Giants early cuts include linebacker Greg Jones, running back Danny Ware

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With Week One of the 2012 regular season only five days away for the Giants, the Giants have released the player who started at middle linebacker for the team in Week One of the 2011 regular season.

Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that linebacker Greg Jones has been waived.  The sixth-round pick in the 2011 draft appeared in every game last year, starting five.

Running back Danny Ware also has been released; he announced the move on his Twitter page.  The departure of Ware means that Andre Brown and Da’Rel Scott likely will make the 53-man roster.

Also gone (per Garafolo) are receiver Dan DePalma (who at 5’11” towers over his uncle Louie), receiver David Douglas, sixth-round rookie Matt McCants, receiver Isaiah Stanback.  Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that linebacker Jake Muasau, defensive end Matt Broha, tight end Larry Donnell, and defensive end Craig Marshall have been cut.  Safety Tyler Sash has been placed on the reserve/suspended list.

All teams must be at 53 by 9:00 p.m. ET tonight.  (And, yes, there is an echo in here.)

18 responses to “Giants early cuts include linebacker Greg Jones, running back Danny Ware

  1. I’m kind of surprised by both these moves, but especially the Ware move. I know the GMen like Wilson, but with how brittle Bradshaw is, seems Ware was still an asset. Interesting.

  2. Wow, this is a bit shocking that they released Ware. He started off the preseason great, but did seem to either fall out of favor or just play crappy by the 3rd game. He didn’t even see the field the 4th game, which def wasn’t a good sign. He was a pretty good fill in back for the time he was here, good luck to him.

  3. Andre Brown has much more upside than ware. I actually like that move. Ware was serviceable but Brown could be very good if he gets a chance and can stay healthy.
    As for Greg Jones, it’s pretty amazing how Reese quickly formed a fleet of good young linebackers in only one year. Both guys will get picked up somewhere else.

  4. Ware will be on the Jets before you can say “Rip-off” I think Rex has a fetish with bringing in as many new guys as he possibly can..maybe followed by an occasional foot check..

    sad to see ware go

  5. Ware was the definition of mediocre. He was holding back better, more talented running backs from seeing snaps. I am happy about this move as it means more of David Wilson and more of D Scott as well.

    Jones on the other hand was a bit surprising but understandable. What used to be a position so void of talent on the Giants is now has some of the most depth for them. He never really showed too much while out there and was largely out shined by guys like Paysinger and Herzlich.

  6. Pretty bummed about the cut of Douglas. Might clear waivers and make it to the practice squad, but I definitely liked him in the return game.

  7. I am not surprised by any of these except Ware.

    He was our best blocker. No speed at all, (but then again, Brown doesn’t have any left either after all those injuries) but reliable blocker and good for those inside handoffs on short yardage.

    DePalma is just lost in the numbers, too many WRs.

    Stanback got into it too many times with Tom on the sidelines, we knew he wasn’t coming back. He was barking at Coughlin the other day and then committed a silly penalty the next time he stepped on the field.

    McCants looked like Wayne Hunter all preseason. No shock there.

  8. i’m sad that marshall got cut. it was a nice throwback seeing #70 marshall out there. now if he played more like leonard maybe he would have stuck around.

  9. No tears over Ware or Jones cut, but I do thank Ware for his years of service. I’m sure he gets picked up by someone. As for Jones and Mccants- it had to be. I’m surprised Petrus didn’t get cut too.q

  10. I’m glad they finally cut ties with Ware. The upside with Scott, Brown & Wilson is much higher than Ware’s right now. All three of them are younger, less mileage & just plain better than Ware. However, I don’t think they are going to carry 4 HBs all season. Brown is out the first 4 games due to his suspension & once it is up, I definitely see either him or Scott being cut. I believe the only reason they kept Brown & Scott was due to the suspension & the only way both of them are on the week 5 roster is if one of the backs gets hurt during the first 4 weeks. Additionally, I think it’ll be Scott getting cut over Brown for a few reasons. Brown was impressive this preseason & was actually running with the 1’s the first few weeks here & there. Brown is a power back who can run between the tackles, just like Ware was, whereas Scott is just like Wilson, their 1st round pick, a speed back who isn’t as good as Wilson. Brown will be a nice change of pace from Bradshaw & Wilson once he’s back. Another thing to keep an eye on here is whether the Giants may look into trading Bradshaw if Wilson impresses while Brown is suspended. Bradshaw is paid a lot for a guy who is only 100% for 8-10 games. With their passing game as good as it is, Reese may be looking to add a pick or 2 for Bradshaw & go with the 3 young backs, all of which have high upsides. Someone’s #1 RB will get banged up the first 4 weeks & Bradshaw could be enticing.

    As for Jones, I really liked him. Unfortunately for him, though, he is very undersized & doesn’t have the speed to play outside. I had a feeling either he or Herzlich were on their way out this round of cuts but Herzlich just outplayed him all over. Herzlich is a better LB & could be a Special Teams star this year. The guy has a motor that never stops. Jones was just expendable due to the great late round picks & undrafted FA pick ups by Reese last year. He’ll land somewhere & might actually do well with a fair shot at solid playing time. I wish him the best.

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