NFL, referees agree that no agreement is coming soon


After today’s news broke that talks broke down between the NFL and the locked-out officials, both sides issued statements in which they could agree on just one thing: No agreement will be coming soon enough to get the regular refs back on the field for Week 1.

“We met with the NFL this morning and discussed various potential solutions to reach a new collective bargaining agreement,” said Mike Arnold, the lead negotiator for the NFL Referees’ Association. “Unfortunately we were unable to reach any agreement. We are disappointed because it means that our members will not be back on the field for Week 1 of the regular season due to the NFL’s continuing lockout. We remain willing to negotiate with the NFL in order to reach a fair agreement. However, no additional meetings are scheduled at this time.”

The NFL issued a statement saying that Commissioner Roger Goodell sat down with the officials and tried to get a deal done, but no deal got done. And no negotiations are scheduled to get a deal done.

“Commissioner Goodell and other NFL staff members concluded three days of talks today with representatives of the NFLRA without reaching an agreement,” the NFL’s statement said. “No further talks are scheduled. We are proceeding with the replacement officials.”

Now the NFL is prepared to show the officials that football can go on without them. And the NFL’s fans, players and coaches will hope that a football game isn’t decided by the replacements.

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  1. The regular refs have become overrated due to some of the gaffes of the replacements. If the regular refs do eventually return, they will be in the spotlight and will disappoint. Both the regular refs and the replacement refs make mistakes and may even alter the outcome of a game or two, but the difference in quality isn’t quite as big as it has been made out to be… Except for actually explaining the calls. Why do the replacement refs have so much trouble saying the right team name and pointing in a certain direction?

  2. Nobody cares. Just call these new refs permanent, then we wouldnt have to hear about replacement refs ever again.

  3. The referees we are used to were overpaid and not good enough. If we have to have worse referees that’s fine as long as the costs go down, but the right thing to do is NOT to overpay a guy for doing a bad job. Most of the economic problems we face in this country are from that type of nature. I don’t want the NFL that I love to associate with that particular kind of evil. No thanks I can tough it out how it is now.

  4. This is a multi billion dollar business and the bowners, through the Commissioner, are trying to nickle and dime this. The game’s credibility is at stake here, together with what’s left of the Commissioner’s.

  5. Seems to me that the NFL is paying their lawyers a lot more than what the refs are asking for. I would love to be an NFL lawyer these last few years…I would be able to afford my own team by now

  6. I am guessing the NFL will cave once the entire nation begins to see egregious mistakes. Yes, mistakes are always going to be made…but the ones that we will see with the replacements are probably going to be ones that the regular officials dont make…the easy ones…as we have already witnessed in the preseason.

  7. the refs hold all the leverage once the season starts and for every bad call by the replacements their price goes up

  8. I hope that the greedy part-timers never come back. Maybe then the NFL will have a shot at signing some NCAA Division I officials. They’ll end up being younger and better than the guys who are staying home with their full-time jobs.

  9. tbd3:

    The answer is simple, and that’s because Roger Goodell does not do a good job and he is oblivious to the problem and solutions of getting the rules of the game cleaned up so that they make more logical sense and with how to solve some of the challenges to make it easier to make the correct calls.

    The guy in charge of the officials doesn’t have a plan and he should have one. I have a plan to solve countless problems with the rules of the game and how the officiating personnel and processes are managed, and the NFL can clean those problems up if either the head of officials or Goodell simply figure it out.

  10. I’ve defended Goodell on pretty much everything, but this is insane. Arguing over what amounts to pennies for the NFL is going to derail the season at some point.

    There’s going to be some call that ruins a team, and then all the NFL will say is they’ll fix it next year. That’s not good enough here.

  11. My instinct was that Goodell and the NFL are toying with the integrity of the game, and that there will be hell to pay when these replacement refs screw up a huge call and cost somebody a game.

    But after reading articles like this one over the last week or two, my instinct is wrong. Most fans are either not smart enough to understand that reffing an NFL game is hard and that the locked-out refs are better, or they don’t care about the integrity of the game as long as they get FOOTBAW.

    Well-played, Roger. As a bonus, you even got fans to blame refs for that un-reffable rulebook of yours.

  12. A lot of people are talking like it’s not that much money and the NFL should just cave. If’s it’s not that much money, why shouldn’t the NFLRA just cave? Remember, we’re talking about one-percenters vs. one-percenters here.

  13. According to the like/dislike that these comments are getting on this thread, doesn’t appear to me that we the fans give a crap about replacement or real refs. Yeah some calls were blown but we have football again people. Let’s celebrate that.

  14. The replacements have at times taken longer to make a call and spot the ball but overall the calls have been about the same as the regular refs.

    I haven’t seen anything near as bad as Super Bowl XL or Hochuli’s disaster in San Diego. I haven’t seen the sorts of egregious mistakes we saw in the Lions-Saints playoff game. Overall, aside from the occasional over-long huddle I haven’t really noticed a difference.

  15. By the time they all agree on a deal, these “replacement” refs will have caught on and be doing just as good of a job for less money. Too bad we can’t get hot dogs & beer for a cheaper price.

  16. I hope we keep the replacement refs all year. I’ve been to too many games where the refs think they are the stars of the games by throwing flags on almost every other play…BUT when the playoffs start they keep their flags in their pockets. This tells me the league tells the refs to “LET THEM PLAY” in the playoffs.

    The refs are overpaid puppets…let them stay home.

    I also noticed that the National TV or Sunday and Monday night games always get the best crews while the crappy games get the dregs. Just watch…a Miami and Tampa game or a St.Louis and Cleveland game will get garbage refs

  17. Does the nfl realize they are negotiating with a group of men that have full time jobs and make a lot of money already? They can sit out as long as they like. It’s not like when they locked out the players and the players were going to miss game checks and the owners had leverage.

  18. Sch rubbIsh. We the fans that created your jobs, yours included comish. Are not doing what’s right for the game and the fans.
    You know the people who have turned this into a billion dollar corporation.

  19. why was my comment about their salaries deleted? Don’t we, the fans, ultimately wind up paying the salaries of all these high $$$ atheltes and for that matter, the refs? I buy tickets, nfl gear, beer in the stands, etc. Some of that must go to the refs. I, personally, am not in favor of giving refs who work a part-time job, more of my money

  20. Keep in mind it’s not just about the money but ACCOUNTABILITY. Part of the league’s proposal is to make some of the refs fulltime and also to hire more refs so they aren’t forced to play refs who keep making mistakes week after week. The refs want to be appointed for life, not held accountable.

  21. How can you NFL fans whine about the referee scrubs in preseason? Are you admitting to watching the garbage that Goodell has presented us in the preseason? Goodell is a hack and the NFL is getting worse. How many starting QB’s even played in the last 2 preseason games? This week of preseason games was a joke and the owners charged full price to watch it. Last week sucked too. I haven’t seen a bad call cuz I can’t watch this crap. I did see a stuttering ref on Sports Center though.

  22. Oh my God!!! How could this happen in a civilized society! Haven’t you been reading/listening/watching all the rock-solid, hard evidence????? The replacement officials couldn’t tie their own shoes much less officiate a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL GAME THAT MATTERS!!!! I mean, the officials are the guardians of every coaches livelihood, don’t you know. They absolutely protect all players from serious injury, haven’t you been paying attention???? They are an obvious and complete disaster and we need the superhero regular officials in place NOW. Can’t someone prevent the carnage that is obviously awaiting every coach and player??? Oh, the humanitiy!!!!!!!!!!

  23. “All we are saaaaying is give the replacement officials a chaaaaaaaaaaaaance…..”

    John Lennon

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