Red Bryant chips a tooth while celebrating Seahawks’ safety


When Seahawks coach Pete Carroll listed his team’s injuries following Thursday night’s game against the Raiders, he had a strange one to mention.

Carroll said defensive lineman Red Bryant broke one of his teeth during a celebration after the Seahawks’ defense scored two points on a safety by tackling Raiders running back Mike Goodson in the end zone.

“I hate to report that Red chipped a tooth during the sideline celebration after Jaye Howard’s safety,” Carroll said, via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “So he’ll be getting a little dental work on that tomorrow. I think it was on the top, I don’t know.”

Bryant is far from the first NFL player to suffer an injury while celebrating. Vontae Davis, the cornerback recently traded from the Dolphins to the Colts, once had to leave a game after delivering a big hit — not because the collision hurt him, but because he twisted his neck awkwardly while celebrating. Former Cardinals kicker Bill Gramatica infamously blew out his knee while celebrating a field goal. Former Redskins quarterback Gus Frerotte once hurt his neck by head-butting a wall to celebrate a touchdown. Former Lions return man Desmond Howard suffered a neck injury when teammate Robert Porcher smacked him upside the head in celebration of a 70-yard kickoff return.

So Bryant is in good company. Or bad company.

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  1. After you listed all those other injuries people suffered when celebrating–twisted necks and blown-out knees–I guess in the scheme of things, Bryant was pretty lucky. Still, a broken tooth has to be very painful. Get well soon, Red!

  2. I have to be honest & it pains me to say but, the Seacawks will be formidable this season!! Very good defense & a solid run game!! My 9ERS will have to play better then last year to take the WEST this year!!

    WOW that truly pained me!!

  3. I remember a Dallas WR pulling a hammy back in the late 70’s after spiking the ball after a TD (Hill? Pearson?)…came back in the game and scored another TD later on, after which he calmly handed the ball to the ref… 😉

  4. Big red. that was funny i saw him laughing on the sideline. thats happens whn ya got no helmet on and you chest bump a guy that does. Good stuff , players are gona hv fun w that for a while.

  5. ch8878 says:
    Aug 31, 2012 2:38 PM
    Why they played all there starters against the Raiders back ups was beyond me.


    They wanted a big win and big stats in a meaningless game. It’s the same reason they ran Bruce Irvin out there against scrub OTs who will be cut today, simply so they could trumpet Irvin’s “dominating performance.”

  6. ch8878 says:
    Aug 31, 2012 2:38 PM
    Why they played all there starters against the Raiders back ups was beyond me.

     Ya you probably didn’t watch the game red was on the sidelines when the safety came as was most of our defense.

  7. trollhammer20 says:
    Aug 31, 2012 2:56 PM
    This year….

    Seattle vs. San Fransisco….

    is greater than….

    Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh.

    Don’t know if it’s on that level but, it will be a west coast legalized gang fight!!

  8. The ‘celebration’ I see coming is one of the players who flips into the end zone getting hurt. Every player I’ve seen do that comes down fairly hard on the lower back.

    One of these days, I fear that a player will break his back doing this and wind up a paraplegic. I cringe every time I see them do it.

  9. Not sure why you forgot to mention Gus Frerotte concussing himself against the goalpost after scoring a TD for the Lions. All the more infamous because he’s a QB

  10. @cali49er707: Finally! A respectable Niners fan that gives the Seahawks some credit where it is due. Thank you good sir, I look forward to our two meetings this season as they surely will have NFC West title implications. Have a nice day 🙂

  11. seahawkfan4evr says: Aug 31, 2012 3:09 PM

    Ya you probably didn’t watch the game red was on the sidelines when the safety came as was most of our defense.


    You must have not watched the game because he played so did just about all the Seahawks starters against all the Raiders 2nd stringers.

  12. But all of the other examples were people celebrating something when the games were real…. and actually meant something… not celebrating a meaningless score, in a meaningless game that will never affect anything or anybody that is on either roster after today….. that gentleman and ladies, is moronic.

  13. Bruce Irvin was one of the only ‘starters’ in the game from the Seahawk defense. He is not a starter and commented on his situation in a post game interview. John Moffitt also played most of the game on offense because he has missed the previous three games due to injury.

    The players on the field looked like starters compared to their counterparts on the Raiders but that doesn’t make them starters in Seattle.

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