Bucs add D.J. Ware

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Running back D.J. Ware won two Super Bowls in five seasons with the Giants.  The Bucs would be thrilled if he adds to his ring collection in Tampa.

The Buccaneers have announced that they signed Ware on Saturday, a day after he was cut by the defending champs.

To make room for Ware, the Bucs released veteran cornerback Brandon McDonald.  A fifth-round pick of the Browns in 2007, McDonald spent three years in Cleveland, split 2010 between Arizona and Detroit, and appeared in 13 games (no starts) last year for the Lions.

And if some other team signs McDonald, who was due to earn the minimum salary for his experience level of $700,000 in 2012, some other unsuspecting soul will be dumped by his current team.

Ware brings knowledge of and experience in offensive coordinator (and former Giants quarterbacks coach) Michael Sullivan’s offensive system.  Ware could immediately vie for time as the team’s third-down tailback.

9 responses to “Bucs add D.J. Ware

  1. Lol, yeah I’m really sure the Bucs are hoping this waiver wire fonder will be able to add to his SB rings. What a dumb sentence.

  2. “The Bucs would be thrilled if he adds to his ring collection in Tampa.”

    Cuz DJ had everything to do with both of those wins…
    He’s not going to be missed, I promise. Frankly, I’m more surprised he wasn’t cut sooner. He doesn’t exactly separate himself from competition.

  3. DJ Ware comes in with some experience in the Offensive Scheme. He can help Josh Freeman in practice with a particular play he might be slow picking up, He is very familar with the scheme and more touches can help his YPG avg. I like this pickup but DJ you have to make the most of this opportunity. Good luck out there in Tampa.

  4. Come on, people. Ware doesn’t have experience in Sullivan’s offensive scheme because Sully’s never HAD an offensive scheme before. He’s a first time offensive co-ordinator, Ware has experience in Gilbride’s offensive scheme. I’m sure there will be some similarities, but it will be different enough that Ware won’t have any advantage over the running backs who have spent a whole offseason learning Sully’s own scheme.

  5. Didnt have anything to do with the giants superbowl win? Lol i played with him in highschool and he was definetly always injured, fumbled all the time, and had a bad attitude but he def scored the 2 pt conversion that put new york ahead of the packers last season in the closing seconds of the game…do the giants even make the superbowl without him?

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