Clyde Gates gets cut by the Dolphins

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Dolphins Clyde Gates was expected to step up and contribute in 2012.  If he does, it will be for another team.

Gates has been waived, according to Barry Jackon of the Miami Herald.  The fourth round pick in the 2011 draft had only two catches last season, but there were high hopes for Gates entering camp.

Gates also returned 34 kickoffs and three punts during his rookie season.  On Thursday, he was optimistic that he’d make the cut.  “I feel very confident that I will make this team,” Gates said, via the Palm Beach Post.  “I feel like I had a pretty good camp once I overcame the [hamstring] injury.”

Also gone, per Jackson, are receiver B.J. Cunningham and defensive end Jamal Westerman.  Cunningham was an undrafted rookie, and Westerman signed with the Dolphins after appearing in 16 games last season for the Jets.

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  1. Tons of speed but could not separate or catch the ball. As a returner, he often brought the ball out from 5+ yds deep, only to get tackled at the 15 for a 20 yard gain that net a 5 yard loss. He had his chance and just couldn’t cut it yet.

  2. I remember the multitude of Dolphin fans coming out of the woodwork talking about Gates being the steal of the draft. Not so much now, huh? lol

  3. Here come my fellow Dolphins fans blaming Ireland for a draft mistake. I praise him for cutting ties and admitting a mistake quickly, rather than dragging it out and wasting a roster spot.

  4. I’m more surprised about the Westerman cut than Gates. Gates is insanely fast, but he can’t catch and can only effectively run a 9 route. Westerman did make a little bit of noise in camp/preseason and all indications up to today were that the staff liked him. Maybe it came down to Gary Guyton vs Westerman and the staff chose to keep Guyton. I’d be surprised if they cut both.

  5. Another worthless Ireland draft pick.

    And Ross is still asleep at the wheel.

    Lot of great, sharp, young football minds throughout the NFL and Ross continues to employ the second coming of Matt Millen.

    Can’t imagine why they can’t sell out their games. It’s quite a mystery.

  6. OMG! Shoot me now! I LOVE my Dolphins, but my God, I cant stand Ireland or Ross. What a JOKE we have become. Thank God for Fantasy Football. Why are we trading proven players for draft picks, when we cant even draft? This is my worst nightmare! Ross must be living in a bubble not to see whats going on!

  7. That’s correct B.J. Cunningham was a 6th round pick and Clyde Gates was a 4th round pick. Both are gone which should allow us to realize that the limited talent at the receiver position starts with the GM’s (Jeff Ireland) poor decision making. He is busy looking for acorns. The problem is his acorns will never be anything but acorns.

  8. More receiver cuts Jesus
    Thank god for dvr’s
    Last year I recorded all the dolphin games and watched it in super fast mode
    It’s the only way to tolerate it
    Man I am tired of being bad and even mediocre.

  9. Why haven’t they signed Jabbar Gaffney yet? He’s got Florida ties and has been more productive than all the other wr’s on the roster COMBINED. And where is Jeremy Shockey? Doesn’t he live in Miami? Surely he could help this team. Tannehill needs some help before he becomes Colt McCoy.

  10. Actually signed up for this website because I’ve grown so tired of the Ireland bashing. All of his drafts are available online – go look at them. He has not drafted poorly, and in fact found some true gems between the second and seventh rounds. Sure, some missed – but that is true of every team and at least we have cut bait quickly.

    Most of the bashing stems from the perception that he “whiffed” on Manning and Flynn. First, a lot of people didn’t get Manning who wanted him and considering his contract that may not end up being a bad thing. And Flynn couldn’t even beat out Russell Wilson.

    Another great example is the media laughing at the Fins for bringing in Chad Johnson, then laughing at them for cutting him (“because they have no other receivers”). The Fins took ZERO risk in signing Chad and cut bait when it was clear he wasn’t worth it.

    People need to look at the facts rather than just following the narrative that the media chooses to deliver us.

  11. What “facts” do people need to see?

    The Dolphins have the talent base of an expansion team and roughly 1/5 of their opening day roster will be comprised of crap other teams are cutting. Whose fault is that?

    The team did not have enough talent to even appear competitive in any of their four pre-season games. Whose fault is that?

    With zero talent on their roster, the Dolphins have the second worst salary cap situation in the NFL. Whose fault is that?

    The Dolphins remain light years away from winning more games than they will lose, let alone have any chance of overtaking the Patriots in the division. Whose fault is that?

    Ross allowing Ireland to continue destroying the organization is simply comical at this point.

  12. Superman50

    A few years ago, my buddies and I were hoping in the 3rd round we’d get a TE, Gronk was there and I wanted Jimmy Graham, yet we took the ever slow and puking John Jerry instead! Brilliant move. We traded down instead of having Dez Bryant like we all wanted, we have Odrick and Misi, Brilliant! I could run this team better than Ireland my man. Wake up… he is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @supaman50
    You sir are spot on. Reading comments from Dolphin Fans or naysayers is like watching the original wall Street Movie. When Buddy Fox hits it big with GG the Bit Boss tells him he knew he was going to make it and be a star. Then when Buddy gets escorted out by police the Bit Boss tells him he knew he was nothing but trouble. As much as nobody will admit it the powers that be with the Dolphins making these decisions have forgotten more about football than any of you will ever know. If that weren’t the case they would be commenting on what you were doing with the team, not the other way around.

  14. @supaman50 – Which were the gems again?

    QB  Ryan Tannehill
    OL  Jonathan Martin
    DL  Olivier Vernon
    TE  Michael Egnew
    RB  Lamar Miller
    LB  Josh Kaddu
    WR  B.J. Cunningham
    DL  Kheeston Randall
    WR  Rishard Matthews

    OL  Mike Pouncey
    RB  Daniel Thomas
    WR  Edmond Gates
    RB  Charles Clay
    DL  Frank Kearse
    DB  Jimmy Wilson

    DL  Jared Odrick
    LB  Koa Misi
    OL  John Jerry
    LB  A.J. Edds
    DB  Nolan Carroll
    DB  Reshad Jones
    LB  Chris McCoy
    LB  Austin Spitler

    DB  Vontae Davis
    QB  Pat White
    DB  Sean Smith
    WR  Patrick Turner
    WR  Brian Hartline
    TE  John Nalbone
    DB  Chris Clemons
    OL  Andrew Gardner
    LB  J.D. Folsom

    OL  Jake Long
    DL  Phillip Merling
    QB  Chad Henne
    DL  Kendall Langford
    OL  Shawn Murphy
    RB  Jalen Parmele
    OL  Donald Thomas
    RB  Lex Hilliard
    DL  Lionel Dotson

  15. The funniest thing about all this is Ireland acting like he’s not responsible for this mess of a roster. Why is this guy allowed to get by pretending he’s rebuilding every single year? Do you think the Mara’s, Rooney’s or Kraft’s would allow this to go on every year?

  16. I think you are missing my point. There are problems in Miami- no doubt. But everyone throws this on Ireland like he is Matt Millen and the media mocks their every move like they are all stupid. The culture in Miami is the biggest issue and I think the gutting of the coaching staff was the biggest thing that has to happen. Add to this some of the horribly stupid things Ross has done (celeb owners, recruiting Harbaugh openly while Sparano was still there, etc) and I see why they suck and are made fun of.

    My point is that if you judge a GM on trades, drafts and transactions, Ireland has been far from a laughingstock.

    Speni- I bet you and your buddies wanted Brady Quinn too a few years back. Hindsight is 20-20. Believe me we have made mistakes -but think getting a DE (who I still think is very good) and a LB who could definitely contribute for a potential head case isn’t complete stupidity.

  17. The roster has literally gotten worse every single year under Ireland. Nevermind the w/l record and the coaching whiffs, as there are lots of factors. But the talent pool has dried up more every year with him putting it together.

    What job are you allowed to regress for 4 years?

    And the fact that the “gems” that get found late is the main crutch for Ireland defense is an indictment on his abilities, not something to tout.

    The man literally said this was the most exciting time of the year for him. Filling out a roster (upwards to 20%) with CUT PLAYERS.

  18. I’m will agree I am starting to second guess JI talent evaluations and the dolphins scouts. There has been absolutely not one person that he drafte that made the pro bowl. This team was screwed once big tuna took his 12 mill and hit the road. His job is on the line no doubt if Tannehill doesn’t have a decent year. He will screw up top five pick no doubt. And I was a big Ireland supporter! Now I just don’t know. I will say the schemes have changes so previous drafts won’t mesh. Along with te fact that soprano didn’t get much out of the drafted picks once raved about. The Egnew pick is horrible obviously and all the hype with Lamar miller and I haven’t seen much to be honest. You can’t draft on single successful WR either ?? C’MON MAN!

  19. Misi… Odrick …. Gates…. Thomas…. I just don’t know. Bteams like steelers NE GB eagles are teams that continue to find gems. Where at the bottom of salary cap space and the talent doesn’t match. 11 million for long. And he struggles to stay healthy. Dansby not producing up to his salary. That’s 20 million right there

  20. Think Dansby signing is his worst move for sure. (except fortune Pat White LOL) Plus while he has picked some solid players, he hasn’t hit an instant home run like Gronk at all. Hopefully Sean Smith becomes that this year – or even better, Tannehill.

  21. @ supaman50

    As a fellow dolphins fan, I want to first commend you on your excellent post. I’ve come on here quite a few times myself to try to add reason to an otherwise spoonfed discussion, and it’s good to see others who are capable of doing the same.

    You make a lot of great points – tons of teams missed out on Manning, yet somehow we get all the flak for it, and the media would’ve had us trading for both Kyle Orton and Matt Flynn, either of which would’ve left us much worse off than we are now. I reached my boiling point when almost all fans and media members incessantly claimed that “no one wants to play for Miami” after Matt Flynn of all people “chose” Seattle – it was obvious from the start that he “chose” Seattle because they were willing to give him money that we weren’t. The fact that media members decided to ignore this and now don’t have to take any responsibility for their claims when he ends up losing the QB competition to a rookie third rounder still really irks me.

    I do disagree with you slightly in that, while Ireland has surely received far too much criticism, it would be wrong to take the tempting opposite position that he should be applauded. The fact is that the team isn’t much more talented now than it was when he took over 4 years ago, and while tannehill shows promise, trading a young and proven first round talent in vontae because of one bad month for a pick that’s a 50/50 proposition at best is the type of knee-jerk stuff that most of the fanbase has grown tired of. That being said, I appreciate and agree with most of your points – don’t take it too personally when most people don’t understand. As Ricky Williams will tell you, football isn’t exactly the type of culture that fosters some of the world’s most profound thinkers.

  22. @danthman

    Thanks- agree with everything you said. I don’t mean to sound like I’m applauding Ireland. Just saying I find myself agreeing with many of the moves and even applauding some. Ironically the Davis one was one that I liked the most.

    Totally agree about the Flynn thing too. The media has been obsessed with the Fins getting a QB even there are many teams searching for one for years like we have.

    Good post though. You can always tell by the likes and dislikes that there are reasonable people here….:)

  23. I never understood the Ireland bashing. Hindsight is 20-20 and most of you act like your track record is great at picking draft picks on your fantasy team and you think you could do it in real life. A lot of those years he had to draft with the garbage “draft guru” Bill Parcells. Wayne Huizinga game him a blank check and no one to report to so he called the shots and played golf and checked on his race horse all day. I don’t think Ireland could be held responsible for those years with Parcells. Parcells wanted Henne, Merling, and duck-tape Pennington. As much as most of us will not admit it we are in the same division as the great Bill Belichick and great Tom Brady, the whole entire AFC has a problem with them not just us.

  24. I think the jets will pick up Clyde gates
    Tony sopranos knows him from last year. Sopranos will have him in the passing game. Mike westhoffer will let him return some kicks and punts.

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