Rock Cartwright hits the market

Getty Images

Over the years, running back Rock Cartwright has become one of our favorite players.  For fairly obvious reasons.

Cartwright!  Carrrttttwright!

The 32-year-old veteran also has shown great resilience.  Still in the game years after most men who play his position have left the game, Cartwright continues to find ways to contribute.  And he looked good for the 49ers in the preseason, even though it was clear that the depth chart wouldn’t hold a spot for him.

And now Cartwright has been released, per a league source with knowledge of the situation.

Cartwright spent eight years with the Redskins, before joining the Raiders for the last two.  He stayed in the Bay Area by signing with the Niners, but with Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James and Brandon Jabobs, there was no room for Cartwright.

Here’s hoping he finds another job in the post-53 scrum that already is unfolding.  And that he won’t have to wait quite as long as the other Cartwright spent waiting for a table.