Eagles dump Kafka

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The Eagles finally got stung by their own sting.

After trading a bevy of quarterbacks over the years who ended up being busts elsewhere, the Eagles found no taker for Mike Kafka.  And so, according to Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com, Kafka has been released.

The fourth-round pick in the 2010 draft becomes the odd man out, with Mike Vick the starter, rookie Nick Foles the backup, and veteran Trent Edwards the guy with whom the Eagles inevitably will try to grift someone after a quarterback elsewhere is injured.

After Kafka suffered a broken hand, Foles performed capably in the preseason — capably enough to prompt speculation that the Eagles will decide in 2013 to move on from Mike Vick and to give the job to Foles.

It’s still to early to know what will happen.  But it’s fairly safe to say the starter next year won’t be Mike Kafka.

UPDATE 4:48 p.m. ET:  The Eagles have announced the decision to cut Kafka.

25 responses to “Eagles dump Kafka

  1. Kafka wasnt good at Northwestern, I still dont understand why he was drafted a few seasons back.

    An NFL QB should be able to throw a ball 20yds with ease, Kafka couldnt.

  2. Kudos to Andy for acknowledging the Kafka mistake. Edwards gives us a much better chance if Vick gets hurt and if Foles can’t get it done.

  3. Never let it be said that Andy is biased towards his own draftees, haters.

    Dumping Kafka definitely was the right call. That much was clear from the first preseason game on.

  4. This is the right move. Edwards is a much better 3rd and a good mentor for Foles. I thought it was highly unlikely we’d find a trade partner when everyone know we would cut Kafka.

  5. How did they get “stung by their own sting”? He was a 3rd stringer that barely showed anything, and wanted to see if they could get anything before inevitably releasing him.

    Its called smart business. You know what else was smart? Dumping him.

  6. This really has nothing to do with the other QB trades that the Eagles made. Feeley, Kolb, and McNabb all had success in regular season games for the Eagles. If Kafka had a few 300+ yard passing games last season, they probably would have gotten something for him. Since he didn’t, why would anyone expect the Eagles to get a pick for him?

  7. Hey Eagles fans, if you’re down to Edwards, the season’s already over…..Foles will definitely play 4 or 5 games

  8. blacknole08 says:
    Aug 31, 2012 4:55 PM
    Kafka would be an instant upgrade for the Jets

    Speaking of the Jets, why dont they have Greg McElroy starting? He’s better than Sanchez and Tebow combined.

  9. First things first the eagles are not my fav team
    As a matter of fact they are my least fav team
    From the ownership to the coach to the players and fans.

    But besides that everyone always says the Andy Reid is the QB maker yet after 10 years I have not seen him make any QB’s.
    You do not make a 1st round pick they come ready to go so who has he made?

    Vick was a first rounder McNabb was a first rounder the rest who can even name them?

    And before you all tell me how the egals own the giants to that I have a simple answer the Giants own four Super Bowl Trophies that is all anyone cares about owning in the NFL.
    Unless your a team that is still looking for the first one

  10. This should be the biggest QB controversy in football, but media is so focused on Tebow and the non story in NY.

    Too bad Philadelphia market isn’t big enough, this is a great QB controversy. Vick is always hurt, Fowls is lighting it up. Give it to the rookie.

  11. Kafka wasn’t any good at Northwestern, so he sure wasn’t gonna be any good in the NFL. Don’t understand the hype with this guy?

  12. bigbluefan1 <~ New York shows its ignorance once again. Look fatbluefan1 this is an eagles thread. You are either color blind or retarded. Nobody cares what you think of our team when you are the enemy LOL idiot (like we expected a compliment or something). I guess the championships won before the Lombardi trophy even existed are meaningless huh? LOL to a troll like you probably so. This year when the vagiants play our team Eli will always look like hes crying because he is. He's crying because hes pi**ing blood for a month after our D blows him up.

  13. crubenst says:
    Aug 31, 2012 4:55 PM
    Kudos to Andy for acknowledging the Kafka mistake. Edwards gives us a much better chance if Vick gets hurt and if Foles can’t get it done.

    Not a Kafka fan, but I wouldn’t characterize drafting him as a “mistake.” He just didn’t work out, especially with Edwards and Foles coming in. He also had extremely limited playing time. I actually see some potential in him, though letting him go was definitely the right decision.

  14. @ bigbluefan – not sure if anyone on the planet agrees with you that Andy can’t coach the “heck” out of some quarterbacks. Anyone who had success at QB with him have any success anywhere else, speaking of the “name me one” game? I think that pretty much means the players are products of the coaching and system, not that they are ready-made awesome players.

    Some igg’nent giant spew there, that is. Nothing more.

  15. Vick will get hurt, Foles will suck, Edwards will lead a season of mediocrity. Just what this hell hole of a city deserves.

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