New ad reveals a more stern, driven, angry Romo

We routinely receive P.R. notices aimed at persuading us to make a news item out of an advertising effort.  Usually, we invite them to contact the sales department.

Every once in a while, however, an ad masquerading as a news story becomes slightly newsworthy.

Consider the latest Starter commercial, featuring images of a non-smiling Tony Romo going through a Rocky Balboa-style gauntlet of workouts.  (The only thing missing is the periodic cry of “Eli!”)  Off camera, Romo narrates.

“People focus on what we haven’t accomplished,” Romo says.  “They focus on mistakes.  The near misses.  The heart breaks.  People say we haven’t succeeded.  People say we haven’t won a championship.  People critique our lives.  People say we get too much praise.  People are focused on what we haven’t done.  That’s what I’m focused on, too.”

He comes off as mildly indignant while reciting the lines, but then in the end he basically agrees with the critics.  And he doesn’t suggest that he’s using the criticism as Tebow-style “‘preciate that” motivation.

It’s almost like it’s a coincidence.

It’s unclear how much if at all an ad like this provides a window into a guy’s soul.  Presumably, he wouldn’t have done it if he doesn’t believe it.  Or maybe he just didn’t sufficiently disagree with the approach to say so.

Either way, the guy in the commercial comes off very differently than the guy we’ve seen on the field for the last six years.  The guy in the commercial has zero tolerance for losing.  The guy in the commercial doesn’t seem to be content with simply going from being an undrafted player to the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.  The guy in the commercials wants a hell of a lot more than Romo has achieved.

Maybe it’s the new Romo.  We’ll begin the process of finding out on Wednesday night.

23 responses to “New ad reveals a more stern, driven, angry Romo

  1. It’s not the ‘new’ Romo. He’s always been that way. The other ‘Romo’ is a media invention.

  2. Maybe the key is a more angry, driven player on the field instead of in an advertisement.

  3. Yeah it’s a reflection of the ‘new Romo’. Just like there’s really a guy named Mayhem that likes to destroy cars for the sake of All State insurance. He’s just trying to keep THIS….a 10.

  4. That doesn’t even sound like Nomo, but if it sells stuff, OK. The rest of the NFC East love Nomo and their little interruption owner. Surprised he let this ad happen without getting his mug in it somehow!

  5. He is a good athlete and a really good QB. I really do not know at this point if the Cowboys can win with him though. If not this year then it is time to move on.

  6. Maybe if he stopped pitching Starter, a company that hasn’t been relevant in 15+ years, he could be taken more seriously.

  7. This guy gets more crap than anybody, for no reason. The guy had more TD’s and less INT’s than Eli….”oh he’s a stat qb”…really, so you’re saying he produces…which is what he is suppose to do. He has a bad game, the team loses…that’s that. He’s had no one to bail him out of bad games. Eli has a bad game, the defense steps up…Cowboys dont. He has a bad game, they lose, everyone calls him a choke artist. He only threw 4 picks in the last 11 games of the season…the team around him has been garbage, other than injury prone WR’s, a great TE, and one great LB.

    Oh and here is a great stat for you..and trust me, I am not saying Eli isn’t clutch by any means, he is. This is for the Romo bashers….

    Eli Manning….4th qtr 2011 stats when the game is within 7 points

    9 td’s 3 int’s

    Tony Romo…4th qtr 2011 stats when the game is within 7 points

    6 td’s 2 int’s

    So basically theres a 3 to 1 td to int ratio for both.

  8. I guarantee if Romo wins a Superbowl the hating wont stop. The comments will read

    “Oh anyone could win with a team like that”

    Trust me winning a bowl wont change anything, Romo is great and haters gonna hate


  9. Anybody that doesn’t think that there’s a lot of work involved in going from an undrafted guy from a small school to the second highest passer rating in NFL history and one of the highest winning percentages of all active QB’s (.610. higher than Brees, Vick, Shaub, and Eli Manning) probably shouldn’t be commenting.

  10. At least he didn’t humiliate himself by rapping about pizza! I don’t particularly like Romo, but no one can question his toughness. The guy played with a freakin’ punctured lung! At the other extreme….you’ve got Mike Vick who leaves the game with a bruised hand (guess he’s only a tough guy when torturing and killing dogs).
    Obviously, I don’t personally know Romo…but he seems a little too laid back and a little too goofy. He’s got the talent, but just hasn’t put it all together for some reason. I don’t like or dislike the Cowboys and could care less what happens in the NFC East.

  11. This new Romo looks like a Psycho. He is the grinning, happy go lucky, guy next door and he should just be who he is.

    Fans and critics are not going to be any easier on you for blowing a game with an INT either way.

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