Redskins cut Tim Hightower


There were several points during the summer when it appeared the Redskins would make Tim Hightower their lead running back when he was healthy enough for the job.

Summer’s not quite over, but Hightower’s chances of grabbing that lead role took a serious blow on Friday when he got the news that he’ll be released by the Redskins. Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan in Washington reports that Hightower will not be on the team’s 53-man roster while rookie Alfred Morris has grabbed a spot.

Hightower was coming back from a torn ACL and saw some action in the preseason, but the team obviously felt he had less to offer than Morris, Evan Royster and Roy Helu. It seems like Hightower would have been a strong candidate for the league’s new injured reserve rule that would have allowed him eight more weeks to get his knee right before the Redskins had to make any choice about his future, but he would have had to be on the 53-man roster at the end of Friday for that to happen.

Paulsen’s report indicates that option wasn’t of interest to Washington and that Hightower will have to look elsewhere if he wants to continue his NFL career.

15 responses to “Redskins cut Tim Hightower

  1. ESPN 980 reports they are going to trade Anthony Armstrong to Miami for Steve Slaton.

    I think Royster should’ve been cut. Hightower was the best blocking RB on the roster but I understand why he was chosen to go with jis injuries.

    I’m not to thrilled that Banks made and I hope he’s consistent at the one thing he excels at like in 2010.

  2. So is Shanny going to start the year with Alfred Morris starting? I saw him a few games ago and thought he looks like a Shanny back and told my fantasy buddies to bet on him above all other Skin backs, am I right Skins fans?

  3. Hightower was the best blocking back on the team. Thought Shanny was big on blocking backs but I guess not. Morris has to have to have the starting job now. Don’t see this as a good move for RGIII

  4. There really is no starter. It’s RB by comittee. If Morris starts, don’t count on him to be in there every down. Morris is the grinding back while Helu is the speedster. Personally I think Helu should start and there’s good backup in Royster/Slaton, trade pending.

  5. Wow I didn’t see this coming. Hightower looked good against the Colts and was a great blocking back. But Alfred Morris has been a beast. It’s no clear starter, Morris, Helu and Royster will probably get equal carries, if they all stay healthy, which I highly doubt will happen. I don’t see Helu staying healthy all season.

  6. Yeah I saw that Alfred Morris against the Colts . I’m not a Skins fan so when I saw that guy running for a minute I thought he was Stephen Davis . Same number and runs just like he used to . I think Davis was also drafted in the 6th round . He was the reason Hightower was released . I would imagine Morris is the powerback and Helu will be the pass catching back with Royster being a combo of both . It makes sense that the Skins would look at Slaton . Helu is electric…..but also injury prone . Slaton does however suffer from fumblitis . I think the Skins will be alot of fun to watch .

  7. As a Redskin Fan does this suprise you!!! The coach that traded Portis after back to back 1500 yard seasons did you expect him to keep Hightower after a major injury.

  8. I agree with mnesmith77 above. So how to explain Jammal Brown and his likely hosed for forever hip. He spent the off season rehabbing with Yoga and whats it Pilates? Prances onto the practice field exactly ONE time the FIRST day of camp and needed more surgery like last week? We carry this guy some more but Tim’s knees and Cooley’s knees are deal breakers? Very confusing. Feeling flabberghasted and flummoxed!

  9. I’d like to have one dominant blocking back in the backfield to support RG3 when he really needs it. The regular season blitzing schemes may expose what we did not see in pre-season. However, I think i read somewhere that Helu was blocking his _ss off in training camp.

    We’ll see. At least we have depth at RB.

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