Back in the saddle tonight

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After spending Friday night watching Florio Jr.’s high-school team win their season opener and most of Saturday in Morgantown witnessing Geno Smith start his Heisman chase by completing 32 of 36 passes and accounting for five touchdowns in a 69-34 romp by the Mountaineers over Marshall, I’ve given the rest of the crew that night off and I’ve filled up on caffeine and carbs for a full evening of posting.

This one is No. 8 in less than two hours, and I plan to keep rolling, at least until the Michigan-Alabama game ends.

So just because things are slowing down a bit, there will be plenty of news and takes and other stuff posted right here, from now until you collapse from an overdose of college football.

Thanks to MDS, Gantt, Alper, and Silva for busting their butts in my absence.  The full quintet served up nearly three million page views on Friday, and we’re all excited for a great 2012 season.

We hope you are, too.