Whisenhunt: If John Skelton doesn’t get job done, we’ll replace him


The Cardinals finally chose their starting quarterback on Friday, but John Skelton isn’t getting all that long a leash in Arizona.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said Friday that he felt like the team was making the right decision for right now, although he didn’t give much insight into how the decision came to be made. Whisenhunt was also very clear about saying that Skelton’s work isn’t done now that he’s claimed the job. While the team believes they made the right call in going with Skelton, the decision isn’t irreversible later in the season.

“It’s a production-oriented business,” Whisenhunt said, via Darren Urban of the team’s website. “If you’re not getting the job done, you’re going to be replaced. Our expectation is that (Skelton) is going to get the job done.”

While that’s the kind of thing coaches will say about almost every player, it has particular resonance in Arizona because, based on past appearances and the preseason, there are going to be moments when Skelton isn’t getting the job done. Whisenhunt says he’ll turn back to Kolb in such an instance, but that became an even tougher sell thanks to Friday’s decision. Depending on when in the season the Cardinals might be in a position to make a change, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear rookie Ryan Lindley’s name come up as a potential starter.

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  1. “If you’re not getting the job done, you’re going to be replaced. Our expectation is that (Skelton) is going to get the job done.”


    Nonsense, they know that both Kolb and Skelton will fall flat on their faces. Get on the horn to the Dolphins and acquire Matt Moore for a 4th rounder.

  2. I can’t believe that Fitz took this long to decide which QB he wanted to start…He’s going to have to work on that.

  3. This has trainwreck written all over it, and that’s coming from a Browns fan so I should know!

  4. Let me get this straight. Kevin Kolb plays well as the Eagles backup…well enough to be named the starter in April of 2010. A few months later, he gets a concussion behind one of the worst offensive lines ever. After five months of prep, he loses his job due to injury after two quarters…

    Fast forward to 2011. After a 6 month lockout, Kolb is traded to AZ (on July 28th, not less)…for a big investment. AZ has a terrible line and is trying to rebuild the team. Other than Larry Fitzgerald, they don’t really have much. Kolb has no offseason and is learning a new system. He gets injured and doesn’t play well, nor a full season. Skelton plays at least respectably, if not better.

    Fast forward to 2012. Inexplicably, AZ has a QB controversy. The fans are starting to scream for Skelton, calling Kolb a bust. Wisenhunt waffles around, and finally names Kolb the starter. Then Kolb is up and down with his play, and suffers a minor and unrelated injury in the preseason. “Awww geez! He’s injury prone, too” the fans scream! So Wisenhunt, who apparently is a guy who changes his mind at the drive-through window after ordering, declares that he hasn’t actually made a decision. Kolb, again saddled with a horrendous offensive line, doesn’t play well after returning. Skelton look OK in relief. Then Winsenhunt decides “to get John some more reps.” Hmm. THAT really helps the starting QB, doesn’t it?

    Fast Forward to the end of the pre-season: Skelton starts and looks absolutely horrible beyond that line. Kolb comes in and shows flashes of being…good. He also shows he can throw on the run much better, which will be a prerequisite beyond that line. But Kolb also throws a pick 6 and another pick. Either way, he looks better than Skelton.

    And now Kolb gets the shaft once again…two quarters, about half a season without any real prep in a new system, mixed with a few unrelated injuries. Oh, and you spend millions and traded away DRC for him. You’re telling me that you’re not going to at least give him 8 games??? Wow…just wow. The stupidity is amazing.

  5. With the Vikinga cutting Sage Rosenfels look for the cards to sign him tomorrow and put Lindley on the practice squad

  6. mancave001.. you can slice it all you want.. No one in the league… NOBODY has stolen more money for less results than Kevin Kolb.. basically the Raiders D end called him a sissy and what’s funny is none of his teammates said much to back him.. that my friend is called a hint and half..

    The cards will suck badly.. get barkley.. cut kolb.. and he’ll try to hang on as someones third for the veteran minimum.. eventually my friend you have to take to the field and get something done.. KK hasn’t done that.

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