Vikings cut Sage Rosenfels, leaving a green QB room behind

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The Vikings apparently decided Christian Ponder didn’t need a veteran mentor.

At least not one they already had.

The Vikings have released quarterback Sage Rosenfels, according Aaron Wilson of Tom Pelissero of reported that Rosenfels is owed $500,000 in guaranteed base salary, along with a $50,000 workout bonus.

The move leaves the Vikings with just Ponder, Joe Webb and McLeod Bethel-Thompson at quarterback.

Unless they have a move cooking for a different backup, that’s a dangerously thin group.

49 responses to “Vikings cut Sage Rosenfels, leaving a green QB room behind

  1. Sage has not ever had a good time with the Vikings. Poor guy. At least this time he didnt lose his starting job to Favre.

  2. I’m not disappointed. They’re rolling with Ponder/Webb. If Sage had seen the field, it means the season was completely lost anyway. The “Law Firm” actually showed he had potential in preseason. I’m glad they’re keeping the kid around.

  3. I honestly think the Vikings need to find some role for Joe Webb. He can contribute to the team by more than just passing. Give him some carries or targets in the passing game

  4. I know this is unpopular to say, but I like Rosenfels as a backup qb. I thought he was
    everything you’d want in a backup when he
    was with Houston. Aside from the copter play
    which took a while to get past, still he’s good.
    I hope he catches on somewhere.

  5. “Dangerously thin” just because they are without Sage Rosenfels…….I can guarantee you that nobody in the history of the NFL has ever uttered that before!

  6. Ponder, Webb, and McLeod Law-firm better not be the QBs going into the season. Ponder is injury prone and inconsistent, Webb is not an NFL passer, and the law firm is green as grass. In short, you just cut your steady veteran (who had an excellent preseason) and now have 3 unproven QBs in a league where a strong QB is a must.

  7. Wow. Must be playing for the first pick in the draft. Again.

    Eh, Contra?

    The Packers cut more talent today than the Vikings have on their entire squad.

  8. There was speculation in the Twin Cities that Webb might have been the guy that was cut. If Webb has reached his peak as a passer, then why keep him? He is an incredible athlete and runner, but has not shown himself to be a great passer.

    Word is the Vikes like Bethel-Thompson and don’t want to lose him if they try to slide him through waivers and on to the practice squad. They tried that a few years back with Tyler Thigpen and lost him.

  9. It really isn’t a bad move. Rosenfels has only ever started, what 12 games? He isn’t the veteran you make him out to be, one with lots of experience. Nice guy, but he holds clipboards for a reason.

  10. Great move!!!! Went to training camp. Rocket arm. The next Favre. Sage will never have that potential…

  11. Webb makes a good change of pace player but I’m not a fan of wildcat(or whatever) it interferes with the rhythm of the offense … I think they do need to find a contributing position other then QB (end around comes to mind) … Sage was GMs guy so there must be more to this like somebody said we maybe looking to pickup another cut vet

  12. Personally I would have cut Webb, made Sage #2, and kept MBT as my future project. MBT has serious game in him.

  13. I was hoping they’d stick with Sage for his experience and trade Webb. Joe can win you games off the bench by throwing something different at defenses, but he’s just not a very good passer. Plus, if he does win a game off the bench, then the whole QB controversy kicks in.

    Joe can run. There just hasn’t been improvement with his passing, decision making, etc. I really thought they would find a way to keep Sage around and trade Webb for a draft pick. That said, I’m happy MBT is on the roster. The kid has a great arm and, unlike Ponder and Webb, he actually stays in the pocket rather than getting paranoid and running. He’s a project, but keep an eye on the kid.

  14. I like the move.

    1) It is not like SAGE’s experience as a mentor was on the level of Joe Montana

    2) SAGE is SAGE been released by many teams. Getting slower not better.

    3) WEB & Name5 both has huge ceilings and will get better. You can win with WEB and PONDER now. WEB has one of the best arms and THE best legs in the NFL. He is going to get better and better. SAGE is going to get worse.

    4) Good move I just did not think they had the balls to do it. SAGE was a GM choice.

  15. Sure you are without a veteran presence.

    But get real! “He had an excellent preseason.”??? A seasoned vet playing against 2’s and 3’s running vanilla schemes better have a frickin excellent preseason.

    Rosenfels is a known commodity…a known commodity that would never lead the Vikings to greatness. The Vikes are in rebuild have have decided to dedicate reps, time and attention to three guys that may ultimately fizzle out, but have far more potential and upside compared to Sage.

    If Ponder or Webb end up not being the answer or end up severely injured, MN will want to lose anyway and can look forward to a better draft position next year.

    Does anyone really care if the only win 3 games instead of 6 because they cut Sage Rosenfels? Only the fans that cheered for the win in Washington last year that shredded AP’s knee and cost the purple their shot at RGIII.

  16. I liked what I saw of Bethel -Thompson, he’s worth keeping around but they cut the wrong QB. The Vikes have waited 3 years and they still only know that Webb “is an incredible athlete”, he’s not a wr, he’s not a QB……..but we don’t know what he is yet. I think Ponder would’ve felt a little more secure had Bethel-Thompson been cut.

  17. MBT have a strong arm webb is a pace changer n ponder is the starter i dont know why is a big deal cutting rosenfel

  18. The only WORD out of Minnesota was PAUL ALLEN. That is almost all he talked about during the game. The staff kept saying that WEB was # 2.

  19. Also, it goes to show you what a drama queen Paul Allen is for a commentator. He’s the one who started all the joe Webb will be cut rumors. What a fool. He also said randy moss would be cut from the 49ers. Good call, Paul!

  20. Sigh!!! Webb, we all pulled for u… But u r not a qb… Vikes, this makes no sense as u r building for the future…

  21. thetokyosandblaster how many times did you get dropped on your head as a child?
    Sage is old and if he plays the season is already lost. Let’s roll with the Law Firm at 3

  22. Might as well cut him

    This team isn’t leaving the basement of the Nfc North for the next 5+ years

  23. A speed package would be cool to see the Vikings roll out with. Joe Webb at QB with AP and Percy in the backfield and Simpson and Wright out wide. Maybe try it out for a few series a game to change the pace and wear out the Defense a little bit.

  24. If you pay any attention to Webb, you’ll see that his mechanics completely stink, and his only out is his legs. Retaining Sage’s expertis over an arena ball rookie who could have occupied the practice squad, is a mistake. Even the moronic and mind-numbing troll-king tokyosandblaster who’s been banhammered from ESPN knows that.

  25. Lol, “Law firm”. So if he loses a game do the Vikings get their money back?

    Lol jk, that guy has been CRAZY impressive! I wish we could keep Rosenfels, but there’s no way I want to lose the three we have. Honestly if it came to Mcleod suddenly jumping in the game, id love to watch an opposing over-confident defense just get smoked by his super accurate laser-rocket passes. Id start the guy with enough practice.

  26. Vikings are going to have a rough couple of years. It’ll be interesting (as an outsider) to see if Ponder can make anything for himself in the NFL. Seems to me that a lot rides on that man’s unlikely development.

  27. Not the worst roll of the dice I’ve ever seen. The Vikings aren’t really a contender this year; they’re rebuilding. Why wouldn’t you cultivate a few young and potentially talented QBs and see what you end up with?

  28. So the quarterbacks on the Vikings have a combined 5 years of experience? I don’t like the move I think you need a veteran backup behing a young quarterback.

  29. dragonfly99 says:
    Aug 31, 2012 10:05 PM
    Now that the Vikings have made their cuts, they have room to start signing Green Bay’s castoffs
    Since your comment insinuates that this happens so often and the Vikes routinely pick up Packer cast off……could you list several examples please? YOU CAN”T BECAUSE YOUR COMMENT IS ANOTHER MADE UP CHEESER LINE!!!

  30. I think people forget that a QB once thought of as a starter (Sage) has looked good this year against 3rd string defenses.
    He should have had amazing stats against them or at least looked a lot better even w/ playing w/ his 3rd sting offense.

  31. I thought they should have cut Webb initially. But Webb is young, can still develop, and plays for the minimum salary. Although he had a terrible pre-season, he has played well as a back-up in the past.

    Rosenfels played fine for a back-up in pre-season, but at 34 is really just a place-holder. I don’t buy into the “its nice to have a veteran backup to help Ponder…” thing. Ponder has Musgrave and the QB coach to help him. Rosenfels “experience” has been primarily on the sidelines.

    Rookie Bethel-Thompson has a gun for an arm and shows a lot of promise as a rookie. He’s not a QB you want to let go. My guess is that by next year he replaces Webb as the #2 QB.

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