern california los angeles n san diego.the jags market opening in northern florida pulled from the bucs fanbase.san antonio is filled with diehard cowboys fans n texans fans with alot of saints bandwagon fans.los angeles from living here in so cal since 1988 i can tell u they only support winners.rams n raiders hadnt won in decades when they left in mid 90’s.their attendance was down and they had blackouts.clippers never sold out in basketball.now they are winning n everyone was ridi g their bandwagon while thinking lakers were done.now everyone is back on board with lakers with dwight howard there.oh and the dodgers are the flavor of the month now…LA is very much a bandwagon we will follow winners city.this summer all of a sudden everyone was a kings hockey fan.mexican americans are the furhtest thing from being regular hockey diehard yet they claimed here the are huge kings fans..lmao

  77. @rohlo

    Did it ever occur to you that there are many Cowboy, Saint and Texan fans in San Antonio because there isn’t another franchise in town for fans to support? Duh. In fact nearly every team in the league has at least some fans in San Antonio because of this lack of a local club. Such is the case with me. I’m a diehard Redskin fan from my days living in Northern Virginia.

    San Antonio doesn’t have a team now mostly because of politics. Namely those of Jerry Jones. And not some intrinsic inability to support a team. San Antonio metro has over 2.3 million people living within it now and is growing very rapidly with another 2 million in nearby Austin. To say that the region would be a great spot for an NFL team would be a real no-brainer.

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