Raiders’ roster roulette dumps fourth-round pick in 2011

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The Raiders have tweaked their 53-man roster by claiming three players on waivers, and in turn cutting loose three players who thought they had made the team.

One of them likely presumed he was a lock to stick around.

Joining the team, as announced by the Raiders moments ago, are defensive back Phillip Adams, linebacker Keenan Clayton, and tackle Willie Smith.

In turn, the Raiders released cornerback Chimdi Chekwa, a fourth-round pick in 2011 who appeared in four games with one start.  Also waived was cornerback Bryan McCann.  The Raiders likewise waived/injured defensive tackle Jamie Cumbie.

Adams has 22 regular-season appearances.  He was cut Friday by the Seahawks.  Clayton, a fourth-round pick in 2010, appeared in 21 games with one start in two season.  Smith appeared in four games, with three starts, for the Redskins as an undrafted rookie in 2011.

13 responses to “Raiders’ roster roulette dumps fourth-round pick in 2011

  1. at least we didnt cut loose demarcus vandyke
    this kid has alot of potential, i think we should start looking for our franchise qb through the draft, maybe landry jones………..hmmmmmmm…………

  2. I really like what the staff is doing. After the game against Seattle some of these guys that were on the 53 man roster had to know it was short lived. Case in point is Chimdi, he was a glaring weakness. He couldn’t even get his hands up in coverage. Raiders are trying to acquire “depth” which is their major weakness right now.

    People don’t understand alot of very good players go to teams where they get caught in a numbers came. Too many cats at the same position. That’s why the NFL has “waivers”, so that guys who can play, when seen on film can fill a need on other teams.

    Raiders are going in the right direction. And it’s a long time coming. Stay true Nation, Champions always rise again!!!!!!!

  3. Huge al supporter, hard to like the movie of losing chek… Compare to everyone claimin aso was a bad pick after his first year. Chek >phillip adams imo. And I’d rather have merriman than keenan phillips.

  4. This is what Reggie McKenzie is supposed to be good at- spotting lower level guys who can play,and help the depth on your team at a low salary.Hopefully some of these guys work their way into productive starters-thats how great teams are built.

  5. Keenan Clayton will be a big special teams player, i would predict better things but i am not that familiar with the Raider LB’S

  6. well for now have to have an open mind , and trust reggie…..I like the fact that we added LB, DB, and o-line….with that said I am assuming thet Ford and Moore are a green light for Monday night , and are 100%

  7. Just a matter of time before Reggie gets this team where he wants it. Chekwa gone, DVD is next for he sux harder, they may be trying to trade him which is why he’s still here. Eventually all of this roster waste, Palmer, Seymour and DVD will be out of here and this team will be more competative in the future. Go Raiders


  8. pantherpro how about you go for a team that can win more than 6 games and actually has a shot of making the playoffs, as i can see you love being on the raiders page so you must have intrest retard. and good raiders cut chekwa he wasent doing a good enough job

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