Cardinals choose John Skelton to start opener over Kevin Kolb

The Cardinals are planning to start John Skelton at quarterback in their opener, according to Adam Caplan of

The former fifth-rounder from Fordham has looked steadier than expensive mistake Kevin Kolb. After trading a second-round pick and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to Philadelphia, the Cards gave Kolb a six-year, $65 million deal.

Of course, Skelton looking better is fairly relative, as neither Cardinals quarterback has looked like much this preseason.

They’re going to have trouble protecting either one, so maybe winning this job isn’t the prize it’s cracked up to be.

33 responses to “Cardinals choose John Skelton to start opener over Kevin Kolb

  1. I still think Kolb will be starting before long. Skelton won more games last year, but those wins were despite him, not because of him.

  2. Man, IDK what is more embarassing… Kolb losing his job to Skelton or Flynn losing his job to Wilson… Or even either of those two teams wasting MILLIONS on backups… :-s

  3. What will it take to get Ken Whisenhunt and Rod Graves voted off the island? Neither would know a premier QB if he was camped out in the front office.

    The teams two greatest deficiencies were at QB and O-Line, so off course they used their first pick on a receiver. This made sense since they refused to pay Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston.

    Rumor is they had lunch with Peyton Manning only to find out if he thought Kolb was better than Skelton.

    Whisenhunt’s only had two top-tier QBs, Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner and, appropriately enough, he had absolutely nothing to do with them being the chosen QB.

    What a train wreck.

  4. looking back on that trade… oh man what a debacle! philly pulled their pants down and made AZ thank them for the check up. to be fair i thought kolb looked legit but a second rounder AND a starting corner?? this has to be top-10 worst sports trades of all time.

  5. This is reminiscent of the QB controversy in 2008. Few fans will admit to Warner’s difficulty in early games and getting booed by the fans who were calling for Leinert by the second half. Once the team got “in synch” they went on to “shock the world”. If the team gets behind Skelton, the Cards have the talent to do it again against all odds. It will help if they can pick up some help for the 0-line. As it is, the Cards have a pretty solid quarterback corp and it full of young talent. Skelton has a lot going for him in the way of youth, health, size, leadership, and has proved that he can lead the team to wins and is good under pressure. Preseason is a time for experimentation and tryouts…it means NOTHING inn the bigger picture. Go Cards!

  6. footballfan01 says:

    Larry Fitzgerald could be just as impressive as Megatron if he had a quasi-decent QB…….. was bigger, stronger, faster, younger, and had better range and hands.

    I think that’s what you meant to type. Don’t get me wrong, I’d take Fitz on my team in a heartbeat, he’s ten times the receiver as our #1. But to say he’d be as impressive as Megatron… you’re eiher really biased or have never watched Megatron play.

  7. The thing is, a coach like Andy Reid can take a guy like Nick Foles, who never looked more than average while at U of A, and have him looking like a Pro-Bowl NFL QB in a couple of months. The same with Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. Two rookies looking like good NFL starters.

    Meanwhile, the astounding thing about Whisenhunt, supposedly some great offensive genius, is that he can take Matt Leinart, Derek Anderson, Max Hall, Rich Bartel, John Skelton, Kevin Kolb and rather than coach them up, they ALL seem to regress under his tutelage.

    Yep, Coach Whiz certainly has a gift.

  8. “to be fair i thought kolb looked legit but a second rounder AND a starting corner??


    That starting corner refused to tackle and is a headcase. We more than made up for his absence with PP. The second rounder hurt, but we had to give up something for a potential QB. And had we not signed Kolb, or someone like him, Fitz would’ve walked the very next season. This trade had to be done.

  9. The O line is gona be bad bad. even if peyton was under center he wouldnt do much until that gets fixed. cards are gona pluck some o linemen next 48 hours u watch. Its gona be rough against seattles D this sunday though. need to run the ball and go play action or skeltons gona get crushed.

  10. Dont even try to compare the Seahawks QB situation to the disaster the Cardinals have going on. Before trading Tarjarbinx to Buffalo, Seattle had 3 guys who would have been starting over either of the two clowns AZ is getting ready to out out there.

  11. Its the offensive passing system. Kolb is very in the WCO, but after two years, he still has many problems with the Card’s overly complex timing pass offense. For instance, Foles is the newest wonderboy in Philly, but he was a so-so QB in a regular passing system in college. Now in Philly’s WCO, he is looking good as his strengths fit the WCO even better than Vick’s.

  12. Neither Seattle QB has done anything in the leage.. ANYTHING!!! At least Skelton won 6 of the 9 games he started last year. Thats a lot more than any Seattle QB can say. Let’s talk after the Seachickens get rolled in week one

  13. I knew Kolb was a mistake, just because he did really good in a eagles uni doing mop up duty doesn’t mean he’s a starting qb material…AZ should hire Warner as HC!!lol

  14. filmex2000 says:Aug 31, 2012 4:54 PM

    The thing is, a coach like Andy Reid can take a guy like Nick Foles, who never looked more than average while at U of A . . . .

    Lost me right there. Foles and Barkley were the top two QBs in the Pac-12 last season, which was most evident when they played one another, both passed for 400+ yards, and both had 4 passing TDs.

  15. Keep on talkin!!! You got nine days until the hawks come down there and DESTROY YOU!!! You guys are on a steady but sure freefall back towards the bottom of the nfc west cellar and the Seahawks are on a rocketship back to the top!!! Your all going to get manhandled by this team by Marshawn and this defense and dazzled by a true rookie sensation!! We are going to OVERWHELM YOU!!!!!

    So sad for Fitzy, he should come play for a real squad!!!

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