Rams trade receiver Greg Salas to Patriots

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The Patriots have picked up another wide receiver who’s familiar with coordinator Josh McDaniels’ offense.

Greg Salas, a fourth-round draft pick of the Rams last year who caught 27 passes for 264 yards as a rookie, has been shipped from St. Louis to New England, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Patriots sent a late-round pick in the 2015 NFL draft to the Rams as compensation. The fact that the Rams were willing to wait two and a half years to get any compensation for Salas suggests that St. Louis was planning to waive him anyway. And the fact that the Patriots were willing to give up anything at all for a player who was about to get waived suggests that they thought he’d be claimed by a team ahead of them in the waiver priority order.

Salas is now reunited with McDaniels, who spent last season as the Rams’ offensive coordinator before leaving for New England at the end of the season. That means Salas already knows the offense, and should be ready to contribute immediately.

22 responses to “Rams trade receiver Greg Salas to Patriots

  1. Can’t say I understand this move. The Pats are cutting proven guys like Branch, Gaffney, and Stallworth and then trade for Salas? Hopefully McDaniels didn’t have any influence on this move. We’ve already seen what he can do when he flexes his GM muscles.

  2. Posters appear to be forgetting that veterans like Branch come at a higher cost than a second year guy like Salas and that Salas can also play special teams. Branch can’t play special teams.

  3. Salas may know the system McDaniels used last year, but that doesn’t mean he knows all the Patriots’ plays and reads. The Patriots already had a system that worked pretty well – I doubt McDaniels made Brady learn a new system this year.

    And Salas may know the terminology, but he doesn’t know Brady. And he wont’ get a lot of reps with Brady now, with the regular season starting. Maybe the guy goes on the practice squad. Either Gaffney or Branch will probably be back, and both are far better than a guy the Rams cut.

  4. An getting anxious abt Pats persistent inability to produce long term WR. Something is wrong in Foxboro.

  5. He’s cheap and has talent.

    It’s way too late into the process to incorporate him into the passing offense, but in the meantime he’ll help out on special teams.
    He’ll also have a year of practice to adjust to the offense which no doubt has some key differences from the one McDaniels used in St. Louis.

    And hey, a young slot guy with potential being acquired a couple of months after Welker was placed under the franchise tag?

    Not hard to figure out what this means….

  6. Seems like so many trades and roster moves for the Pats this year. Is it more than usual? Is Bill just working the system to the max? Or, does it just seem that way since I’m a Pats homer and don’t really keep track of the other teams activities.

  7. The youth movement is clearly underway in N.E. though my guess is Gaffney will find his way back as soon as he’s healthy. Salas and the Giants TE are primarily moves for next season, IMO.

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