Report: NFL and officials are talking

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Amid PFT-propagated rumors that the NFL and the locked-out game officials are negotiating for the first time in weeks, Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that, while there’s no formal meeting, the two sides are talking.

Breer says via Twitter that the two sides are exchanging “numbers and ideas,” and that the talks “signify progress.”

Progress is very good news, given that the two sides aren’t that far apart.  So let’s get it done and then tell the replacement officials that the only replacing they’ll be doing this year involves batteries, light bulbs, and/or Band-Aids.

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9 responses to “Report: NFL and officials are talking

  1. My one hope is that if/when the regular refs come back this site and all the other people pointing out every little mistake the replacements make keep doing it to the regular refs.

  2. Hopefully they get something done cause the calls in last nights vikings/texans game were pathetic… 15 minutes to figure out 1 foul and they didn’t even get it right.. and there were a bunch of other horrible calls going both ways… watching the replacements for these first few weeks sure makes the regular officials look much better

  3. Without realizing it, the full time refs have put a significant amount of pressure on their own performance. They blasted the temps for blowing calls and getting so many fundamentals of the game wrong, but when they come back, they need to be as close to perfect as they can be since they’ve touted they’re the best.

    And I guarantee it won’t be long before one of the full time crew blows a call that is “obvious.”

  4. Maybe the greedy part-timers will be happy with only $150,000 per year, great medical benefits and a 401(k) instead of a six figure lifetime pension. I know they were anxious because they all needed fresh NFL stories to spin around the country club.

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