Report: Steelers and Mike Wallace negotiating, but a deal is unlikely

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It’s not too late for receiver Mike Wallace to sign a long-term contract with the Steelers that will ensure he remains in Pittsburgh for the prime of his career.

But it’s not likely, either.

The Steelers and Wallace’s camp re-started contract talks this week, shortly after Wallace reported to the team and signed his one-year, $2.7 million restricted free agent tender, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS. But while the talks may continue this week, it appears that the chances of a deal actually getting done are slim.

From all indications, Wallace wants a contract like the five-year, $55.5 million deal that Vincent Jackson got from the Buccaneers, and he’s not willing to settle for less than that. La Canfora reports that the Steelers would be willing to go to five years and $50 million, with $25 million guaranteed, but Wallace is fixated on making $11 million a year.

And so it appears that Wallace and the Steelers are unlikely to come to an agreement. Even though they’re willing to spend another week negotiating.

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  1. Why not give him an incentive-laden contract where he could possibly “earn” more than Jackson. That way it’s up to him.

  2. $11 million a year for a wide receiver when the other guy is already making $8 million?

    That would be ~ 15% of the cap tied up in two receivers. I can’t see the Steelers – or any team – doing that.

  3. I thought the deadline for long term deals was July 16th. So he plays this year under that deal – and they negotiate a contract beyond this year?

    Otherwise, what’s the point of having the July 16 deadline?

  4. He needs to show that he can play like Brown its plain and simple “Run some routes Mike other then str8 “

  5. What’s a million a year? They can push the salary cap hits out to future years, when the cap will go up significantly. Steelers are being penny-wise and pound foolish on this one. No way you offer him less than Jackson – that would be an insult, and if he accepted it, you would have to question his self-confidence.

  6. I’ve been riding hard with Mike from the start but, if it’s true they’re offering 5 years 50 mil w/ 25 guaranteed, he has to take that. It’s a fair win win for both parties. Receivers have a long career he’ll make a lot more on his next contract.

  7. Perhaps he is asking for to much even though he brings some great deep threat skills. During the spring he was a free agent and no one attempted to sign him. Why not?

  8. The Steelers know how to evaluate and put a value on talent. You look stupid questioning Colbert. He’ll pay what he feels the player AND position is valued. You sound like the little owner from DC saying what’s the difference, just pay them.

  9. The July 16th deadline only applies to franchise players not restricted free agents. I can understand why he’d want V-Jax money seeing as how he’s younger and hasn’t had any off the field troubles like Jackson. That being said Jackson had a bit more leverage due to the fact he was already franchised once and had already played out his RFA tender, so I can understand why the Steelers wouldn’t want to pay him that kind of money.

  10. Wallace might argue for more but it is very, very hard to imagine ANYONE leaving $25 million dollars in guaranteed money lying on the table out of sheer stubborn pride.

    I say the Steelers will slightly manipulate the numbers upward while leaving the guaranteed money about the same and Wallace signs before the season starts.

    Fact is, he’s one injury or a few bad drops away from $0 guaranteed money and a poo-sammich.

    His agent has to know that even if he doesn’t*.

    *Bus Cook, Wallace’s agent, is fairly unpredictable at times, so they might well end up with the poo-sammich

  11. You guys will write anything. If you think his agent will let him pass up 50 million, you are crazy. I doubt the contract was offered, Steelers are a genius PR machine and never want to look bad in negotiations.

  12. this actually makes me pretty irritated, why wouldnt you just take the 10 million, i mean for most people ten million dollars could last them the rest of thier life. but no mike be greedy and hold out for that extra million a year cuz first of all you deserve it and second of all im sure you need it so much

  13. Why would the Steelers change the offer? They can keep him this year for $2.7 M, Franchise Tag him next year for less than $11 M & then get a Compensatory pick in the 3rd or 4th round in the 3rd year if he leaves. That would save about $9M over 2 years & replace his greedy ass in the 3rd. In the mean time, the receiver runs the risk of getting hurt. Also, if he did leave, the teams paying that kind of coin for free agents aren’t typically making it to the playoffs so playoff bonus cash & name recognition will be lost. Turn on your thinking cap Mike, get rich & play the sport! What are you bickering about??!!

  14. One day there will be a player that continues to turn down a huge amount of guaranteed money in hopes of a few more million, and before coming to an agreement he will have a major injury that ends his career. When that happens, we will see more players “cave” for only 25 million guaranteed instead of 30.

  15. Of course he would take the 50 million, but he will fight for 55, truth is I doubt steelers offered it at all. Wait and see how Manny Sanders does this year, makes more sense

  16. Wallace has every reason to want more money than Vincent Jackson. He has outperformed V-Jax already and still has more upside.

  17. “During the spring he was a free agent and no one attempted to sign him. Why not?”

    Because that team would have to give up a huge contract in addition to a first round pick.

  18. Why do Steelers fans keep harping that he is a “1 trick pony”? Who cares if he uses 1 trick or 5 tricks to get 1k yards? If you’re bored seeing the same route change the damn channel!

  19. A Steeler history lesson:

    When the Steelers are cheating (PEDs) or pay off the refs to win titles: 6* championships.

    When they are not cheating: they are incinerated in the playoffs by Tim Tebow.

    Coincidence? Nah.

    Hope they enjoy their 7-9 finish this year. Watch out for those pesky Browns.

  20. Wow, $10m per year over 5 years with $25m guaranteed from an elite team like the Steelers. This is an example of why observers refer to certain receivers as DIVAS.

    Oh the dictionary defines DIVA as a female performer or singer.

  21. I could certainly understand that he wants to make the same money as Vincent Jackson, but you have to consider what “perks” come with signing with a certain company, er, team. In this case, one of the big perks is playing for a perennial Superbowl contender. Throw in one of the league’s top quarterbacks, an army of fans, and ownership among the best in the league. Seriously, just ask Santonio Holmes how it’s working out for him.

    Some perks that are not considered in such cases are merchandising and post-NFL opporunities. I have little doubt the Steelers do better than most in both of these areas.

  22. BTW, brazzo01-

    Only the Patriots have been proven to be cheaters. Your non-stop accusations against the Steelers just make you sound bitter and childish.

    Only NE gets an asterisk after their SBs*.

    Stop trying to divert attention from that reality.

  23. It’s the typical spoiled brat syndrome. “I want what he has! I will pound my fist and kick my feet and refuse to eat my happy meal unless I get the same toy as he got”. Then you end up waiting in the car because they didn’t have enough of those toy$. Take the 25M fool.

  24. ravensdominate, raviensnator, ravenswhatevers, ravensfillintheblanks: Thanks for your unyielding, relentless and obsessed hatred towards the Pittsburgh Steelers. There’s no higher form of flattery.
    Maybe someday you’re favorite team will give me a reason to hate it just as much as you hate mine. But I doubt that will ever happen.

  25. “Hope they enjoy their 7-9 finish this year. Watch out for those pesky Browns.”

    We have a winner for delusional post of the year so far!

    By the way Brazz01, I spoke with your mom- she said they only “pesky browns” she worries about when she does your laundry….the skid marks on your underwear are getting tougher for her to clean.

  26. Eleventy-

    I’m not the one diverting from reality. I heard Terry Bradshaw on Dan Patrick’s show admit his entire team was using PEDs and he said what they did was wrong. Forever tainting 4 of their titles. Now why on earth would he apologize if he and his team did nothing wrong?

    And the entire country saw the refs hand the Steelers their last two championships*.

    And the Dr. Rydze story has not been told yet.

    I can’t wait till the tell all book is written by a disgruntled Steeler employee documenting the systemic and organizational cheating that I believe has been going on in the Steeler organization for years. It will be a fascinating read, don’t you think?

  27. Don’t worry eleventy, the Steelers might actually earn a championship one day instead of cheating or needing the refs help to get it.

    It just won’t be this year.

    Hope you enjoy your 7-9 season as much as I will.

  28. Once again, contract wasn’t offered, guaranteed. They control him for two more years after this one thru franchise tags, and manny 88 and antonio will be signed. Bus Cook was Farves agent by the way!

  29. I have no idea what Bradshaw has said, but I do know this: Steroids were not a banned substance back in the ’70s. ALL teams were using PEDs. Lyle Alzado of the Denver Broncos died a tragic death because of his use of steriods.
    Since steriods were not banned and were used by all teams, I’d say the Steelers’ four Super Bowl wins were won fair and square…

  30. Bobzilla just punked me… hes so right thought, i cant even call this a rivalry. Steelers have been mopping the floor with us ravens for the last decade!! Maybe if i keep throwing out retarded comments people wont look at thr facts… yeah thats what ill do

  31. Ah, the predictable “but steroids were not banned” excuse, as Steeler fans love pointing out.

    Only problem with that is…yes they were. abuse of steroids or any other prescription drug (which roids were at the time) was NEVER legal in this country. Fact. They broke the law and gained an illegal advantage doing so. That’s called cheating. Fact. More Steeler players are dying prematurely from heart related ailments related to steroid use. So much for the “but everyone was doing it” excuse. Fact.

    Most damning of all a respected HOF QB would certainly not admit his whole team was on steroids and apologize for it…if it was “legal” and there was really nothing to apologize for.


  32. oldcracker says: Sep 1, 2012 3:50 PM

    Why not give him an incentive-laden contract where he could possibly “earn” more than Jackson. That way it’s up to him.

    oldcracker….luv your name. Bet it fits you too……incentive-laden contracts are for suckers….He has no control over the number of catches he gets. That’s done by the Off-coordinator….They will not call his number but once or twice a game then to keep from paying him, say his numbers were down….Play out this year, then try free agency…I love my Steelers but if you’re not happy and feel the organization is not fair, then leave……

  33. if he wants to stay with the team, he better take whats on the table because it’s as good as it’s going to get from this team. he is NOT going to get FA money from the steelers, so if he doesnt take what’s on the table, he’s gone.
    bottom line for me is that his skill set is replaceable. obviously not with the roster as is, but there is certainly someone, somwhere that can do what mike wallace does, we just have to find him.

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