NFLRA release hints at progress in talks

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The NFL Referees Association has issued a two-line release that, while not saying much, implies plenty.

“Reports on the economic gap between the NFL and NFLRA are inaccurate,” NFLRA counsel Michael Arnold states.  “Ongoing negotiations with the NFL will be conducted in a confidential and professional manner.”

The first line is curious.  For all the things the league and the officials’ union disagree on, the gap in proposed pay didn’t appear to be one of them.  Instead, the problem with the salary divide came from perspective.

The officials had characterized it as $100,000 per team per year.  The NFL had called it $22.7 million over a seven-year deal.  In the end, it’s the same amount.

The real clue comes in the second line.  “Ongoing negotiations” means that there are negotiations; 24 hours ago, there weren’t.  And the commitment to proceeding in a “confidential and professional manner” suggests that the two sides have agreed that, as they try to find middle ground for an agreement, there’s no reason to rattle swords.

Now, get it done.  Please.

10 responses to “NFLRA release hints at progress in talks

  1. I believe that statement is not referring to what has been believed to be the gap but the bigger ($45 mil over seven years) gap reported today by ESPN via Darren Rovell. It likely just comes down to semantics anyway though.

  2. Where are you going to get a part-time job that pays the wages and benefits equal to this referee gig ? …..your not !… The NFL has all the Leverage..expect the seasoned Veterans to return….SOON !

  3. Got to hand it to the league…they go down to the wire with these labor deals, certainly rattling some cages in the process, but they get it done in time to avoid replacements.

    This deal is as good as done and no replacements week 1! Yeah, yeah the regulars are garbage too you say, but seriously the type of mistakes the replacements were making are absolutely unacceptable.

  4. Well me too. Faxed that resume to Roger yesterday. I saw that other female ref and I know I’m way cuter. I think I have a good shot. My only concern is whether the uniform will make me look fat!

  5. These guys are lawyers, principals, and business owners, they don’t NEED the NFL, the nfl needs them. After a week or two, the officials will have all the leverage

  6. These guys are lawyers, principals, and business owners, they don’t NEED the NFL, the nfl needs them. After a week or two, the officials will have all the leverage.
    The only point I support the NFL on right now is that at least some of the refs need to be full time. I may be sick of the boneheaded calls the replacements are making but I remember being pretty frustrated with the regular refs last season.

    If these guys are all so attached to having full time jobs with the NFL being an afterthought then I am fine with the NFL playing hardball. Officiating is a problem with the regular guys too.

  7. Maybe the greedy part-timers will be happy with only $150,000 per year, great medical benefits and a 401(k) instead of a six figure lifetime pension. I know they were anxious because they all needed fresh NFL stories to spin around the country club.

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