Seahawks give up on 2011 fourth-round pick Durham

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Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times reports that second-year wide receiver Kris Durham will be among the Seahawks’ final cuts when they are announced later Friday.

The NFL roster cut-down deadline is 9 p.m. eastern.

The 107th overall draft pick two Aprils ago, Durham struggled with injuries during his ultimately brief tenure as a Seahawk.

Durham played across from A.J. Green at Georgia. He was never very productive in college, but ran well at a towering 6-foot-6, 216 before the 2011 draft. Durham maintains an intriguing size-speed combination, but durability and on-field football playing ability are long-term question marks if he hopes to resurrect his career elsewhere.

Durham is now eligible to be claimed off waivers.

24 responses to “Seahawks give up on 2011 fourth-round pick Durham

  1. How long before Jim Irsay tweets that the waiver winds are blowing heavy. Kris Durham seems like a player that the Colts could take a chance on.

  2. Had high hopes for this guy and thought he could be a red zone beast at 6’6″, but the writing was on the wall that his days here were numbered.
    It’ll be interesting to see if Russell Wilson will stay with #3 or go back to his old #16 now that it’s available. Glad I haven’t bought his jersey yet.

  3. Seahawks always seem to whiff on a 4th or 5th rounder every year. EJ Wilson, Mark Legree, now Durham.

  4. Right..Always terrible 4th and 5th rounds like KJ wright, Richard Sherman, and Kam Chancellor…

    Pretty sure Seahawks are doing a pretty good job at talent evaluations….

  5. more teams ‘whiff’ on these guys than pete carroll does.

    Last year late round picks richard sherman and kj wright are starters now and i think sherman will end up being one of the top CB’s in the league this year.

  6. This is one of those cuts that makes you shrug your shoulders. A ho-hum type of feeling for this Hawks fan.

  7. Really? Criticizing a 4th round pick? Pete Carroll haters will find any reason to bash him. I think he’s doing a great job, especially with finding these late-round gems.

  8. this guy will be swooped up quickly just like the majority of seattle’s cuts will!! Just another sign of the remarkable job Pete and John have done rebuilding this Seahawks football team!! They are deep and fast and strong!! Seattle will be a force this year!!! Really physical football team with top 5 squads in Rushing and defense!!!Q

  9. You mean the Seahawks made another bad draft choice?Naaaaaaaaaaaw……….losers..northwest lames

  10. More proof the idiots who hate on these comment boards no nothing. The Hawks have struck gold in the latter rounds of the draft. Mark my words the guys they cut today end up on your team whoever you are. Proving again how stupid you are, but also that they have built a lot of good depth through the draft. The only picks these guys have blown are there first rounders if anything. WAR HAWKS!!! and WAR PETE CARROL AND JOHN SCHNIEDER!!!! We’re playoff bound write it down!!!!

  11. Pete Carroll runs such a loose ship that I bet most of the guys he drafts will be considered busts because they won’t improve under him as a coach. I watched him do it in NE for three years – it became a laughing stock with him in charge.

  12. He looks more like Gumby than a football player. I’d lobby to cut him, too, if I were HC. Green clay humanoid figures on the roster don’t help along head coaching careers.

  13. Hawk fan your a moron…Seattle is king in taking the scrubs the Niners one takes Seattles cuts most of your starters would be second string on the Niners..see Kentwan Balmer Jeff Ulbrich Scott McClueless etc….more proof Seahawk fans are the most dilusional fanbase in the NFL..They talk about their team like some dynasty but dont even have one Superbowl loser franchise.

  14. Your seventh rounders become starters cause your roster is a joke!Good secondary and Lynch is all you have..The rest of your team is doo doo….Dynasty!

  15. norcalmafia; we get it buddy, you don’t like seattle, nobody cares, but you can at least try to post something witty or clever once in a while, your getting predictably boring… seriously, are you like 10? then it’s ok i guess

  16. 9er’s fans aren’t ready for the impending reality check coming their way, no way can they win 13 games again, tougher schedule and letting A Smith actually throw it spells 2nd in the division, lightning in a bottle last year… dynasty

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