Mike Kafka clears waivers


Despite reports that at least four teams were interested in his services, quarterback Mike Kafka has cleared waivers.

Kafka, who was waived by the Eagles as they trimmed their roster to 53 players on Friday, is now an unrestricted free agent free to sign with any team.

The fact that no team wanted Kafka, even though he comes cheap with a contract that pays him minimum salaries the next two years, may indicate that NFL teams are starting to figure out that when Eagles coach Andy Reid gives up on a quarterback, he knows what he’s doing. Reid, who tried to trade Kafka before waiving him on Friday, has a track record of trading quarterbacks at the right time: In Reid’s time in Philadelphia, the Eagles have received a second-round pick from the Dolphins for A.J. Feeley, a sixth-round pick from the Vikings for Kelly Holcomb, a second-round pick and a fourth-round pick from the Redskins for Donovan McNabb, and a second-round pick and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for Kevin Kolb. None of the teams that traded for those quarterbacks got good value for them.

It’s still possible that Kafka, a 2010 fourth-round draft pick of the Eagles, could make something of the NFL career. But it’s telling that in the judgement of 31 NFL teams, he wasn’t worth a waiver claim.

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  1. The funny thing is that Kafka probably has mo’better years ahead of him than did ANY of the above QB’s mentioned…..and he is ‘worthless’ in alot of eyes. Definitely a 3rd string. 1/3rd of the teams could use him as a 2nd

  2. “…has a track record of trading quarterbacks at the right time.”

    The Feeley situation is perhaps the most revealing; after the Dolphins were never able to get second round value out of Feeley, he came back to the Birds and was the QB who nearly beat the 2007 Patriots.

    But teams aren’t passing of Kafka because they’re afraid of getting burned by Andy Reid. They’re passing on him because they have no proof that he can play. There’s not enough film.

    The difference between Kafka and most of the other guys listed above (save Holcomb) is that Kafka never played enough (or well enough in the few spots when he came in) to justify significant attention as trade bait, or waiver material.

    He wouldn’t have drawn interest no matter who his head coach was, no matter what uniform he was wearing.

    In other words, if Reid dangled Nick Foles today, he’d have a deal in place tomorrow.

  3. To say if Reid gives up on a quarterback that the rest of the league must know what he is doing is a fraud of a sham ! Maybe the rest of the league has taken a look at his drafts at the quarterback position (except for McNabb ) and has figuired out he don’t know what he’s doing !

  4. Remember Andy Reid had McNabb for what 11/12 years, and could never train him to throw an underneath crossing pass accurately.

  5. Not Practice Squad eligible.

    I would say he is a good prospect but for one thing: not a strong arm.

  6. In general, people have misunderstood what has happened with Reid and QB’s. For the most aprt, other then McNabb, he has not been duping teams and dumping bad QB’s. The problem is not with the QB’s, but with the teams they have gone to.
    The Eagles were good enough to make QB’s look better. For the most part, Eagles backup QB’s went out and proved a team could be competitive with them under center. Which is not the same as being good enough to turn around a team. The teams taking these QB’s from the Eagles were not good enough to need a game manager under center.
    And then there’s McNabb, he was awful for the last five years with the Eagles even. I don’t understand why ANY team would have wanted him. Such a joke.

  7. Surprised the Seahawks didn’t give him $11 million to sit on their bench next to Flynn.

  8. Good kid, not good enough to be in the NFL. Lets face it, he will never have the arm strength and overall ability to take a team into the playoffs and play well. Maybe if he joins the practice squad and works on his strength and studies a lot of game film he can have a shot to make the roster again.

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