Eagles trying to trade Mike Kafka


The Eagles are once again shopping a backup quarterback.

Mike Kafka, one of four quarterbacks on the Eagles’ roster right now, may not last much longer in Philadelphia, because the Eagles are trying to trade him, according to Albert Breer of NFL Network.

That news isn’t surprising, considering that Philadelphia already has Michael Vick as the starter, Nick Foles as an impressive rookie and Trent Edwards as an experienced veteran backup. It doesn’t make sense for the Eagles to keep four quarterbacks for long.

It’s also not surprising because the Eagles have shown again and again and again that they know how to find value in quarterbacks by trading them to other teams: In Andy Reid’s time in Philadelphia, the Eagles have received a second-round pick from the Dolphins for A.J. Feeley, a sixth-round pick from the Vikings for Kelly Holcomb, a second-round pick and a fourth-round pick from the Redskins for Donovan McNabb, and a second-round pick and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for Kevin Kolb. The Eagles ended up getting the better end of all of those trades.

That history may indicate to other teams that they should steer clear of trading for a quarterback the Eagles are shopping. It’s possible that Kafka could metamorphose into a quality NFL player, but everyone in the NFL should know by now that if you’re shopping for a quarterback in Philadelphia, it’s buyer beware.

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  1. “Excuse me, Mr. Whisenhunt? I know you’re busty, but Andy Ried is on line one. Says he has a QB and he….wait, Mr. Whisenhunt, now calm down…put down that chair…”

  2. “It’s possible that Kafka could metamorphose into a quality NFL player…”

    How long have you been waiting to write that line? Two months? Six months? Since freshman year of college?

  3. Let’s see, the Redskins traded for McNabb (as well as the Vikings), and the Cardinals traded for Kolb, now they’re shopping Kafka? Will you throw in Rob Johnson and Scott Mitchell?

  4. To the other teams in the NFL, here’s a perfect quote from Star Wars “it’s a trap!.” If the name isn’t Foles or Vick, then you hang up that phone the second you hear “This is the Eagles calling.”

  5. So the Eagles got a second rounder and a spare CB for the QB they spent a second rounder on? Wow, they really dominated in that trade.

    They’ll get a 5th or a 6th for Kafka (who they spent a 4th rounder on) and be hailed as genius’.

  6. All the QB’s mentioned played well for AR and the Igles…

    It’s not AR’s fault the team(s) they trade with don’t know how to deploy/coach/teach said player.

    Kolb would be an all-pro if he’d stayed and Eagle (and healthy).

    Can’t blame the Eagles.

  7. I’ll give ya a former heisman winning Qb from a certain socal school for him. And you can pick which one of the two you like better.

  8. Good luck Kafka… You didn’t do much for us, but like Kolb before yourself, you apparently “grasp the offense really well and have a very strong arm and tons of football smarts” according to Iggle higher-ups.

  9. I’m sorry, but is it the Eagles fault that these traded quarterbacks failed with their new teams??? In Philly, they looked good…Won some games, put up some impressive stats and were being pushed to the side because of guys like Vick…If Foles were on the market today, you’re telling me someone wouldn’t offer at least a 2nd round pick based off how impressive he’s looked in his rookie year in the preseason???

    Again, Philly develops them using their west coast system…It’s not their fault if they trade these guys to teams who don’t have a support system that Philly has and cripples their future I.e. Kolb

  10. I personally rank the AJ Touchie Feeley trade as the most ridiculous of them. Unless you take into consideration how much money the cards gave to Kolb… That said, there’s got to be a team who could use Kafka and 6th and 7th round picks are crap shoots outside of the rare picks like Brady and Terrell Davis. I’d like to see how he’d do learning behind Rodgers in Green Bay.

  11. All their previously traded qbs were traded to be starters. Nobody is gonna care enough about Kafka to give up a pick as hes clearly not starter material and could only serve as a backup. Not to mention its roster cut time. Why trade for him when you could just wait for them to cut him and get him from FA?

  12. die hard eagles fan here, and i wouldnt want kafka as my 5th QB. anybody who gives up a bag of dirty laundry for this guy is absolutely crazy

  13. thompgk says:
    Aug 31, 2012 3:11 PM
    So the Eagles got a second rounder and a spare CB for the QB they spent a second rounder on? Wow, they really dominated in that trade.

    They’ll get a 5th or a 6th for Kafka (who they spent a 4th rounder on) and be hailed as genius’.

    You don’t think trading a guy who is making millions sitting on the bench in Arizona for Domique Rogers Cromartie and a pick that turned out to be Mychal Kendricks- who could wind up playing a ton this year- is a dominant trade for the Eagles?

    Which end of that trade would you rather be on?

  14. its funny how everyone has a Whisenhunt joke bc alot of GM’s were high on Kolb. when it was known kolb was being shopped many analysts and gm’s were talking about how good kolb could be. Obviously the trade looks bad now but back when it happened ppl werent saying it was terrible deal nd the fact that other teams wanted kolb as well drove the asking price. Espn analyst said he was the most sought after offseason qb much like Matt Flynn tbis year. The same analyst that praised the kolb trade wll bash the Cards front office for making a bad trade like they knew better. lol

  15. I don’t know what will happen to Kevin Kolb or how good or bad a QB he will be in the future; no one knows. But Kolb started only a handful of games for the Eagles (somewhere between five and nine games total) and twice was named NFC offensive player of the week, after wins against KC and Atlanta. Not many QBs have done that. How could anyone doubt that Kolb was worth a first round pick? I’d rather have traded for Kolb than taken a chance on a kid out of college. Kafka is another story. I wish both of them well.

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