Dolphins talking trade with Redskins for Anthony Armstrong

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The Dolphins remaking of their receiving corps probably won’t be over any time soon.

After cutting several already this morning, they’re exploring other avenues.

Rich Campbell of the Washington Times reports the Dolphins and Redskins are talking about a trade that would send wideout Anthony Armstrong to South Florida in exchange for running back Steve Slaton.

Armstrong started 11 games for the Redskins in 2010, catching 44 passes for 871 yards and three touchdowns. But after spending on free agent receivers this offseason, there wasn’t room for him, apparently.

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  1. LOL… Anthony Armstong was on the phins a few years back during the pre season and was playing really well and then they released him.

  2. hmmm…no mention that Armstrong was originally with Miami a few years ago? Yep, they cut him- and now they are going to give up something to get him back. Gotta love my Fins!

  3. I hope it’s for a 6th rounder or less. This guy was a Dolphins practice squader/ training camp favorite for a couple of years before he went to the Redskins. Nothing like trading picks for a guy you had in camp and couldn’t make your rather mediocre squad a couple of seasons ago!

  4. Actually, if it’s swapping Steve Slaton for Armstrong I like it. Reggie Bush, Donald Thomas, and Lamar Miller are assured of roster spots, and the Phins would like to keep Marcus Thigpen for his kick return skills. There probably isn’t a place on this roster for Slaton anyway, although he really has looked decent both in games and this preaseason since Miami picked him up last year.

  5. Trading for a player you already cut makes you look terrible.

    But Slaton won’t see the field this year, so there’s really nothing to lose.

  6. this is a good trade for all involved. Armstrong keeps on working, which allows the Skins to keep Dez Briscoe, Slaton adds insurance to an already deep backfield and the fins get some much needed help for that lackluster offense.

  7. Nomatter what the skins get for him is fine, he was going to get cut anyway. But why trade for a RB, we have 5 on the roster now, all of which are better then Slaton.

  8. So the Dolphins wr’s this year will be the Redskins wr’s from last year – Gaffney, Stallworth and Armstrong? How did that work for the ‘Skins?

  9. makes sense with the cutting of hightower, how is slatons pass pro? im not sure we have a capable pass protecting back on the roster right now.. kind of scary with our o-line and a rookie QB, but if there is one position i trust shanahans personell judgement on it is running back.

  10. If this trade goes through then the skins will be making out like bandits!
    Your #5 or 6 WR on the depth chart for what will become your backup or even eventual starter at RB.

  11. This seems like a trade for two guys that would likely get cut with their current teams but have value to the other teams. The only thing I don’t get is why shanny wants to add another RB to an already crowded backfield, but if he has experience with shanny jr. then maybe it makes sense. Whoever wrote about Wash trading an RB to the Lions after this move… It seems logical. As a fan of the hapless Fins I hope this trade goes down. We need all the help we can get at WR.

  12. @nflanalyst

    Really? The Fins were absolutley going to cut Slaton, just as the Skins would release Armstrong. This Trade just avoids putting these guys out on waivers. They both get positions of need and it cost nothing. I would not say either Team “made out like Bandits”

    Bottom Line: any team picking up another Teams Cuts is in serious trouble, even if both represent depth chart positions.

  13. the skins want Slaton because, although we have 3 decent backs that works great in this offense, 2 of them are not very durable. Both Helu and Royster missed practices and preseason games due to injuries. I like the move if it happens. HTTR

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