Steelers make final cuts, keep Charlie Batch


The Steelers placed linebacker Sean Spence on injured reserve after his grisly knee injury last night, and released 21 other players to get to the 53-man roster limit.

They released veteran offensive lineman Trai Essex and waived-injured punter Jeremy Kapinos.

They also released the following 19 players: Defensive backs Damon Cromartie-Smith, Terrence Frederick and Josh Victorian, linebackers Brandon Hicks and Marshall McFadden, defensive linemen Corbin Bryant, Igbinosun Ikponmwosa and Jake Stoller, quarterback Jerrod Johnson, running back DuJuan Harris, wide receivers Tyler Beiler, Toney Clemons, David Gilreath, Marquis Maze and Derrick Williams, and offensive linemen Ryan Lee, John Malecki and Chris Scott.

That means veteran quarterback Charlie Batch hung on, after some early speculation they might keep just two quarterbacks.

25 responses to “Steelers make final cuts, keep Charlie Batch

  1. That photos not a good look for Eman Sanders.

    Good to see Charlie stick around but I wish Johnson played well enough to earn that spot. Thought Victorian might have made it but damn they cut every WR that was on the bubble.

    No real surprises lets get this season started!

  2. They kept beachum? Wow, he stank it up in preseason, they must think he has significant redeemable potential. Interesting that they cut both fredrick and victorian. The injury to curtis brown must not have been too serious. Only 4 cbs on the roster. I hope golden is ok too. I’m guessing that both those cbs, bryant, gilreath, lee, maybe williams and johnson make the practice squad. Charlie won’t last forever and I like johnson.

  3. Johnson will end up on the practice squad, Essex, i thought would stick, due to decastro injury. Butler over Kapinois, thumbs up, Batch, thumbs up, still not sold on Suisham.

  4. I think Jerrod Johnson deserved a spot..also think. Dujuan Harris had better production then Barron Batch..he’s bigger and runs harder..maybe the Steelers felt they owed Batch a shot because of his injury last season

  5. Every year the talking heads say that Charlie Batch is getting cut. And every year he blows them away in the final preseason game to make the roster. I’d take Batch over Leftwich backing up Ben any day. Just saying.

  6. If you told me in 2002 that Charlie Batch was still in the league, I would’ve laughed in your face.

    Now it’s 2012..

  7. Trai Essex has practiced and played (at one time or the other) all the O-line slots.
    With the injury problems they have had in the past, don’t be surprised to see him back.
    The Steelers have the best O-line coach in the business.

  8. Pretty sure Johnson, Gilreath and Maze will land on the practice squad if they clear waivers.

  9. They decided to go with 3 qb’s and only 4 WR’s, since none of the rookie WR’s had a good camp. Probably Gilreath, Derrick Williams, and Jerrod Johnson will make the practice squad, and maybe some of the defensive players.

  10. Jared Johnson has no redeeming qualities what so ever, can’t even throw a spiral. He makes Dennis Dixon look like John Elway and Dixon was so scary good no one even picked him up. Batch can’t play more the 3 quarters at a time. They need to find a legitimate young #3.

  11. Yes, Johnson lacks skills but you can teach those. I hope he does get signed to the practice squad because he instinctive skills that you cannot teach. The observation that he cannot though a spiral therefore toss him is pretty ignorant.

  12. Batch must be the best third string quarterback in the NFL. When his playing career ends (when he turns 50?), there’s a coaching career in his future.

  13. I’m a Lions fan (obviously), but I went to Eastern Michigan – Batch’s alma mater.

    So yeah – I’m happy to see Batch still on the team. And it does sound like he could be a good coach someday. He’s spent enough time as QB of the practice squad – he should know a lot.

  14. They can put decastro on the new 8 week ir on monday, so I’ll bet essex is back then. They need the depth and thats about all he is good for. Congrats to my fellow university of arizona alumnus robert golden on making the team at safety! Go wildcats!

  15. The observation that he cannot though a spiral therefore toss him is pretty ignorant? Though?

    Most High school QBs can throw a tight spiral.

  16. Let the record show that Post-Gazette columnist and talk-radio host Ron Cook was wrong again. Cook spent much of his radio show on Friday, telling his listeners that Batch would be cut…
    Cook seldom, if ever, right.
    How do these local “Steelers experts” keep their jobs? Shouldn’t they have to be right at least half the time?

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