Eagles waive Mardy Gilyard, expected to release Joselio Hanson

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In perhaps the first mild surprise of cut-down day for the Philadelphia Eagles, the team is expected to release cornerback Joselio Hanson, per Adam Caplan.

Hanson has spent the past six seasons with the Eagles, primarily as a slot corner and nickel back. The Eagles will turn to impressive rookie fourth-rounder Brandon Boykin in that role moving forward. According to Caplan, Curtis Marsh will be Philadelphia’s dime back and top backup at both outside corner positions, behind Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

Meanwhile, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports wide receiver Mardy Gilyard has joined Hanson among Philly’s final cuts.

18 responses to “Eagles waive Mardy Gilyard, expected to release Joselio Hanson

  1. Actually, I’m a little surprised about Gilyard. I thought he showed some nice flashes in the preseason.

  2. Sorry Hanson, but you just aren’t that good. You get burned left and right in Madden coverage too.

    Good luck to you finding a new team.

    I really liked Gilyard, possibly more than I liked Riley Cooper.

    Best of luck to ALL players getting cut in these final hours. Really appreciated you all throwing it all on the line this preseason.

  3. realitypolice says:Aug 31, 2012 12:38 PM

    Actually, I’m a little surprised about Gilyard. I thought he showed some nice flashes in the preseason.

    He didn’t show as much as damarius Johnson, so the kid got the boot. No one should be surprised

  4. Remember that they cut Hanson last year too and then brought him back. So I wouldn’t make too much out of it this time. As for Gilyard, I think he showed enough to make the Practice Squad.

  5. I agree i rather have gilyard then cooper. Gilyard can catch the deep throw and also has crazy speed. Also Hansen I wont be surpirsed if the Dolphins scoop him up real quick.

  6. How does adding that a player is bad in Madden even part of a conversation about his being cut? Reggie Wayne dropped three passes in one game on Madden, you think the Colt’s should drop him too?

  7. Gilyard was completely solid this preseason. Showed he can play the position. Both Gilyard and Damarius Johnson should make this team..or at least one of them. McNutt should make this team as well. The Eagles are hung up on Chad Hall and Riley Cooper who both never perform when they need to.

  8. Chad Hall is the Eagles current version of Reno Mahe. He does a little bit of everything but isn’t very good at anything. Andy Reid seems to value guys like that for some reason. As for Cooper, he hasn’t showed me anything, but they value him on Special Teams.

  9. How can you cut Gilyard but yet keep Chad Hall? Still not sure how he’s in the NFL. They should stash Gilyard on the practice squad for when DeSean Jackson gets injured.
    Chad Hall has been cut too (according to Jeff McLane). So has TE Brett Brackett.

  10. Hanson has been a solid slot corner for years, but does not play special teams. Boykin does both, making the decision easy.

    Johnson makes the team, Hall has already been notified of his release. The biggest question at WR is Cooper or McNutt.

    Gilyard is a joke, and only shines against inferior competition. Watching camp practices was enough for me to see he can’t handle real CB’s.

    The cutting of Chris Polk will be the hardest move. Him or Anthony Dixon. Both will end up on another team and be solid NFL players.

  11. For all of those suggesting that Gilyard should be signed to the practice squad, he’s not eligible. He’s already played in 11 games for the Rams and thus can not be signed back to a practice squad.

  12. Hanson has been a top 5 nickel corner statistically many years. I am a little surprised they cut Gilyard because of his strong preseason showing, but Damaris Johnson is the real unexpected WR gem for the Eagles this preseason.

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