Drayton Florence could be headed to Detroit

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Cut by the Broncos on Friday, cornerback Drayton Florence may not be out of a job for long.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports that Florence could soon be signing a deal with the Lions.  Florence, per Birkett, is expected in town for a physical.

Lions special-teamer Kassim Osgood let the cat out of the bag on Saturday, tweeting a welcome message to Florence.

The starters Chris Houston and Bill Bentley; both were injured for the preseason finale.  The reserves (for now) are Jacob Lacey, Kevin Barnes, and Jonte Green.

If Florence is signed, a current member of the 53-man roster would have to be released.

18 responses to “Drayton Florence could be headed to Detroit

  1. Also a man does not have to be released to sign him. We could PUP or IR a player or trade away one for a draft pick. Just sayin’ but I know it’s late and you are probably drunk on beer and caffeine pills right? Keep burning the midnight oil we love every story we can get!

  2. Good overall CB. We could use him back in Buffalo for depth and for his knowledge of the system. McGee is just not going to make it.

  3. At this point Detroit is really desperate. That secondary is awful. Heard they posted flyers at local high schools for tryouts.

  4. Rooting for the Lions, but with Rodgers & Cutler in the division, they need to pick up more than just one corner.

  5. Chris Houston and Bill Bentley were not hurt in the preseason finale, they were hurt in the Lions third preseason game against Oakland. I know it’s a small thing, but it bothers me when I see errors in reporting. This is your job guys, take the 10 minutes to fact check your own work.

  6. Gailey and Nix must know when a player doesn’t have much more to offer… First Lee Evans and Demetress Bell, now Drayton Florence. Wow! In Chan We Trust!

  7. @mjkelly77

    True, they need help in the secondary, but unlike what most people who think we need corner and corners and corners, its our safeties thats the problem. Spievey is horrible, and thats on a good day. Coleman sucks just as much. Everyone thinks Delmas is such a fantastic player, but in reality hes not any better than average.

    Florence is a great signing, but this defensive unit to really step up, it badly needs safety help. And that means BOTH strong and free safety, well in the Lions scheme, left and right safety.

    Regardless, Jim Harbaugh is still a douche bag.

  8. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted but I really think Jacob Lacey is going to surprise some people. I don’t know that he’s a world beater, but I think he’s going to be pretty solid. If Houston can stay healthy and Bentley is decent as a rookie then the Lions secondary might be alright. Especially if the D-line can get to the quarterback.

  9. Craggt- look at the article again- it says “The starters Chris Houston and Bill Bentley; both were injured for the preseason finale” you are wrong with your assessment-the article did not say they were hurt in the finale- make sure you are correct before being critical of others-

  10. shows what you know buffalo let him go because den and san diego drove up his price , if he was so washed up why did sd go hard after him in the off season they would know how washed up he was they did have him in sd for 4+ yrs, hes not what he once was but hes better than all but one of detroits cbs on the roster

  11. It seems like the Detroit secondary is cursed.

    The 2 good players there (Delmas and Houston) are hurt, who knows when they’ll return. The serviceable Berry goes gangsta waving his gun around and is cut. So they’re left with journeymen (Florence), a promising yet green rookie (Bentley who is hurt, inconsistency (Spivey), and try-hard undertalented vets (Wendling, Coleman, Lacey).

    Like others said, they need to pressure the QB. Especially with the great Packer passing attack, very good Bear passing attack, and unstoppable Viking… Oh wait, thank God the Vikes are in the division.

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