Mike Kafka generating interest on waivers


Quarterback Mike Kafka was waived Friday evening after the Eagles unsuccessfully attempted to trade him, but that doesn’t mean no one wants him.

Tim McManus of the Birds 24/7 Blog reports that Kafka has generated interest from the Chiefs, Patriots, Packers, and Browns since Friday’s roster move.

Kafka, a fourth-round selection in the 2010 draft, appeared in just one preseason game due to a fracture in his non-throwing hand. He’s expected to be healthy now and could compete for a No. 2 quarterback job on one of the above listed teams.

Kafka and Brian Hoyer, who was cut by the Patriots on Friday, are the two most interesting quarterback names currently on waivers. Kafka may be a bit more appealing to teams because he’s owed minimum base salaries in 2012 and 2013. The cost to claim Hoyer would be $1.927 million, the price of his restricted free agent tender.

15 responses to “Mike Kafka generating interest on waivers

  1. Philly KNOWS QB talent… and this guy just didnt cut it… So saying that hes prolly the next Kurt Warner!! haha Best thing to prolly ever happen to this guy was being cut… GOOD LUCK Krafka

  2. Kafka does not have the arm strength to run an NFL offense (or the Jeff Garcia intangibles to overcome it).

  3. This is not true. Claims had to be in at 12pm. It is now 12:38 therefore it is impossible for him to generate interest on waivers at this point since the process was over 40 minutes ago.

    Your own source even clearly reported that he “generated” interest. And now you are changing that report to something different.

  4. He wasnt released bc he played bad, he was let go bc rookie Foles played very good as did Edwards. he looked like the solid number 2 . its amazing how things can change in the nfl so quick. If Kafka didnt break his hand then Edwards wouldnt have gotten the reps to show what he can do and probably would be back out of the nfl again.

  5. Isn’t the rule, “Don’t take QBs that come from Andy Reid’s team because they will only be a disappointment outside of his care?”

  6. I can’t believe that Captain Checkdown Trent Edwards actually found a spot on an NFL team. When the regular season comes, god forbid Vick gets injured again, but if he does, the Eagles will see the true side of Edwards. He is a Training Camp and Pre-season champion. The reason for this is because the opposing D is not going full fledged at 110% trying to take him out. Once players start to go full speed, Edwards turns into his old self, Captain Checkdown. Ever since he took that big hit a few years ago, he has been scared to hold the ball for too long. All he does is check down or go down easy when he is touched.

  7. Why is it that Andy Reid has success with quarterbacks who go elsewhere and then don’t succeed? Maybe Andy has a greater system than other teams do and it shouldn’t reflect poorly on the qbs who fail but reflect well on Andy Reid who maximizes his qb talent! I wish you well Kevin Kolb and Mike Kafka. Sorry Donovan, you talk too much for my sympathies.

  8. Believe me if ” philly knew ” qb talent mike vick would not be the starter there and vick is just ok but he cant hold up so when the giants win the division again and andy is outta there with all his shenanigans you wont be singing this tune Of what a great qb farm system the eagles have

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