Report: Tanard Jackson faces minimum suspension of one-year

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As the Redskins cut to 53 players, at some point they may have another roster spot open.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, Redskins safety Tanard Jackson is facing a suspension of at least one year for his latest violation of the the substance-abuse policy.

Jackson, who signed with the Redskins in the offseason after five seasons in Tampa, was suspended for a year in September 2010.

The posture of Jackson’s current case is unclear.  Glazer says that Jackson has been informed of the suspension.  Jackson has appeal rights, and Jackson possibly could secure a reduction of the banishment.

If his appeal fails, Jackson will miss at least one calendar year, at which time he would have to apply for reinstatement.  He will be available to play until the suspension is finalized.

Jackson currently is listed as a third-string free safety for the Redskins, behind Madieu Williams and DeJon Gomes.

A fourth-round pick in the 2011 draft, Jackson started every game of his first two NFL seasons.

26 responses to “Report: Tanard Jackson faces minimum suspension of one-year

  1. I kept hearing Tanard Jackson plays at a *HIGH* level… I guess this is what they were talking about. Hopefully he won’t have any party friends named Trent Williams or Fred Davis to hang out with later this year.

  2. Tanard has had both a 4 game and full year suspension while playing for the Buccaneers. I doubt he gets reinstates this time.

  3. They should just ban him for life. He has had too many chances. I actually bought a custom jersey of his in 2007 (when he was drafted not 2011) after he laid out Dallas Clark. I think I’m going to send it back to him.

  4. How was this not public knowledge before today?! I haven’t heard anything like this all offseason until today! Man, what a disappointment. He has all the talent to be a good, starting safety 😦

  5. @houseofbacon

    He wasn’t truly 3rd on the depth chart (maybe on or something). He was clearly the #1 FS on the team. That isn’t saying much bc the DB squad isn’t very good. Regardless it def hurts.

  6. More great decision-making by Raheem Morris. Bet the Redskins are glad he brought this bum along.

  7. redskins is where players with bad backgrounds go to hang with marion barry and get some of that yayp money from snyder aka mini scarface

  8. Gotta admire Washington’s desire to not only remain in the basement but become an embarrassment as well

  9. No need to get mad at Ret-ard — I mean Tanard. As critical as each position is, despite his obvious talent, HOW was he ever a serious consideration by the coaching staff?!?!?
    Clearly, we are not done making stupid moves. And I hear Reid Doughtys seeing eye dog wont be ready by Game 1.

  10. So…Kenny B. is out ONE game after some TEN run-ins/infractions and Jackson is gone one YEAR?! What the bleep?!

  11. What is going on with all the Skins players getting busted for substance abuse charges? This makes a lot of cases for one team in less than one season (when you count in Davis and Williams). I thought there was supposed to be some culture change at Redskins Park.

    It’s “Hail To The Redskins,” not “INHALE To the Redskins.” We can’t have roster spots going to guys who can’t manage to keep themselves from having repeated substance abuse violations.

  12. The stupidity of people to suggest he be banned for life b/c he smokes weed or does any drug is lacking common sense! Ive never done drugs myself and ive been around long enough to know that prohibition has never worked. ‘d like to think that our society can see past the archaic war on drug policies and acknowledge that it hasn’t worked and that American should have the right enjoy drugs and ruin their lives if they so choose. M. Irvin seemed to play pretty well all coked up! The NFL needs to have policies in place, I understand that but if we’re talking about weed than this is a complete joke!!! That being said, Skins need to let him go since he obviously can’t stay on the field!!!

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