Eli gets ready for a run at a repeat

Getty Images

Lost in cutdown day — which is becoming almost as big around here as draft day — was our PFT Live visit with a guy who won’t have to worry about being cut any time soon.

Giants quarterback and two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning talked about a fairly broad range of topics in 10 minutes or so, including whether the team’s low profile assists the pursuit of a second straight championship, the handling of the cold tub incident, the importance of playing earlier in the year like they played late in the year last year, which of his top two receivers should get more attention, who the No. 3 receiver will be, and whether he has been lobbying for Chris Cooley to be signed.

Most importantly, we find out whether his uniform this season will be fitted with the wings he’s wearing in the new DirecTV Sunday NFL Ticket commercials.

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