Giants place Terrell Thomas and Shaun Rogers on injured reserve


The Giants got down to 53 players today and two veteran defensive players wound up on injured reserve on their way to that number.

Cornerback Terrell Thomas and defensive tackle Shaun Rogers have both been shelved for the season as players placed on injured reserve without first making the 53-man roster are not eligible to be designated as short-term injured reserve players under the rule adopted this week. There had been hopeful signs about both players in recent days, which made it seem like they could be considered for the new designation. That turned out not to be the case.

It’s a brutal blow for Thomas, who was coming off a torn ACL when he re-injured the same knee early in camp. Doctors determined there was not another tear and that Thomas could rehab the injury without surgery, but the Giants obviously don’t think he’s going to get to a place where he can help them this year. Thomas will almost certainly become a free agent after the season as the Giants have an out after the first year of the four-year deal he signed this offseason and it will be interesting to see what he has left after two full years off the field.

Rogers has a blood clot in his leg that was originally thought to be a season-ending condition. There were reports to the contrary, but it turns out the first word was the right word. Defensive tackle Marvin Austin, who has battled a back injury much of the summer, made the 53-man roster and could be a candidate for the new short term provision.

We’ve reported on several of the Giants cuts already on Friday, but here’s the full list: They waived/injured cornerback Bruce Johnson and cut wide receivers David Douglas, Dan DePalma and Isiah Stanback, defensive ends Craig Marshall and Matt Broha, defensive tackles Marcus Thomas and Dwayne Hendricks, linebacker Jake Muasau, tight end Larry Donnell, offensive linemen Chris White, Matt McCants, Selvish Capers and Stephen Goodin, defensive backs Laron Scott and Dante Hughes and quarterback Ryan Perrilloux.

Safety Tyler Sash will spend the first four weeks of the season serving a suspension.

18 responses to “Giants place Terrell Thomas and Shaun Rogers on injured reserve

  1. Shame about T2. Got to wonder if this means his career is over. There has got to be more to this. He has to have more of an injury than we are hearing/being told.

  2. Perrilloux will get re-signed to the practice squad – that’s what they did with him last year.

    With the new rule, there’s a slim chance that TT could be the guy they pull back from IR later in the year if he’s healed and ready to play. He just can’t catch a break with those knees, though.

    Glad Ojomo made the cut – Reese has this amazing knack for pulling pass-rushing DEs out of the woodwork. They now have Osi, Tuck, JPP, Kiwi, Tracy, and Ojomo to rotate on passing downs – most teams would kill to have one of those guys. Can you imagine Fewell sending 5 of them out on a passing down? What offensive line in the league can stop 5 of those guys at once?

  3. kingcarlbanks says: Sep 1, 2012 12:49 AM

    I’d give you 10 more thumbs up if i could. Watching David Carr play hurts my eyes.

    Carr is brutal. Taking all those sacks has had a career-long affect on him.

    Perrilloux just hasn’t had the game experience that Carr has. He has the arm, he has the mobility, he has the poise in the pocket, all things that Carr DOESN’T have.

  4. roadtrip —

    I agree about practice squad delegating Perrilloux. I thought Thomas was not designated for that IR spot? Or am I wrong? I hope that I am.

    As far as Ojomo goes, (FROM???????) he’s legit and I love the depth. He will (more than) fill the role that Dave did before leaving to go to Oakland.

  5. Giants confirmed TT was put on IR prior to the 53, so he is done for the year. That was a question of timing as to whether he was placed before or after the roster was finalized.

    The only Giants currently eligible to return mid-season are Beckum and Canty from the PUP list.

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