Colts cut long-time long snapper Justin Snow

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Cut-down day is a hazardous time to have the adjective “veteran” next to your title.

Witness Colts veteran long snapper Justin Snow, who was released today, according to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star.

While long snappers rarely make headlines (unless they screw up), Snow was an institution in Indy.

Signed as an undrafted rookie in 2000, he played in 192 consecutive games, second behind some guy named Peyton Manning (208).

Snow lost a competition with rookie Matt Overton, and the differences in their salaries ($925,000 to $390,000) was doubtless part of it.

6 responses to “Colts cut long-time long snapper Justin Snow

  1. Sad news, but not surprising. Age and salary cost him on this one. Thanks for 12 great years of service, Justin! It was nice to never have to worry about a snap sailing over the head of a punter or holder.

  2. Thanks for the 12 seasons of near flawless snapping Justin. A position with little recognition but has so many repercussions when done poorly. You’re one of the best. Colts country loves you.

  3. You won’t have to worry about snaps sailing over the punter or kickers head with Overton. He is Mr. Consistent and you won’t find a better team player and good human. He played here in Omaha in the UFL while he developed his game. Good for Indy and good for Matt!

  4. The Colts have about 10 players from last year, a new GM, and all but 1 new coach(s) from last year, BUT they are NOT rebuilding!!!

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