Jerry Jones: Regular or replacement, refs will make mistakes

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Preseason mistakes may be piling up, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t sound concerned about the NFL’s replacement officials.

Jones said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas this morning that he doesn’t see replacements as a particular concern about winning or losing games, because he thinks that even if replacement officials do make mistakes, those mistakes will affect all teams equally. And he says that the regular officials make mistakes, too.

“As long as it’s consistent, then how it affects the games may not be as much,” Jones said. “The important people — the players, the coaches, the fans — they’ll all be there. The officials who are out there are going to make mistakes, but believe you me, the officials who would be there if we got this resolved would make mistakes.”

Jones is right, of course, that the regular officials make mistakes. But the problem comes when replacement officials make more mistakes, and mistakes that the regular officials wouldn’t make. It may take a replacement official’s mistake costing the Cowboys a game for Jones to take the lead among the owners in ending the officials’ lockout.

24 responses to “Jerry Jones: Regular or replacement, refs will make mistakes

  1. Hard to believe JJ is still shilling for the league after they stole a chunk of his team’s cap room for breaking rules that weren’t actually rules.

  2. No doubt the league will use the best replacements possible for this game on national TV. It’ll be the Sunday games that could get ridiculous.

  3. I’ve seen regular refs make all the same mistakes during the regular season, much less the preseason, which frequently looks like a disaster. Unless someone can show a notably higher rate of errors among the replacements, how are specific mistakes relevant?

    There have been serious and championship-deciding errors made by the regulars over the years. The replacements are just being scrutinized over mistakes that would be business as usual if it were regulars.

  4. I can’t believe I am saying this – but I agree with Jerrah.
    Consistency is important, however we cannot have blatantly bad decisions that can impact the outcome of the game.
    Also, the flow of the game should be maintained, we cannot have frequent huddles by the officials to think over what happened on the field.

  5. If regular officials didn’t make mistakes, there would be no need for replays, reviews and challenges. Jones is right.
    Bad officiating has been a part of the NFL since the invention of the football. The NFL thrives on drama, chaos and controversy. Replacement officials fit right in…

  6. In that case Jer, I think the Instant Replay scenarios should be modified to reviewing ANY play or call by an official that could have resulted in a score, a yardage gain or the perception that a player intended to physically harm another player.

  7. Yeah, but the Regular refs at least no the rules & regulations of the game… like, you know… you only get one look for 60 seconds in the replay booth. You can’t go back & look at it again 🙂

  8. Your just worried about your money and that’s cool but everyone knows who you are Jerry Jones everyone can see your cards, and your bluff is obvious. Your rich and that’s a complement but let’s be real, what if your team lose the big game that your team so desperately needs because of theses refs, how would you feel? Is the money really worth losing that game and the money and endorsement deals you would receive from that game. Let’s just be honest Jerry do the right thing!

  9. That may be true, but how many times have you seen a play go under review twice like in the bucs skins game ? that’s the only time I have ever seen a debacle like that. They must not have reviews at high school level, but hey, a ref is a ref eh ?

  10. BOTTOM LINE…… If Goodell is Jerry Jones’ puppet then he will run the NFL in the ground like he has done with the cowboys. Goodell has made big mistakes this past offseason and it will cost them the concussion lawsuit. If anything, Bountygate has shown the commisioners office talks out of both sides of the mouth.

  11. benh999 says:
    Aug 31, 2012 11:32 AM
    I’ve seen regular refs make all the same mistakes during the regular season, much less the preseason, which frequently looks like a disaster.

    That’s simply not true. You might be able to make the case that they make the same AMOUNT of mistakes, but not the same TYPE.

    Unless of course, you can site me of examples of when regular refs:

    -didn’t know they were supposed to run 10 seconds off the clock on offensive penalties inside 2:00

    -didn’t know the half or game couldn’t end on a defensive penalty

    -didn’t know that is not a penalty for the defense to have 12 men on the field until the ball is snapped, or

    -didn’t know that 12 men on the defense couldn’t offset an offensive penalty

    Everyone expects mistakes in judgement calls. But I think it IS fair to expect the refs to know the rules of the game.

  12. Thank you jerry. I hate your football team with a passion but you seem to be a voice of reason. I mean most the the games we remember so well are due to a bad call that will either give the game a special name(I.e. the tuck rule, the immaculate reception). It happens all the time and in those case they were huge playoff games that decided the outcome.

  13. @realitypolice,

    The magnitude of the error is important too, but much more difficult to quantify. In the absence of data accurately comparing the full impact of regular vs. replacement mistakes, immediately assuming the replacements are markedly worse would be improper.

    Are you telling me you’ve never seen a fantom PI, ball placement off by well over a yard or game/play clocks erroneously run/not run. I even see downs improperly counted every season or two, and I probably watch no more than two games a week on average.

    I am not arguing the replacements are better or equal, just that they hardly seem noticeably worse.

  14. MDS: “Jones is right, of course, that the regular officials make mistakes. But the problem comes when replacement officials make more mistakes, and mistakes that the regular officials wouldn’t make.”

    Equally true is that problem noted above is mitigated when the replacement officials get calls right that the regular officials could miss.

    They all make mistakes. We’ve seen clown shows for decades with the officials — but now the media has drawn a laser beam like focus on the replacement refs — and it distorts the true picture.

    It amazes me how the “regular officials” are widely being hailed as these omniscient and infallible beings. They’re not. Not by a long shot.

  15. Thank you Jerry! The officials are at least letting them play football and not calling every little thing, it’s actually good to see for once.

  16. The really fun part of all this will be when the regular refs come back, blow the normal amount of calls, and the media and fans start bitchin’ and moaning that the replacements should have hung around. It never ends. Bad calls happen, and we all scream about it. (Unless it benefits our team.)

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