Vontaze Burfict makes the Bengals


Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports undrafted rookie linebacker Vontaze Burfict has made the Bengals’ 53-man roster.

Meanwhile, Roddrick Muckelroy was waived. It sounds like Burfict and Muckelroy were competing for one spot as a backup linebacker and special teams player. Burfict beat out Muckelroy, who was a fourth-round pick in the 2010 draft.

Reedy has the full list of Bengals cuts: Muckelroy, running back Dan Herron, guard Otis Hudson, defensive end DeQuin Evans, tight end Colin Cochart, quarterback Zac Robinson, fullback James Develin, fullback Jourdan Brooks, wide receiver Vidal Hazelton, tackle Matt O’Donnell, center Reggie Stephens, defensive end/linebacker Micah Johnson, defensive tackle Vaughn Meatoga, linebacker Grant Hunter, linebacker Emmanuel Lamur, cornerback T.J. Heath, and cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris.

Defensive tackle Nick Hayden was released with an injury settlement, while safety Tony Dye was placed on I.R.

The Bengals are down to 53 players.

27 responses to “Vontaze Burfict makes the Bengals

  1. Remember during 2012 Underwear Olympics all the hate hype the footbal talking heads heaped on this kid despite his talent? Good for you kid.

  2. Wow. Imagine that. His family must feel like they just won the lottery. I feel that way for them.

  3. soon as Mike Zimmer said he wasnt sure the other day, i knew it was a smoke screen.
    Kid is just a baller.

  4. Burfict has been a beast since he arrived in Cincinnati. I think this may be the guy that Marvin has been looking to mold since he got to Cincy. Good for Burfict!

  5. Laughing at all of the jealous comments. Good for you Vontaze, Bengals fans are happy you’re keeping your head on straight. Can’t wait to see you grow into the LB you were supposed to become.

  6. Something people need to understand about Burfict: his problems have ALWAYS been solely on the field. There was ONE reported incident, and his name was cleared almost immediately. People ASSUME he is a trouble maker because MelTodd McKiper just laid the sh*t on his name pre-draft. The kid got some unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, that’s about it, kept it all on the field. He has GREAT potential, and the fact that he displaced Muckelroy (great preseason) AND has Zimmer’s vote of confidence means more than anything said by any bad haircut in a suit in front of a camera.


  7. Hey I was born and grew up in Cinci. They have the nicest felons by far of any NFL town. Now I live with DC felons where the traffic makes it so much harder to get to know them. But Hail to RG3 has been so fun already.

    Anyhow, let Young Burfict here have happy kudos for one night. Burfict go buy the whole team chili dogs from Skyline, La Rosa’s pizza, and Graters Ice Cream to celebrate.

    Yeah for you.

  8. I hear that all of the NFL offensive coordinators (except Jay Gruden) have chipped in and brought Ray Maualuga health insurance.

  9. Some of u still remember the name Bungles..LOL…How old are you all? Hellow its 2012!! Still living in the past..hahaha..very very funny…..Happy for Burfict..He did well..What a story

  10. Hmmm still using the term Bungles.How old are u guys? Its 2012..wake up! LOL……….Good job Burfict. What a story from college to combine to the NFL..He had a good preseason..Hope beats out Ray 58 next year

  11. I love how many of you crawl out from under the wood work whenever you get a chance to tear this kid down. By all accounts he’s had a great per-season, been dedicated, and been a good teammate. He’s endorsed by the coaching staff and unblockable on special teams. Good for him, those in Pittsburgh and Baltimore should be afraid, the future is passing you by!

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