Mixed views on Trent Richardson’s status for Browns’ opener


Browns running back Trent Richardson got a step closer to the field at today’s practice, but only a small step: He was riding a stationary bike today, which is the most he’s done at a Cleveland practice since arthroscopic knee surgery three weeks ago.

Now the question is whether Richardson can take a much bigger step and get on the field when the Browns open the season against the Eagles in eight days.

If you believe Browns coach Pat Shurmur, the odds are good. Shurmur described himself as “very optimistic” that Richardson will play against the Eagles.

But if Richardson is going to be able to play, he’s going to need to be able to practice soon. Which is why veteran Browns reporter Tony Grossi wrote that he doesn’t expect Richardson to play against the Ealges.

The Browns are dealing with a number of injuries on both sides of the ball, but Richardson is the player who has the most eyes on him. The Browns had very high hopes when they chose Richardson with the third overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, and it would be a big blow to have him miss the first game of his NFL career.

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  1. Trent’s stock is about to take a nosedive! WhoDey!


    Yes, but it will quickly recover when he runs for 150+ ytds in a win over the Ben(dover)Gals!

  2. As a Bengal fan I feel bad for the Browns. We’ve had our share of high draft picks injured before they set foot on the field for the first game. When I go to the Browns game here on 9/16, I hope to see Richardson on the field. He an amazing running back. Good luck to him.

  3. I don’t know what is with GM Heckert’s obsession with drafting injured RB’s, but we already have Hardesty….no reason to rush TRich.

  4. He’s a BUST. The way you can tell is that Cleveland picked him with their first pick. Another way you can tell is that his knees don’t work. And the last way you can tell is that he is shorter than your average fashion model. But other than that, he’s good to go.

  5. Yeah, if Tony Grossi reports he won’t play that means he will be in in there week one carrying the workload. Grossi is the same D-bag that guaranteed Colt Mccoy would not be on the roster come week one. THe guy is a Hack, with no credibility, who lets his arrogant know it all attitude get in the way of actually trying to report factual news. His “scoops’ are opinions he devises. Anyways, Hope T-Rich plays and stays healthy this season He will change the look of this franchise if he plays to his potential.

  6. The Browns won’t win 3 games. Their starting QB is 45 years old and their rookie RB has the knees of a 45 year old and he hasn’t even been blown up yet by Ray Lewis or James Harrison. Browns fans consider 4-12 a successful season.

  7. I’m sure Shurmur will rush him back in a futile attempt to save his job. I’d sit T-Rich the first 4 games. Browns are going nowhere. Don’t rush him back. If I’m Jimmy Haslam that’d be my first edict. Sit T-Rich.

  8. I don’t know whether or not he’ll be a bust, but I do know that the season opener is not going to be pretty for them. This Eagles fan will be there to see it. Given that our base defensive line absolutely mauled their starters a few weeks ago with no blitzing and no scheme (and no Jason Babin), I’m honestly concerned that Richardson, Weeden and a few stragglers might have a psychological breakdown.

    Oh, and I’m no browns hater. My neighbor is a huge Browns fan and is going with us. I’d love to see them succeed outside of this week, but I’m afraid it’s unlikely.

  9. Yeah, I don’t see the Browns playing their future star running back if at his point he’s barely able to ride a stationary bike (meaning he’s several days from possibly practicing).

    Protect the investment – give him a full week of practice to prove he’s ready, start him week 2.

  10. What is really interesting is what you guys consider, “mixed views”.

    2 people differing on an assumption is considered “mixed views” now? I was expecting to read about 4 or 5 writers, the head coach and a couple of players saying different things. Is this just another story to get Tony Grossi’s name out there? Geez. What is the obsession with this guy? The only use he has been to us fans here in Cleveland is keeping Modell out of the Hall.

  11. 5 times had the lead going into 4th.
    9 loses with them down by a TD or less.
    10th ranked pass D with one CB
    2 bad snaps on game winning FGs
    &1 botched play on D in week one.

    Upgraded the OLine. Added depth to Dline. Got three potential game changers at RB, WR & QB. Keep hating haters. Your hatred for us, which is probably greater than the love for yours, is something we wear like badge of honor. Karma.

  12. I’m a Browns fan but it’s really getting old having to accept questionable draft picks year after year.

    As a poster above noted, Hardesty was damaged goods and yet the Browns take him high! It goes on and on. Charlie Fry ahead of Big Ben? Etc, Etc, Etc, Etc……………

    The Steelers get star players in the 3rd and later rounds I.E. Antonio Brown, Mike wallace, etc, etc, etc..

    AND, can someone explain the NFL’s thinking of giving the worst teams the toughest schedules? It didn’t use to be that way..

  13. @jtdesean

    ND, can someone explain the NFL’s thinking of giving the worst teams the toughest schedules? It didn’t use to be that way..

    This is how schedules are determined:
    1. 6 games against your own division –
    2. 4 games vs one AFC division – AFC West
    3. 4 games vs one NFC division – NFC East
    4. 2 games that are determined based on how the team finished the previous season, the Browns finished in last place so they play two last place teams – Colts and Bills

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