Eagles keep Darryl Tapp after pay cut


Eagles defensive end Darryl Tapp appeared to be in danger of losing his roster spot heading into cut-down day, but the sides agreed to a restructured contract, keeping Tapp in Philadelphia for at least one more year.

A league source told Reuben Frank of CSN Philly that Tapp accepted a pay cut, reducing his $2.575 million base salary to an undisclosed sum. Tapp played just 29.5 percent of the Eagles’ 2011 defensive snaps, and his playing time might further slip this season with rookie Vinny Curry added to the position and Phillip Hunt warranting a bigger role.

The Eagles kept six defensive ends on their final 53-man roster: Starters Jason Babin and Trent Cole, Hunt and Curry, 2010 first-round pick Brandon Graham, and Tapp after the pay reduction.

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  1. If we would have cut any of those DE’s they would have been scooped up right away. Nice move on the Eagles part.

    Side note: What is it with some people and your hatred for Brandon Graham? He played well as a rookie before he was injured, was hurt all last year, and has been a beast this pre-season. What more do you want from him?

  2. Besides being a pretty damn good pass rusher he’s also one of the Eagles defensive leaders , and with the exception of Trent Cole , Darryl Tapp is easily our best run stopping DE . The Eagles defensive line who had a league best 46 (out of 50) sacks last year are going to destroy that number this year . With the emergence of Philip Hunt , the additions of Fletcher Cox & Vinny Curry , a healthy Brandon Graham & LB pressure from Michael Kendricks , the Philadelphia Eagles are going to give D Coordinators nightmares .

  3. Hold the phone. You mean a team used it’s leverage to force a player to accept less money than both parties originally agreed to???? I thought a contract was a contract. And where is the outrage that’s normally. aimed at players when they do the same.

  4. They still have question marks in terms of run defense, but their pass rush will be scary, their 6th DE is just about as good as their 1st. They will break some QBs in half this year for sure.

  5. tubaplayingprof says:
    Sep 1, 2012 12:25 PM
    Advice for Fantasy Football guys: when your RBs and TEs are playing the Eagles, start ‘em. That middle part of the field will be wide open.
    You don’t know that yet.This is a new Eagles team.Last year they had inexperienced rookies and this season they got Ryans (who was great for the Texans),Kendricks (who had a great preseason), and Akeem Jordan (who is a liable WLB).

  6. jacksaysfu, they are going to give O Coordinators nightmares. NoDecaf, Gang Green was the worst name ever given. It is a condition where your own body deteriorates and amputation is necessary. Let the Jets fan use it for they have a gangrenous coach. mp4philly, it’s just business and Tapp obviously wanted to stay HERE. He is no dummy. Indyeagle, YOU seem to get it. Let’s get a little smarter people, your passion is there not your smarts.

  7. The dude wants to play for the best DL in the league and took a paycut to do it, even as a backup. Pretty cool, actually.

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